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मुक्तितत्वम्: Mukti Tattvam

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Author: डॉ. वीरनारायणाचार्य पाण्डुरङ्गी और पं सि. आर. प्रदीपसिंहाचार्य (Dr. Virnarayancharya Pandurangi and Pt. S. R. Pradipsinghacharya)
Publisher: Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram
Language: Sanskrit Only
Edition: 2003
Pages: 153
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 140 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description


Muktitatvam is research work which throws enough light on susumnanadi and the other Nadis connected with it in the human body. It opens up new great vistas to think and meditate upon the various forms of the Lord sri Hari. It is a happy thing to note that these matters are being discussed in detail and in greater depth in the present day works on yoga and in the works of modern medicine.

In the second skandha of Srimadbhagavata this subject has been dealt in detail. The cakras have been explained.

Presently in this rare book, which is a class by itself, we find the details of the movements of Vayu, Prana and apana in the nadis helping us to meditate upon the various forms of Lord Sri Hari.

There are no two opinions about the uniqueness and utility of this rare research work which will be very useful to the seekers of the path of knowledge. These editors have given a fairly long and interesting introduction which is quite scholarly. I heartily congratulate the join effort of these two young scholar editors Dr. Viranarayana pandurangi and vidvan pradeepasimhacarya who have ably edited this work, which other would not dare to attempt.



We are happy to present Muktitattva to the learned readers, Muktitattva is the text dealing with the six Kamalas in the human body, the forms of Lord Narayana the supreme diety, and all other subordinate devatas like caturmukhabrahmam Rudra etc. and the meditation (Upasana) of these deities

Susumna nadi

The Susumna nadi, which is situated in the centre of the body, stretches straight from the muladhara (the place of origin of Susumna, i.e. the place between the vrsana and asana) to Brahmarandhra.

This susumnanadi is divided into five forms, i.e. Vajrika Arya, Prakasini, Vaidyuta and Brahmanadi in the four directions (Starting from west to north) and the centre portion, where it is called brahmanadi. The Lord narayana resides in this five fold nadi in the five fold forms pradyumna, aniruddha, Sankarasana, Vasudeva, and Narayana.

This Nadi has six centres in its way. The centres are Muladhara, Navel ( Nabhi), Heart (Hrdaya), root of Palate (Talumula), Middle of eyebrows (Bhrumadhya), Head (sirsan).


In the Muladhara, there are five aruna (Light red) lotuses of four petals each in the each portion of Susumna. There are the deities Brhaspati, soma, Varuna Sanaiscara. And Va, Sa, Sa, Sa, the Bijavarnas are also there in each petal. There is the five fold Narayana with lakshmi and Maruts. There is also the form of Aniruddha, with his subordinates.


In the navel, there are five aruna ( Light red) lotus of six petals each in the each portion of susumna. Ba, Bha, Ma, Ya, Ra, La are the bijavarnas. There is the five fold Narayan with lakshmi and maruts. There is also the Pradyumna, along with his subordinates.

According to some scholars, there is one more Lotus of ten petals just above the navel and below the heart. Da, Dha, Na, Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Na, Pa, Pha are the bijavarnas there. There is the five fold narayana with lakshmi and Maruts.


Above ten angulas of the Hrdayakamala which is capital of the Lord. This city has the four gates and gatekeepers are mentioned here. There are five aruna (light red) lotuses of eight petals each, in which there are eight dikpalakas and their commanding force narayana in eight forms.

This centre kamala resembles the bud of Banana; it is faced downwards, very big, and has thirty two kesaras (filaments of flower). Ka, Kha, Ga, gha, Na, Ca, Cha, Ja, Jha, Na, Ta, tha are the twelve Bijavarnas. On the tip of the lotus in the Brahmanadi, there is the twelve edged Suryamandala wherein resides Prana in whom Laksminarayana resides. In the same way the form of Vasudeva resides in the Prana who is in the circular somamandala on the kesasra at the centre Narayana resides in Prana who is in the three edged Vahnimandala on the tip of the karnika (peri-carp) of kamala at the centre. There is ratha, pitha and simhasana on which sri Hari sits.


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