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Journey of Self Discovery: A JSD Course Book (Unfolding the Practical Application of Timeless Vedic Wisdom)

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Author: Premnidhi Das and Vraja Bihari Das
Publisher: Tulsi Books
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789381283325
Pages: 351
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

The JSD course, meticulously designed by renowned spiritualists, has evolved over 30+ years. It is timeless wisdom made practical and accessible to the modern man.

Since decades, scientists, businessmen, religionists, savants, students and home-makers alike, in 100+ cities across the globe, continue to be fascinated and intrigued by its easy and engaging presentation.


Radha Gopinath das (a pioneer of this JSD course) shares, "This course was originally envisaged and delivered by HH Radhanath Swami in 1989-90 in Mumbai, India, after years of teaching spirituality in American universities. Over the years, this course has developed in its present from through the added precious realisations of many many teachers who have taught this course to thousands of student on practically every populated continent of this planet."

Journey of Sri Discovery (JSD) course covers the five main topics of the Bhagavad Gita:

(a) isvara – controller
(b) jiva – soul
(c) prakti – nature
(d) kala- time
(e) karma – activities

in six parts. Each part contains several chapters which in turn are divided into sections printed in blue colour for easier understanding of the flow. The subsections are printed in red colour.

Part one introduces us to the concept of permanent happiness. The temporary happiness of this world could compliment and not always contradict this eternal elixir.

Since this divine bliss is proposed to be within our hearts as our natural relationship with the Supreme Being, part two begins with scientific evidences that point to Gid's existence and a clear-cut universal definition of God. It also describes how the Vedas are the scientific authority for knowledge about the Supreme. The distinction between blind faith and reasonable faith is established.

If part two defines God. Part three define our temporary and permanent identities as eternal loving beings. With logic, science and scripture we get clarity on our three bodies.

Part four delves into various spiritual paths and religions to answer questions like 'Is there one God or many gods?' 'Why are there so many contradictory religions and scriptures if God is one?' And 'Who is the Supreme Beloved and do demigods really exist?'

Part five is arguably the most popular session on 'Why bad things happen to good people?' Describing the laws of action and reaction, karma, the above question is answered in detail.

Part five is arguably the most popular session on 'Why bad things happen to good people?' Describing the laws of action and reaction, karna, the above question is answered in detail.

Part six is the practical application of spirituality in our daily lives. What is the use of knowledge the can's be applied and realised in our own lives? The proof and relish of the pudding is in eating it!

Each chapter in this book is complete and builds on the previous. Since each chapter deals with the subject in summary, further study on each concept is recommended. Some chapters like 'Do life, species and the universe come by chance?', 'The Aryan invasion theory' in part to can be skipped if they are not relevant to certain readers.

If this book is sufficient to understand this entire JSD course, then why would need teachers for it? This book provides the information, and we would need teachers and facilitators to elicit the spiritual inspiration. Therefore we request each facilitator to choose only the most relevant contents of this book to fulfil the needs of your specific audience in every course.

Students, of course, would get all the information herein. Practical guidance for further pogress would come from the shining hearts of teachers who have personal experience of travelling on this most beautiful, delightful and supreme path of life.

This book is a compilation gleaned from notes and lectures of many great souls, who have patiently and wonderfully answered hundreds of questions asked by eager students. Our deepest gratitude and obeisance's to each and every one of them. If we have failed to acknowledge any of you, please inform us and allow us to mention you in the next edition.

There would be many more questions that our readers and teachers may face. There would definitely be other perspectives and presentations for the questions raised. We would love to hear both the questions and comments on the answers written within this book. We would also be grateful to receive corrections for any biases or mistakes that we may have committed in our compilation despite our best attempt to present what we have heard from our superiors.

In this course book, we have attempted to keep the language simple, with or student of this course, to take even a single step forward on their spiritual journeys, we would consider ourselves blessed to b of some assistance and our endeavours successful.


  Pat 1. Search for happiness 1
Chapter 1 You Are Special 2
Chapter 2 Two Types of Happiness 16
Chapter 3 Two Types of Problems 24
Chapter 4 How to Achieve Temporary Happiness 33
Chapter 5 Discover Permanent Happiness 41
  Part 2. Does God Really exist?  
Chapter 1 Why Do People Believe in God? 50
Chapter 2 Is There Any Proof for God's Existence? 54
Chapter 3 Challenges to the Existence of God 59
Chapter 4 Do Life, Species and the Universe Come About by Chance? 64
Chapter 5 God - Definition and Misconceptions 78
Chapter 6 How to Seek Perfect Knowledge of God? 85
Chapter 7 Is Accepting Scriptures Blind Faith? 98
Chapter 8 FAQs: on the Vedas 105
Chapter 9 FAQs: on Origin of Vedas (Current View): Aryan invasion theory 119
  Part 3. Who Am I?  
Chapter 1 Who Am I? 130
Chapter 2 How Many Bodies Do We Have? 135
Chapter 3 Is There any Proff for Existence of the Soul? 141
Chapter 4 FAQs: on The Soul (Part One) - Basics 149
Chapter 5 FAQs: on The Soul (Part Two_ - Form and Desires 155
Chapter 6 Soul: What's In It For Me? 161
  Part 4. One God Or Many Gods?  
Chapter 1 Why So Many Scriptures and Different Religions? 168
Chapter 2 FAQs: Is God Personal or Impersonal? 176
Chapter 3 Who Is That Supreme Person? 181
Chapter 4 FAQs: Krishnas Birth and Activities 188
Chapter 5 FAQs: krishna, Vishnu and Tattvas 194
Chapter 6 Who Are Demigods? 200
Chapter 7 FAQs: Krishna and Demigods 205
Chapter 8 Can Anyone Become God? 213
  Part 5. Why Bad Things Happen To Peopl? 219
Chapter 1 Introdution - Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? 220
Chapter 2 Material and spiritual worlds 222
Chapter 3 FAQs: Spiritual Soul and Material World 227
Chapter 4 Three Modes of Material Nature 232
Chapter 5 Time 241
Chapter 6 Is God Responsible for My Suffering? 247
Chapter 6 Is God Responsible for My Suffering? 247
Chapter 8 What Can We Do Now? 264
  Part 6. The Yoga Of Love 269
Chapter 1 Akarma - The Fallacy and Facts 270
Chapter 2 Yoga and Bhakti Yoga 278
Chapter 3 FAQs on Bhakti Yoga 286
Chapter 4 Practical Application of the Bhagavad Gita in Daily Lite - Part One 294
Chapter 5 Practical Application of the Bhagavad Gita in Daily Life - Part Two 304
Chapter 6 Practical Application of the Bhagavad Gita In Daily Life - Part Three 312
  Acronyms in the book 333
  Acknowledgments 337


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