KALARIPPAYATTU: History and methods of practicing the martial art of Kerala

KALARIPPAYATTU: History and methods of practicing the martial art of Kerala

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Author: P. Balakrishnan
Publisher: Poorna Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8130000202
Pages: 152 (Color Illus: 73, Figures: 5)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 11.0" X 8.5"
Weight 530 gm

From the Jacket:

This book is dedicated to late C.V. Narayanan Nair Gurukkal who revived and immortalized the art of Kalarippayattu; and to late C. V. Balan Nair Gurukkal whose valuable guidance alone made this book possible.

About the Author:

Mr. P. Balakrishnan was born in February, 1933. After graduating from the Government Victoria College Palghat, he entered the Kerala Government service in the Government Secretariat, Trivendram. Retired as join secretary to the Government of Kerala in February, 1988. Practiced Kalarippayattu from early years in student life and even after joining Government services. Played a key role in the formation of the Kerala Kalarippayattu Association and was its Honorary Secretary for more than ten years. He has to his credit several stories and articles published in contemporary periodicals. After detailed research, published a book titled "KALARIPPAYATTU" in Malayalam and also in English. Mr. Balakrishnan is at present residing at:

House No. 5/2083
Kottaram Road

Excerpts From Reviews:

As a major military system of offence and defence of medieval society of Kerala, Kalarippayattu continued its tradition over centuries. The physical and mental training imparted to combatants for quick body movements and use of weapons like sword, spear, cudgel and dagger made it an elaborate martial system. The process of body building based on oil massage and proper knowledge of the vital parts or marmas of the body and its anatomy widened its scope and transmitted the lessons of health care from one generation to the other. The advent of firearms and modern technology of warfare shattered its significance and made it a historical relic of the past. However its heritage as a martial art form and body building technique for self-defence made it a popular institution of physical culture among men and women committed to sports and games.

The author traces the origin, growth and spread of the system with every detail of the body preparation, technique, training in poses and forms, weaponry, regional variation etc. this revised edition with more details of marmas and their salient features and proper illustrations of Kalari methods, serves as an authentic text book on this valuable subject, prepared by an authority in the field with painstaking research and long experience.

Dr. K. K. N. Kurup.
Ex. Vice-Chancellor, University of Calicut.
P. O. Chombala 673308


Chapter Title Page
I Kerala, the mother-land of Kalarippayattu 3
II The origin of warriors in Kerala 5
III The origin of Kalarippayattu 7
IV Weapons, methods of warfare and the Acharyas 9
V Kalari 12
VI Kalarippayattu - A unique material art 18
VII Regional differences in systems of training in material art and self defence 21
VIII Chuvadukal and Vadivukal (Certain poses and forms to be mastered) 23
IX Some important skills to be practiced prior to Mey Payattu (Body control exercises) 36
X Mey Payattu 53
XI An introduction to weapons and their applications 77
XII Kettukaari 80
XIII Cheruvati 90
XIV Otta Kol 99
XV Gada (Mace) 115
XVI Kadtaram (Dagger) 122
XVII Vall and Paricha (Sword and Shield) 127
XVIII Kuntham (Spear) 137
XIX Mara Pidicha Kuntham 141
XX Marmam 144
XXI Miscellaneous applications of Kalarippayattu 149

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