Kabeer Manjusha: Quotes from Kabir ((Text, Transliteration and Translation))

Kabeer Manjusha: Quotes from Kabir ((Text, Transliteration and Translation))

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Author: Tandon, Vineeta
Publisher: Neeta Prakashan
Language: (Text, Transliteration and Translation)
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8172025793
Pages: 511
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.6" X 7.3"
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About the Book

'Kabir' is not a person, but it represents an institution. The 'Bhakti Kala' was divided in two streams of 'Saguna Bhakti' and 'Nirguna Bhakti' but their centre was Bhakti, devotion. Saguna Bhakti was divided in main two schools as 'Ramabhakti' and 'Krsnabhakti', while 'Nirguna Bhakti' was constituted by two parts of Samts and Suphies sects. The series of saint-poetry appeared into glowing light not only in the Hindi literature of middle age but also it showed its powerful existence in the worldly literature. Kabir Das was the founder of the same strong saint-poetic stream.

Kabir was not only a devotee but also reformer and one of the best poets. Besides, Kabir was a philosopher, social leader and also a doubtless guide. The simple poetry of Kabir brought a revolution in the universal poetry. We can know many kind of points of views easily in the poetry of Kabir, through his Sakhis and Padas, such as, what is to be adopted and what is to be abandoned, what is to be done and what is to be rejected, what is the balance of life and what is against it and so on. Kabir was rich with the language of general public, having clear, fraudless and heart touching ideas. His experience was very vast, long and authentic. He presents every point of life in his hotpotch language after preparing it digestive. The literature of Kabir is a treasury of gems in real sense of the world. The universa culture admits the value of kabir's poetry and ideas. Due to this reason I felt happiness to publish such remarkable work with full devotion.

To prepare this work Dr. Puranachand who is an authentic scholar of the middle aged Hindi literature and Dr. Vinita Kumari has been trying their best devotedly for a long time. After my request, both of the two scholars prepared this book with dilectical English and Hindi translation. The long experience and knowledge of Shri Ved Prakash Shastri is also included in this book. He also translated it in easy English language. I am heartedly grateful to these three scholars who used their composing power in this book for the knowledge of litrary persons, readers, researchers and admirers of Indian culture of this and other countries. I am confident that by such selected pearls, world society will avail many inspirations.

. Publishing this book I am feeling myself proud. If the readers of this land and foreigners will gain somethings new from this book, then I will feel successful my publishing also.

Cultural Heritage

Indian culture is a store of invaluable gems. The basic power of this culture is to inspire human values and life-values. We have been inspiring the whole world with our cultural thinking-power and the prosperity of ideas. It is the land of India which produced the best sages to the world. We have given easily the aswers of very grave questions to the intellectual world. Kabirdasa was one of the such persons who possessed strange knowledge and wealth of thoughts and who had points of views which were experienced by him. He was the founder of 'Nirguna' and saint poetic generation during the Bhakti period in the Hindi Literature. Kabir did a sacred work by his revolutionary thoughts which make us to live self-controlled life and the system of life. To be tied by illusions is very easy during this non-spiritual and selfish world. When many people were suppressed by such illusions, it was extra – ordinary work of Kabir to determine to lead the people tied with superstitions to true path. Kabir gave us different kinds of educational points by the means of devotion, love, philosophy, reformation of the society, establishing of true values, removing of illusions and many other such points through his Sakhis and Padas. The language of Kabir was the language of general public. The poetic personality of Kabir comes into light at once through the general description of public. The Kabir's poetry was strengthened by the general words taken from the local languages.

We are going to propose Kabir with quite new and original point of view. This large work got completion by God's blessing and by saint like Radhey Shyam Gupta and so we are whole heartedly thankful to him. We have achieved also the blessing of respectable Shri Ved Prakash Shastri. For this we are proud. It is our keen desire that the Indian persons who are here or abroad and who are supporter of Indian culture strongly follower and admirer should read this book and feel enjoyment.

For this purpose we not wish to dedicate this book only to scholars but also the general public. It is our keen desire that this book should be studied by general and intellectually special personalities. They should know that our culture heritage is very peculiar and also extra-ordinary. It is duty of us all to save this heritage and we should learn from it to have control on our senses. Due to this purpose, this Manjusa, full of many gems is presented to you. With thanks.




S.No. Subject Page
1. Sakhi 1-308
2. Pad 309-488
3. Karm Suchi 489-496
1. God 491
  Attachment and Detachment – Control on senses  
  God and means to achieve God – Reverse statement  
  Karma and resalt of Karma - Time and Destiny – Guru and Pupil  
  Soul and Superene Element – Life and Death – Wise and an Unwise  
  Rich and Poor – Meditation – Women Condemnable and admirable  
  Condemnable work – Love – Devotee and devotion – Begging – mind  
  Importance of human body – Maya – Place of supereme  
  Attachment and Detachment – Control on senses  
  Freed from death  
2. Possions 494
  Haughtiness – Jealus – Sexuality and anger – Desire – Fear – Attachment  
  Greediness and self praise  
3. Human Values 494
  Non hoarding – Realize yourself – Saying and action – Desirous of merits  
  Self realization - Patience – Repentance – Friendship – Silence – Discrimination  
  Humbleness – Modesty and Good Character - Equality – Satisfaction – Tolerance  
  Importance of speech – Pain of separation – Company good company, bad company  
  Saint and hypocrat saint – World and worldly attractions  
  Sahaja Sadhana – True brave person  
4. Social Values 496
  Rejecting the imitation without knowledge – Blind faith  
  Rejecting the incarnations – Uselessness of education without knowledge  
  Castism – Bad result of Killing an animal  
  Retardation of seets – Descarding the worship of many Gods  
  Uselessness of external affections – Descarding the feeling of partality  
  Descarding the idol worship  

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