Kundalini Awakening (A Visual Journey In Meditation)

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Author: Santosh Sachdeva
Publisher: Yogi Impressions Books Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788188479153
Pages: 308 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
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Book Description



The experiences recounted in this book bring to a peak the mystical events associated with the awakening of the Kundalini energy as encountered by Santosh in Volumes I and II. Such experiences never 'conclude' as such; they appear spontaneously many times in life after their initial advent. However, this book may represent the culmination of one phase of mystical experience, after which the flow of insight did not take on a predominantly visual form. The forms and scenes encountered by the inner eye become full of clarity and simplicity as well as resonant with spiritual energy. This is as it should be - the later stages of mystical experience are deeper and richer precisely because it comes from a consciousness that is mature and also, to some extent, habituated to the extraordinary. There is more time - and inclination - to ponder instead of to wonder. The illustrations of the workings of the ascending Kundalini energy are, as they were in Volume II, unique and unprecedented. The point is worth reiterating. In all the history and all the literature about the Kundalini, there has never been anything like this in detail and delineation of the actual processes. This is a large claim, but a valid one.


It is best that you realise this from perusing the book itself but I cannot desist from pointing out something of special interest. From a layperson's point of view and from the hitherto available literature on the subject, it would seem a reasonable assumption that the awakened Kundalini energy ascends from the lower chakras to the topmost in linear sequence. One of the great merits of Santosh's book lies in its pointing out that the chakra or chakras which need activation will be energised first even if it is apparently out of linear sequence. This is of immense significance, as many people spend inordinate amounts of time worrying that the process has gone awry because the 'wrong' chakra becomes active. The book is full of such practical experiential wisdom for all those who are on the path of meditation and Kundalini. It is also worth emphasising again that another person's experience will never be precisely duplicated in your own meditations, but the book outlines the broad general principles within which you can easily find your specific individual context.


Nowhere is this more clear than in the reaction to the manuscript that came from a practitioner of Peruvian shamanism. It just emphasised the point made in Volume IT that these experiences are not Hindu or yogic but universal. Indeed, such experiences are almost generic to the mystical tradition, the differences being not in the actual experiences but in interpretations thereof. This is understandable. Humans are inherently complex pattern makers; witness the thousands of languages that evolved over time to serve the common function of speech. The mystical experience too is a universal inherent human ability of transcendence, but we view it through our filters of culture, language, experience, environment, age and so on ad infinitum. Peruvian culture and religious beliefs are as far away from India and yoga as can possibly be, but Meera, the Shaman, found so many points of correspondence between the mystical experiences as to confirm the point about universality that I was making above. Her insights and correlations have been presented here as the Afterword and they add an invaluable dimension to this book. As it was, the third volume was full of experiences underwritten by a Universal context; this input by Meera became one of those fortuitous 'coincidences' that always occur in such cases.


On a personal note, I wish to conclude with my own testimony as to the worth of this book. Between Volumes II and III something astonishing happened. My spiritual practices, spotty and sporadic then, caused my own Kundalini to awaken and begin its processes. I might add, I was apparently the least likely person this could happen to. Santosh's book was of incalculable value to me in that it clarified many experiences before they could even begin to darken into doubts and fears. The loneliness of the person who has an active Kundalini cannot be grasped, for normal people either do not understand or are dismissive. The experiences of Santosh however, were a great map to navigate by. I think I was spared all the natural worry that the sheer enormity of the event engenders, and could just relax and enjoy what was unfolding. There is simply no doubt that Santosh's pioneering work made the path easy for me. My comments on Santosh's illustrations and diary entries are marked with R.A. before the same.


Welcome to the path of transcendence that is the Universal Kundalini.




This is the third book in the series pertaining to the awakening of Kundalini and subsequent insights gained.


This is a new way of understanding how the body-mind intellect moves/works towards actualising its thought, wish, or desire; the process of actualising and manifesting is set in motion as soon as the conscious thought occurs. Just as when the food reaches the stomach the process of digestion starts, in the same way, actualisation of the wish is also programmed into the system. And, just as when we put different foods into the stomach at one given time we are heading towards indigestion and discomfort, in the same manner, if we pile up too many requests at one time it is going to lead to a haphazard fructification of the results and probably when not required.


The visual experience that these books illustrate serves a dual purpose.

l. It leads me through the step by step purification and changes that had to be brought forth in the body-mind intellect in order to actualise the knowledge I had asked for. This makes me very conscious of the fact that 'I am the master of my destiny and the author of my death'. It literally means that I can have my life and death designed the way 1 want. The catch lies in the level of my 'awareness' at all times.


2. For the aspirants on the road to self-discovery, this visual journey serves as a point of reference and helps them move along at a faster pace without getting into uncertainties and fears of a different nature.


As the human consciousness expands, the Masters have thought it fit, and the time appropriate, for the experience to come out as a visual journey in order to serve as a guide.


It was only at a late stage that realisation dawned as to what was transpiring. I had expressed a desire to know the origin of my Source. This desire was expressed most casually, not realising that as soon as I made the wish the machinery of my body and mind would be set in motion to give me exactly what I had asked for. Not only that, I was given visual knowledge of the intricacy involved in creating a balance between the emotional, physical, and mental bodies. To ensure that nothing was missed, my awareness remained at an optimum level. This made me very conscious of the fact that I was not just a random speck of creation floating around in the universe, but a focus point of the Source Consciousness, ever alert to my each thought, word, and deed. How could it be possible to give 100% of Itself to every particle of its creation? I came to the realisation that it is possible only if the Source is residing within me. As balance was brought about in the negative and positive polarities, the subtle dimension of Witness Consciousness opened up.


In order to manifest the experience, the three books contain all the visuals related to the changes, with corresponding knowledge that the mental, physical, and emotional bodies had to go through. I list a few of the main ones:


Volume I: P. 44, 45, 63 - activation of the Ajna chakra; purification of Prana. P. 48, 56, 60 - balancing left and right cortical regions or the negative and positive polarities. P. 53, 75 - cleansing of the subtle bodies. P. 80, 102, 132, 179 - activating and synchronising the chakras. P. 104 - awakening of Kundalini.


Volume II: P. 43 - third eye given the ability to survey the inner as well as the outer subtle dimensions. P. 51, 65 - moving through regions of memory and outer dimensions. P. 57 - expansion of consciousness. P. 89 - destruction of the old psyche. P. 131 - consciousness in recognition of itself. P. 151, 157 - erasing and inscribing - creating new grooves in the brain. P. 185 - Source Consciousness fragments itself in multi-dimensional experience, thus forfeiting holistic awareness.


Such a complex wish took only five years for manifestation and integration; I realise that if we are focused in our day to day living, we would be creating miracles for ourselves all the time.














I am - I am not



The Teacher and the Taught



Birth of Consciousness



Kundalini Operations



The Key to Creation



Death of a Body and Birth of a Soul









The Gurus









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