Lalita Sahasranama: A Comprehensive Treatise
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Lalita Sahasranama: A Comprehensive Treatise

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Item Code: NAV197
Author: V. Ravi
Publisher: A Manblunder Publication, Chennai
Language: English
ISBN: 9788184653854
Pages: 596
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Lalitambikd is the embodiment of compassion as She is fondly addressed as Sri Mata, which means the mother of the universe. She is fondly worshipped through many means such as worshipping Sri Cakra, meditating on Her through japa mantra-s such as Panicadasi and sodaii, singing Her praise through various verses, etc. The important among the last one is Her most celebrated Sahasrandma, which was authored by Her very close attendants in Her presence and in Her place. Every name used in this Sahasranama has got gross and subtle meaning. Sahasra means one thousand and nama means name. Nama not merely refers to names, but alsc34.1er forms and attributes. She engulfs the universe through Her delusionary influence called maya. Siva has given Her full authority for effectively administering the universe. This edition of Sahasrancima contains detailed interpretation for each name with appropriate quotations from Veda-s, Saundarya Lahari, Bhagavad Gita, Upanisads, etc in order to -make the understanding better. The citations from other Veda-s and scriptures go to prove the magnificence of Lalitei Sahasraneana. Every attempt has been made to make the interpretations as easy as possible and no effort was spared to go into the depth of each nama. Each nama is not only transliterated (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration - IAST), but also the original Sanskrit version of the nama is also used, so that the original beauty of the nama is not lost. A lot of additional informations have been provided captioned as 'further reading': Such informations are not only needed for better understanding of nama-s, but they, in general, provide additional knowledge for those who pursue the path of spirituality. This book clearly differentiates between religion and spirituality with more emphasis on spiritual pursuits.

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