Karmayoga Number: Special Issue of Magazine Kalyana-Kalpataru

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Karmayoga is bound to bring about the deliverance of the practicant sooner or latter. Performing with the motive of self-interest for thousands of years, greatest of sacrifices and charities, and severe forms of askesis, vows and fasts and pilgrimages etc., cannot and will not bring about man's deliverance from the ocean of existence but very simple or ordinary works of livelihood like begging for alms, fighting, agriculture and commerce, artisanship, rendering of physical service etc., as enjoined by the scriptures, when done with equanimity and in the right spirit, can and will deliver a man in a moment from the bondage of the world. For in the matter of deliverance, cultivation of the right attitude is more important than action itself and has precedence over action. As its ultimate result, disinterestedness brings about deli verance from the world. It is neither lost till it has achieved this final end, nor does it yield any other fruit. In its ultimate result making the practicant fully disinterested, it brings about his salvation. –


Chaos is prevalent not only in India rather in the whole world. There is no peace. Exploitation is prevailing in the world in so many forms visible and invisible. How to restore peace in the world, how this exploitation can cease? If we delve deeply into these issues we will find that selfishness is the root of all evils. Selfishness can be transmuted into selfless service only through the practice of Karmayoga. To offer what one has to those who need it considering as if that belongs to them without any sense of ego and self interest is Karmayoga put in practice.

A good country is where there is no exploitation of anyone. One sticks to his duty and this protects the rights of others. The fundamental basis of a good country or a peaceful world consists in no one being deprived of one's rights. But generally people hold if there are good houses, good roads, good parks, good hospitals, good schools only then that country is good. But it is not a good criteria to judge. As in a good household each person's rights are protected, elders protects the rights of children and vice-versa, husband those of the wife and wife those of the husband and so on. Similarly a good country is one where each individual loves to uphold the rights of another.

The duties of one is co-terminus with the rights of another. But to regard another's duty as one's rights results in whetting one's appetite for rights, which intensifies one's desire and provokes discontent and anger. On the other hand, for each to regard the other's rights as one's duties makes one dutybound and protects the rights of all. A man is independent in performing his duty. Right follows duty. But wonder is that everybody is clamouring for his rights. Nobody thinks of his own duty. If one does his duty that would inspire other to do his duty.

Karmayoga is such a noble principle which teaches us that we all have emanated from God. God pervades all creatures including human beings and we all are one. Our abilities and objects and energy may be different. This difference is beauty because it is complementary to one's needs which are to be supplied by others. Some people hold a country or world good if there is maximum equality. Equality, however, can never be in the forms or functions of all. Such equality would block the progress. Just as in the human organism the functions and capacities of the different organs are different, so in a country what is wanted is unity of purpose and mutual love in people in spite of differences of environment and function. The very basis of human relationships is a meeting of persons and interests which are complementary to each other. A good house would not consist in all rooms being alike-the kitchen, the bedroom, the drawing room etc. but it is one in which each is complementary to another set in proper place to meet the purpose of good comfortable living.

In a good country or world our rights would be met by the duties of others and the other's rights would be covered by our duties. Our rights would be safeguarded only when others are duty conscious and the rights of others would be safeguarded only when we are devoted to discharging our duty. We cannot compel others to do their duties but we ourselves can be devoted to our duty. We are quite independent in fulfilling our obligations in the protection of other's rights. Therefore to make others devoted to duty we ourselves should be devoted to our duty. Country is made of individuals. Without loving and peaceful duty bound individuals there can never be a peaceful country. Any legislation cannot do this. The principle of Karmayoga if installed in the hearts of individuals can bring out this evolution.

Gita Chapter V, Verse 7 states that a real Karmayogl is one whose self is identified with the self of all. He can only do real, selfless service. Thereby only, peace can prevail and exploitation can cease.

With the view that the idea of selfless and egoless service may sink in our hearts with God's Grace, we have decided to bringout annual issue of Kalyana-Kalpataru as Karmayoga Number. Articles explaining the discipline of Karmayoga by exalted souls have been included in this issue so that we may see the doctrine in different perspectives and imbibe the doctrine of selfless service. Non-attachment is the cardinal principle of Karmayoga. We hope that readers will be kind enough to go through these articles with a serene mind and attempt to put into practice the doctrine of Karmayoga in their lives. Even if a few readers are benefited, we would feel that our objective has been successful.

I pay my compliments to our contributors who have helped us in bringing out this issue by their valuable contributions. I thank the Editorial staff for dedication to their duty in bringing out the issue.

All happens with Divine Grace only. From conceptualization onwards whatever attempts we have made for bringing out this Issue is due to Divine Grace. God makes us only a tool in propagating His ideas amongst people at large.


1 Karmyogo Vishishhtyate 9
2Subhasamsa-Rabindra Nath Guru10
4God-relization through Karmayoga14
5Karmayoga-the Science of Work-Blessings of Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Shringeri Sri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha16
6Karmayoga- the Easer Discipline29
7The Tattva of Karmayoga37
8Karmoyga in the Gita45
9Service-Synonym of Karmayoga59
10Karmayoga and Salvation- Swami Karpatriji63
11Yoga of Wquanimity-Swami Sivananda67
12Importance of Selfless Service71
13Selfless Service- Swami Jyotirmayananda74
14Karmayoga i.e. Selfless Service76
15Sadhana of a Karmayogi87
16The Superiority of Niskama Karma92
17Karnayoga in All its Aspects96
18Discipline of Non-attachment101
19Gita and Renunciation of Action: According to Pt. Bala Gangadhara Tilaka102
20Ramana Maharsi and Karmyoga107
21Niskama Karma-Atmananda110
22Niskama Jarma- The Philosopy of Excellence in work- Swami Chidananda117
23Do you Duty and a Little More125
24Gospel of the Gita129
25Elicidation of Karma, Akarma and Vikarma in context of Karmayoga134
26The Secret of Karmoyga139
27How to get rid of Karmic Bondage143
28Defintion of Karmayoga in Various Scriptures145
29Law of Karma in the Upanisads148
30Karmayoga in Upanisad152
31Concept of Knowledge and Atio in the Isa Upanisad- Dr. Shashi Tiwari155
32Love of God Essential for Karmayoga160
33Karmayoga in the Gita163
34Action, Wrong Action and Inaction according to Gita171
35The Path of Action- Madan Mohan Vaerma175
36As the Lotus remains in Water, so do you live in the World -sri Krishnadutt Bhatt178
37Analysis of Karma Theory-S. Modi181
38The Superiority of Karmayoga185
39Do What Thou Wouldst186
40Karmayoga in Gita and its Essentiality I Modern World-Dr.(Mrs.) Prabha Singh188
41Be in the World and Not of the World193
42Essentials of Karmayoga-P.R. Kannan195
43Gita and Karmayoga-Sri Aurobindo Ghosh202
44Work is Worship207
45Karmanyevadhikaraste-Madhva's View209
46The Yoga of Action-Dr. V.V. Rampal212
47Karmayoga: An Independent Discipline for God-realization-Dr. Pooja Vyas216
48How are We to be Equal-minded?219
49Tattva of Karmayoga-M.S. Patel220
50Karmayoga-R. Kannan223
51Karmayoga Visisyate228
52Truth about Action231
53Karmayoga according to Bhagavadgita235
54Karmayoga-T. Siva Rama Krishna244
55What is Karmayoga?246
56Gita and Karmayoga-Om Prakash Dubey251
57Karmayoga-Dr. Brahmanand256
58Is Desireless Action as Taught bu Gita Impossible?-Adwayanand Galatge259
59Marks of a Religion-Swami Sivananda264
60Essence of Religion-Swami Sivananda268
61Desireless Action- Hari Narayan Goyal269
62Karmoayoga- The Path for Meaningful Life282
63A True Karmayogi-Kishan Kumar Agarwal287
64How to Become a Karmayogi?-S. Hari290
65Karmayoga- The Main Subject of Bhagavadgita-R. Ramadas Thampuran294
66Karmayoga- The Cornerstone for Moksa296
67In Karmayoga Essentiality is of Determinate Intellect300
68Seclusion-An Act of Karmayogi302
70What is Meant by'Yogah karmasu jausalam'311
71karmayoga-An Easy Path for All Spirrtua; Asporants315
72Selfless Service-318
73Analysus if Karmayoga321
74What is Karmayoga? -Anita Sharma324
75Is Work wirhout Desire Possible?327
76Gita and Karmayoga-Dr. V. Meenakshi329
77Sacrifice-Synonym of karmayoga332
78karmayoga-the Eventual Path for Self-realization-T. R. Chamlli337
79Dutty Brings Immortality341
80What is Karmayoga?-Dr. V.V.B. Rama Rao342
81Niskama karma Relevant in the Present Age347
82Karmayoga-An Easy Disipline for Salvation353
83Physical Education and karmayoga359
84Lord Krsna- An Ideal karmayogi367
85Krsna's Pleasure is Gopi's Pleasure370
86Karmayogi in Ramayana372
87An Ideal Karmayogi-hanaman375
88Desireless Brahmin Sudama376
89Kind-Hearted king Rantideca377
90Rajah Janaka-An Ideal karmayogi378
91Florence Nightingale380
92Tuladhara-An Ideal Merchant karmayogi383
93An Ideal karmayogi-Jatayu385
94A karmayogi king -Well- Wisher of All386
95Ideal karmayogi-Aint Francis389
96The Poor Brahmin-An Ideal karmayogi391
97Story of A bird393
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