Latest Vastu Shastra (Some Secrets)

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Author: Jagdish Gautam
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 817017449X
Pages: 214 (B & Illus: 3, B & W Figures: 3)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.8" X 5.6
Weight 440 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description


From The Jacket


In nature's scheme of things, there is birth, growth and death but there is no disease and sorrow. If a person is upset the, at some time or the other, at some place or the other somehow or the other, that person has certainly erred somehow or the other. The present volume is the most authoritative classic of the subject to tell you where you have wronged and to suggest you numerous golden ways to good luck in the most systematic and scientific manner..

It comprehensively explains the various aspects of the subject making a systematic analysis of its facts. This book will help you improve and polish your natural ability as it shows step-by-step-in plains, non-technical language-how to apply the latest discoveries of the human race to your utmost advantage and it also enables you to act your part in life positively and confidently so that you will reap rich rewards in health and happiness. It will definitely bring out the vibrancy and power that lies dormant within you. It ultimately solves the problem of how to match the man to a particular job-and vice versa.

It is an attempt to gather together, to compare and to systematically synthesise the various concepts and heir functions, found in the well-known systems of ancient Indian thought comparing it with the corresponding concepts of western astrology and for making modern astrology richer and more comprehensive than it is a present. Conscious and reflective thoughts offers new vistas to envisage what is most exalted in man and help widen our new horizons.

The author Dr. Jagdish Gautam (born October 23, 1934) as per his horoscope spent his early life in the very sea of sorrow and as such he naturally became keenly interested in Astrology even in his teens. After a 28-year spell of teaching, he got retirement from Govt. service in the H. E. S. rank as the Head of an Institution in 1992 whereafter, he now divides his time between book writing and spiritual meditation. He is dedicated to research work related to spirituality and astrology. He knows fully well that he timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness and knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream i.e. knowing well what he is to write in a particular book synthesizing the wisdom of the East and sciences of the West.

In service and thereafter he was always appreciated very much for his profundity of scholarship, intellectual brilliance, oratorical talents, nobility of character. his deep philosophical insight and unfathomed spirituality attracted the learned and the intelligentsia to a fairly good measure.

He knows that knowledge is your hallo and to keep it burnished we invite you all to avail of the golden opportunity of possessing a set of his books without any further delay. Dr. Gautam's book will surely be acclaimed as a most timely work. In other words, there are the books which work. In other words, there are the books which no talented citizen of the world should like to miss as these all are completely thorough-going and up-to-date than any other previous approaches known to us.





My candle burns at both ends,
It will not last the night
But ah my foes and oh my friends
It gives a lovely light.

If the marriage of a girl is delaying, her sleeping should be arranged in the Vayavia area. She will be married very soon. Green colour is the giver of wealth and good fortune while blue-violet is the giver of peace and pleasure. If you cannot maintain real flowers, you may display artificial bunches on tables, etc. such topics relate to Vastu Shastra and Brahma created in Treta yug "Vastu Purusha" on darker 3rd of Bhadr pad, roundabout which reside 32 gods.

I am aware that yet I am only at the beginning of things, just picking up pebbles on the seashore as Newton spoke about himself once. But the ice has been broken and water has begun to flow. It have read many books on the topic (subject) and I made copious note of whatever I read and this book is, by and large, an expanded version of the notes. Therefore, it can well be called a collection of thoughts on the topic.

Truth itself is the common denominator, , which is the reward in understanding. One of the reasons for writing this book is to follow the rosary thread of mysticism in Vastu Kala. This is the north, star to every student of Vastu Shastra on this vast sea of life. But at the same time I would request my readers simply to enjoy the mangoes and not bother about counting the trees. It will be a pleasant surprise to find even such topics in this book, which you might not have even thought of heretofore. But he must seek. It may not simply be considered as the wedding feast to which all are invited but few endeavour to attend.

I know exactly what it is that I need to write in this book but with some such thoughts in mind that in youth the days are short and the years are long but in the old age, the years are short and the days are long. We make a living by what we get but we make life by what we give as life is to live, to live is to love, to love is to give and to give is to get something as ground breaking always takes place during the life of the man which has to be the focal point of education (attention) for him. And in not too distant a future, you will be convinced of the fact that it is a never-to-be-forgotten telescopic manuscript.

We must therefore steal some time to hop into this heaven of peace to set ourselves athinking that this volume really beggars description and before I proceed to explain the more intricate details of this subject I may declare that I don't want to present any excuse to deny the fact that I have not confined myself to the set theories of any particular school, but I have gathered whatever information this book contains from, I may say, the four corners of the earth.

In the end in sincerely feel that I need offer no other apology for so doing, than that the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Still.

The greatest truth may lie in the smallest things, the greatest good in what we most despise. The greatest light may break from darkest skies. The greatest chord from even the weakest strings. Best of luck.


A Short Introduction

In Sanskrit vastu ordinarily means a dwelling house along with the plot of land over which a dwelling house is built. Vastu Shastra (science of architecture) means a treatise on dwellings. Vastu is said to be a minor (upveda) veda of atharva veda, one of the four vedas (books of knowledge). Vastu is a practical science that puts optimism in you and makes you say 'I can' in any circumstance. Vastu Shastra ensures the building up of a contented, prosperous and a happy life.

The energy field (element) of the human body (animate) should interact (balance) in harmony or resonance with the energy fields (elements) of the building (inanimate) which ensures the happiness and peace of mind to the residents of the building. The whole world will be a happier place to live in if vastu is applied not only to construction of residences but also to educational institutions, public buildings, religious places, layouts, complexes, and satellite towns. Vastu helps us in achieving successes in every sphere of life. I ts concern is not only material prosperity but also mental peace, happiness and harmony in the family and office. The design of a space should actively stimulate one to feel quintessential qualities of its intended purposes. The dining room should stimulate the experience of hunger, the living room sociability, the study alertness and the bedroom that of rest.

Note: Write down your +ve affirmations 49 times for 49 days and place it in a metal box in the North-West comer of your living room.


  Preface 13
  A Short Introduction 17
  Chapter I  
1 When your own house disturbs you 19
2 How to keep sleeping room in order 20
3 The result of earth planet 21
4 Inspection of land 22
5 Purchasing the land 22
6 Foundation 23
7 Entrance gate 23
8 Mahoort for construction 23
9 Removal of all defects of a house 25
10 Pyramid and your fortune 27
11 Some principles of feng shui 28
12 An important note 29
  Chapter II  
1 Importance of sides 31
2 Level of the ground 32
3 Face of the ground 32
4 Moon and Sun area 32
5 Length of sides 32
6 Vastu kal chakra 33
7 Main gate 35
8 Nine pars rule for main gate 35
9 To decide good/bad parts 35
10 Entering the house 36
11 Shape of the iron gate 36
12 Dimensions of doors 36
13 Heavy construction on moon area 36
14 Number of doors 37
15 Tap or handpump 37
16 Bath room 38
17 Kitchen 38
18 Bedroom 38
19 Drawing room 39
20 Meditation room 39
21 Study room 39
22 Recreation room 40
23 Courtyard 40
24 Dining room 40
25 Dressing room 40
26 Cash place 40
27 Verandah 40
28 Storeroom 40
29 Staircase 41
30 Servant's quarter 41
31 Garage 41
32 Dochhatti 41
33 Cattle shed 41
34 Flower vatika 41
35 Section for the old 41
36 Light in the house 41
37 Colour in the house 42
38 Parameters of the building 42
  Chapter III  
1 Three-sided construction 43
2 Two-sided construction 44
3 One-sided construction 45
4 Industrial construction 45
5 How to eliminate construction defects 47
6 The staircase 49
7 For academic success 50
8 Let your house be a home 51
9 Varn of the plot 52
10 Surface of the plot 52
11 Mandlesh of the plot 53
12 What is Feng Shui 53
13 Shape of the house and roads 54
14 Situation of the main gate 54
15 Windows in the house 55
16 In front of the house 55
17 For a beautiful life-partner 56
18 Struggle between the bride and her mother-in-law 56
19 For romantic people 56
20 What to do and what not to do 57
  Chapter IV  
1 How do colours tell your personality 59
2 Vastu Shastra and Independence Day 61
3 Vastu purusha 62
4 Test of the soil 64
5 Result of elevations and depressions 65
6 Veedhi (road) school (spear) 66
7 Orientation and offerings 66
8 Safeguarding Brahmasthana 67
9 Laying the foundation 67
10 Water source 69
11 Fencing (compound) walls 70
12 Main door 70
13 Basements and cellar 71
14 Arranging goods in the house 71
  Chapter V  
1 Building formulae 75
1 Aya (Increase) 75
2 Vyaya (Decrease) 76
3 Rksa (Nakshatra) 76
4 Yoni (Source) 76
5 Var (Solar day) 77
6 Tithi (Lunar day) 78
2 Answers of some important questions 80
  Chapter VI  
  Some important memorable points 85
1 Water tanks 85
2 Selection of site 85
3 Slope 85
4 temples and Salas 85
5 Avoid sites near temples 86
6 Corner sites near temples 86
7 Edifice or building 86
8 Grihanabhi 86
9 Floor level 86
10 Verandah or first room 87
11 Staircase 87
12 Avoid thorny plants 87
13 Doors within the house 87
14 Seating arrangements 87
15 Landscaping 88
16 Owner's bedroom 88
17 Children's study room 88
18 Guest room 89
19 Kitchen 89
20 Dining room 89
21 Living room 90
22 Prayer room 90
23 Storeroom 91
24 Toilets 91
25 Garages 91
26 Important note on fire element 91
27 Rooms in general 92
28 Effect immediate changes in the house 93
  Chapter VII  
1 Worship the vastu purusha 97
2 Most important principles of vastu 97
3 Compression of planets and vastu 99
4 Some arrangements in vastu 101
5 Some unforgettable points 102
  Chapter VIII  
1 Waves and rays 111
2 Meaning of vastu 111
3 Auspicious plot 112
4 Open-covered space and effect of sewerage 112
5 About a factory 112
6 Always remember 113
7 Reason for kitchen in S-E (Agney) 115
8 Reason for water resources and worship place in N-E 115
9 Why head in south while sleeping 116
10 Why more facing the North side 116
11 Open space for oxygen inlet 116
12 Bio-electric magnetic space 116
13 Lords and Planets of directions 117
14 Let us re-arrange the house 117
  Chapter IX  
1 Remedies of different diseases in Red Book 129
2 Accident (curse = pitr) yog of Red Book 133
3 A caution about vastu 136
4 Professions under different elements 139
5 Meaning defined differently 140
6 Importance of five elements 141
7 Vastu and nature 141
8 Vishwakarma Yantr 142
  Chapter X  
1 Best time for foundation and construction 143
2 Importance of directions 144
3 Varn of the plot 145
4 Some vastu hurdles 145
5 Shape of the plot 146
6 Paths to the house 148
7 Stretching out of the corners 149
8 Hindrances on the path 149
9 Proper time for foundations 150
10 Level of the ground 150
11 In a single room 151
12 Taking out skeleton from the plot 152
13 Some important modifications 153
14 Muslim vastu shastra 162
15 New start in the house 163
16 An ideal plan for the house 164
17 A summary chart 165
18 An ideal example 166
  Chapter XI  
1 Candles increase the positive energy 169
2 Vastu of 4 170
3 Secrets of pyramidal energy 172
4 Number of doors and windows 175
5 Administration and vastu 176
  Chapter XII  
1 Flowers are full of positive energy 179
2 De-culturing and decorating 180
3 Fortune and fragrance 181
4 Vastu and your health 182
5 Vastu and yog 184
6 As per vastu - planets-karka of 186
7 Deep connection between number and vastu 188
8 Specific hints about Diwali pujan 189
9 Right display of the mirror 192
10 Mandarian ducks for marriage 193
11 Some important tips of vastu regarding construction of a house 193
12 Some vastu tips for a factory 196
13 Some important points about vastu 199
14 Different colours and vastu 201
15 Vastu on your hand 205
16 An important note about shoppes 207
17 Proper sides for coolers and fans etc. 208
18 Proper side for accountant & administrator 208
19 Importance of colours in vastu 209
20 Sky element in centre for happiness 210
21 Direction of the main gate 211
22 India in South-East of Pakistan 213


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