Karma Unravelled - Decoding The Law of Karma
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Karma Unravelled - Decoding The Law of Karma

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Item Code: NAO954
Author: Anandmurti Gurumaa
Publisher: Gurumaa Vani Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789381464397
Pages: 156
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0 inch X 5.0 inch
Weight 200 gm
About the Book

Why do bad things happen to good people and bad people seem to enjoy good times? This is a universal grievance, a sore point that makes many wonder whether there is any point in being good and doing good. Do we live in some kind of a haphazard world where things happen accidentally, meaninglessly?

The answer is no, we don't. Nothing happens accidentally. Moreover, there is no such thing called co-incidence either. Events happen very systematically according to certain laws of nature and one such law is the law of karma that governs our lives ubiquitously. And how! It has such a tremendous impact on every aspect of our lives that it is nothing short of lunacy to live without an in depth understanding of its working. Else, you will be floundering in this life too, just as you have been blundering in all your previous lives.

Yes, this is not your first birth. You have been born many times; have died many times committing the same follies, repeating the same ignorant mistakes. Reincarnation is not a belief, it is an irrefutable fact. And it is deeply connected to your karma. The fact is that your entire life is shaped by your own karma. Thus by understanding its intricate working, you become the architect of your future.

This book offers the reader a complete insight into the deep realm of karma. The enlightened master Anandmurti Gurumaa very assiduously explains its nature, its types, its consequences, its connection with reincarnation and the way out of this bondage. And yes, the erudite author also sheds light on the much heatedly debated issue of destiny versus free will. A must read for all who are living in the vice like grip of karma !

About the Author

Anandmurti Gurumaa is a contemporary master who is guiding millions around the world towards their spiritual growth. Her unique way of explaining the esoteric wisdom makes it easy for even a layman to understand its inherent meaning, and on the other hand inspires the intellectual mind to explore unchartered frontiers, thereby giving everyone a chance to learn and evolve. Her thought-provoking talks not only answer questions but make one question oneself too. Question the purpose of our pursuits. Question our priorities. Question our understanding. In a nutshell, they provoke one to think in the right direction so as to let the answers unfold from within...


No rational being would deny the well-established laws of Physics. Whether it is Newton's laws of motion, law of gravity or Einstein's theory of relativity — such laws have universal acceptance. What's more, even if anyone was daft enough to say I don't believe in gravity, the force of gravity would still continue as per its nature, irrespective of whether one person or the entire worldly folk refused to accept it. These fundamental laws are not dependant on any mortal's acceptance for their existence. They are. They simply are. Period. In a similar vein, so is the law of karma. It exists, it simply exists. Period.

Whether you believe in 'you reap as you sow' or not, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, whether you believe in karmic debt or not, is irrelevant. Fact of the matter is that the law of karma is as irrefutably functioning in this world as is the law of gravity. Thus whether you believe in the concept of karma or not, the fact remains that it is affecting you right now and will continue to do so whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not.

Now, if this is the irrefutable reality of your life, isn't it sensible to understand it, isn't it in your own interest to comprehend its working so that you can lead your life in an informed way? When you know that it is the bondage of karma that gives you pain and suffering, will you not want to break-free of this bondage? It is the law of karma that makes one experience the duality of happiness and sorrow. You have to put up with people you don't want to meet, and you cannot be with people you want to be with. The bondage of karma is very deep-rooted indeed. And somewhere or the other it was this fear lurking behind Arjuna's anguish — the fear of being pushed deeper into the bondage of karma by incurring sin from having to kill in the impending war of Mahabharata that laid the foundation for the Bhagavad Gita.

Yes, the apple will fall on your head and a returning boomerang will, but obviously, return. And remember, so will the consequences of your karma. Guiding the reader to understand its subtle nuances, accept and evolve from self-centred to selfless actions, emerge from the smothering smoke of ignorance, step down from the relentless wheel of karma and walk into the absolutely liberating freedom of being who you really are, is the plain, unpretentious objective of this book.


  Introduction vi
1 Vedic Classification Of Karma 1
2 Karma: What The Bhagavad Gita Says 9
3 The Backdrop Of Karma 12
4 Sakama Karma 19
5 Nishkama Karma 28
6 Prakriti And Karma 38
7 Consequences Of Karma (Part-I) 46
8 Consequences Of Karma (Part-II) 52
9 Is There A Loophole In The Loop? 57
10 The Astrology Connection 79
11 Reincarnation, Karma & Astrology: The Interface 86
12 Destiny Or Free Will? 105
13 Astrology: The Nitty Gritty 113
14 Take The Exit 122
  About The Author 138

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