Migraines for the Informed Woman: Tips From a Sufferer

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Author: Mamta Singh
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There is nothing that a migraineur fears more than a migraine attack. It is excruciatingly painful and comes with a flurry of stressful symptoms like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and light and sound sensitivity. If you dread your episodes, this may be the book you need. Migraines for the Informed Woman — Tips From a Sufferer, de-mystifies not just the why, what, when and how of migraine in an easy and simple way, but also gives you a positive perspective on what can be done to keep them managed and at minimum levels.

Those of you who are tired of reading contradictory lists of what NOT to eat, this book gives you coverage on what you CAN. Migraines for the Informed Woman — Tips from a Sufferer tells you what you should look out for in terms of migraine type identification and medication. It also guides you towards the alternatives and long-term solutions available for prevention, management and treatment It also provides practical and simple tips on how you can manage your symptoms when an attack is underway at home or work.

Mamta has been battling migraines for over a decade and by this vice alone holds the unique perspective of a sufferer who knows what the fears, questions and frustrations of other patients are. The book has been presented from a unique and positive perspective to address those issues.

Mamta is the lead writer for many popular health and fitness sites worldwide and holds expert author status at well-respected online resources. She pens her own blog on migraines and holistic health. She is a certified aerobics instructor, personal trainer and sports nutritionist through the International Fitness Association, Florida, USA. She holds a double Masters degree in Commerce and Business Management Mamta is presently training as a holistic health therapist from Stonebridge. U.K. She has travelled and lived in many countries and is actively involved in philanthropic activities of the UN-recognised Art of Living Foundation.


Life had been hectic, but strangely satisfying after business school—a coveted multinational corporation (MNC) job, promotions and a newfound status. Like a million other independent children of the economic boom, I met and married the man of my dreams. Soon we started family. Within three months of the delivery of our twins, I started to suffer from migraines. Not knowing what this really was, I simply thought them to be excruciating headaches that lasted clay or more. I attributed it to stress that came along with raising two infants at the same time.

Though I was petite, I had always believed I was made of strong stuff this belief was shaken with the headaches I repeatedly suffered from. Once they began, they stayed longer and hurt more than the previous attacks; they even occurred two days continuously two to three times a week. This left me with no energy to raise a young family, let alone think of re-joining the workforce. I consulted a doctor who eventually diagnosed the symptoms and gave a name to my illness—’Migraine.

In the next three years, I underwent everything debilitating pain to dizziness, visual distortions, vomiting and palpitations.

After following a spate of therapies, from allopathic to spiritual healing, and everything in between, through the next seven tremendously long years, I understood what worked for me and what did not. This book is not a replacement for a doctor’s prescription, but an attempt to make the new mother understand the big picture and to reduce attempts at trying out what works for her.

Today, my migraines still occur, but they are much milder, infrequent and I can carry out the activities of the day without giving up too much of my life or hope. Though migraines are known to have several triggers and affect both men and women of all age groups, this book is essentially a note to women who fall victim to migraines postpartum.

With the encouragement of my husband, R.B., whose support I have had through many particularly bad migraine attacks, I have put together ideas that I hope will help the new mother arrive at the stage where I am today, only much faster. I also thank our beautiful twin daughters, Shubhra and Swan, who patiently bore my long hours at the laptop, so that they may get their time with me.

I also thank my father, my family and friends who have, at different points of time, during my roller-coaster ride, provided me with their well-meaning advice, many of which have worked for me at times, and which I have put down for you in this book. Not the least, my acknowledgement goes to my friend Irene Macaree, who opened my eyes to the all-important role of ‘serotonin’.


Preface xi
1. How Migraines Can Gatecrash into a New Mother’s Life 1
2. Inside Your body – Between the Menses 7
3. Inside Your Brain Before and During a Migraine Attach 10
4. Other Triggers That May Set off Migraines in the New Mother 16
1. Allergy to Your Own Hormones 16
2. Increase in the Levels of Prostaglandins17
3. Magnesium Deficiency 18
4. Calcium Deficiency 19
5. Sleep Deprivation 20
6. Stress and Depression 21
7. Fluctuation in the Levels of Intake of Caffeine 21
8. Lack of Exercise or Body or Body-muscle Toning Post-delivery22
9. Dietary Changes23
10. Weather and Altitude 25
11. Environment Changes 25
12. Birth Control Pills and Other Medications 25
13. Neck-related Headaches 26
14. Sinusitis 27
15. Brain Tumour 27
16. Trigeminal Neuralgia 27
17. Release of Nitric Oxide 28
18. Swelling of the Maxillary Nerve 28
19. High Sugar Content in Diet and Aspartame 28
20. Citrus Fruits 29
21. Monosodium Glutamate 30
22. Excessive Salt Intake in Diet 30
5. Types of Migraines 33
1. Migraines with Aura 34
2. Migraines without Aura 35
3. Silent Migraines 36
4. Abdominal Migraines 36
5. Basilar Artery Migraines 36
6. Carotidynia37
7. Ophthalmoplegic Migraines 37
8. Status Migraines 38
6. How Can We Manage the Common Symptoms at Home? 39
1. Excruciating Pain 40
2. Nausea 42
3. Visual Aura 44
4. Non-visual Aura 45
5. Hyper-sensitivity to Light (Photophobia) 46
6. Hyper-sensitivity to Sound (Photophobia) 47
7. Constipation 47
8. Diarrhoea 48
7. Sex and Migraines 50
8. Food Cravings and a Diet that Works52
Why Do Food Cravings Occur? 52
How Can You Handle the Cravings? 53
A Diet That Works! 54
1. Omega 3 Fatty Acid 55
2. Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 56
3. Magnesium 57
4. Coenzyme Q10 558
5. Tryptophan 59
9. The Offerings of Allopathic Medication 64
1. Abortive/Episodic Medicines 66
2. Prophylactic Medicines 71
10. Complementary Alternative Medicine 75
1. Mind-Body Interventions 77
a. Yoga 77
b. Bio-feedback 81
c. Hypnosis 82
2. Body-oriented Therapies 86
a. Chiropractic 86
b. Cranial Osteopathy 87
c. Massage88
d. Shiatsu 89
3. Alternative Medical Systems 90
a. Homeopathy90
b. Ayurveda 94
4. Stretching 96
a. The Spinal Twist Stretch 96
b. Neck Rotation 97
c. Alternate Limb Latissimus Dorsi Stretch 98
5. Energy-oriented Therapies 99
a. Reiki 99
b. Su Jok 100
c. Acupuncture 100
6. Alexander Technique 101
7. Autogenic Training 101
8. Aromatherapy 102
11. Wonder Therapies – The Most Effective Ammunition You Have! 105
1. Aerobic – The Alpa Answer 105
2. The Haven of Homeopathy 109
3. The Practice of Pranayana 110
4. Spiritual Sensibilities 116
5. The Hobby Hammer 118
6. Allopathic Alternatives – Only to Fire Fight 119
7. Erudite Eating 120
8. Loving the Lifestyle 121
9. Considering Complementary Alternative Medicine 122
Bibliography 124
Index 127
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