Learn Nepali in a Month

Learn Nepali in a Month

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Author: N+K+Guha
Publisher: Readwell Publications
ISBN: 8187782013
Pages: 200
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch X 4.7 inch
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Nepal and India have not only been neighbors but also close allies sharing common sculpture and common tradition. Newly married go to Nepal for honeymoon businessmen go there for business and common man considers it a holiday resort. Gorkhas fight for us and Nepali Helping hands work for us. The open border between the two countries has cemented are so much interdependent that virtually Nepal Seems to be a part of India. Under such circumstances learning Nepali is a must.

The writer of Readwell’s Learn Nepali in a month has made it easier in fact Hindi and Nepali bear mush similarity alphabet are the same grammar and syntax show no variance. It is a wonderful book which makes you conversant with Nepali though English and Hindi both.


The Nepali language is very dear to our people and there are good reasons for it. First the alphabet of Nepali is the same as that of Hindi. The grammar of both is similar and the syntax shows no historical variance. Besides the cultural and historical affinities between the two countries have drawn the people to this language and this is the foremost reason why the Nepali language is treated here as one of its own languages. The open borders between the two countries lends still greater urgency to the desire for learning this language.

Large numbers of people visit Nepal for business sight seeing or any other reason and they feel handicapped by lack of knowledge of Nepali. It is in views of this need that we have brought forth this small work. The scheme of this book is very clear and it has been made a narrative type. The lessons on grammar and syntax have been made very easy and nothing has been left unexplained.

We will consider ourselves rewarded if the people accept and derive full benefit form it. We will be open to constructive or suggestion fro improving upon this humble work and shall gladly accept them.


Publisher’s Note 7
1How to Write Alphabet 9
2Alphabet 12
3Vowel Signs 17
4Conjunction 23
5Pronunciation 28
6Step to Language 40
7Number (Numerals) 47
8Noun Adjective and Pronoun 52
9Verb 67
10Gender 74
11Number 80
12Case 85
13Declension of Nouns 97
14Declension of Pronoun 108
15Conjugation of Verbs – 1 124
16Conjugation of Verbs – 2 137
17Use of Infinitives Auxiliary verbs
Participles, imperative and
Subjective Mood
18Voice 171
19Conservation in Nepali 174
20Specimens of Translation 179
21Passages for Translation 181
22Idioms and Proverbs 183
23Letters writing and Correspondence 189
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