Magneto Therapy: Self-Help Book

Magneto Therapy: Self-Help Book

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Author: Dr. H.L. Bansal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788131901885
Pages: 282
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5"X 5.5"
Preface to the Third Edition

This book was originally published in 1976 and contained 176 pages only. It immediately caught attention of the medical profession and the general public, with the result that every year one or more reprints were published. It was also taken not of by the then President and Vice-President of India, in addition to various other celebrities. The response was so good that I reworked on the book, enlarging it to as many as 300 pages in the second edition, published in 1979.

The second edition drew a still wider market, and six years after its publication, we are now publishing a third, revised and enlarged edition. Meanwhile the book has been published in a Hindi version also titled CHUMBAK CHIKITSA which has gone into several reprints.

In the present edition, all the acceptable suggestions have been adopted and incorporated. The first sub-head of each chapter has also been printed in this edition.

Electricity has been gaining ground in every sphere including Magneto therapy. Electromagnets have been introduced in magnet treatments which are relatively more effective in many chronic ailments. A new chapter on Electromagneto therapy has been added at the end of this edition.

I hope that with the revision and additions mentioned above, the present edition of the book will be found more attractive, interesting and useful.

My labour will be amply rewarded if the learned readers patronize this revised and enlarged book and make full use of it by practising Magneto therapy at their clinics, homes and by extending it to others. I shall, however, welcome experiences and new suggestions for further development of Magneto therapy.

New Delhi

H.L. Bansal

About the Author

Dr. Bansal is a pioneer in Magnet- treatment and has been practising Magneto therapy for about two decades. He has cured, by application of magnets, hundreds of difficult cases considered incurable. He is the founder President of the All India Magneto therapy Association, New Delhi, which issues a quarterly journal under his guidance.

Dr. Bansal has also founded an Indian Institute of Magneto Therapy, which imparts training through correspondence.

Dedication iii
Preface v
Foreword vii
Acknowledgments ix
1 Introduction 1-8
2 Discovery of Magnetism 9-14
3 Magnetism in the Universe 15-21
4 Effects of Magnetism on Living Organism 25-38
5 Human Magnetism 39-45
6 Human Body-An Automatic Machine with Magnetic Properties 46-52
7 Role of Blood in Human Body 53-63
8 How Magnets Affect Human Metabolism 67-75
9 Magnet and its Composition 76-84
10 Technique of Application of Magnets 85-122
11 Magnetized Water
12 Advantages of Magneto Therapy 135-144
13 Magnet as a Preventive Device 145-149
14 Experiences of Indian Magneto Therapists- cases treated by the author and others 153-209
15 Clinical Reports form Foreign Countries 210-218
16 Magneto therapy and Homeopathy 221-232
17 Magnet therapy and Acupuncture or Acupressure 233-239
18 Magnet therapy and Naturopathy 240-250
19 Electromagneto therapy 251-260
20 Terminology 263-267
21 Availability of Magnets 268-269
22 List of References 270-272
Index 273-282
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