My First Quran Story Book (The Best Treasured Stories From The Quran)

My First Quran Story Book (The Best Treasured Stories From The Quran)

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Item Code: IHF038
Author: Saniyasnain Khan&Maria S Puri
Publisher: Goodword Books
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8178985543
Pages: 319 (Illustrated Throughout In Full Colors
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 7.8” X 6.2”
Weight 760 gm
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Here for young readers and listeners are all the treasured stories of the Quran in one beautifully illustrated volume. The stirring and dramatic stories of the great prophets people and nations are unfolded as a family saga, one event leading naturally to the next.

All these future in one great book:

• 42 easy to read Quran stories
• A moral value with each story
• Simple language
• Vivid and charming illustrations.
• A Quran reference for each story at the end of the book.

Designed for use at home or at school this book makes the message of the Quran more meaningful for children. It’s the perfect way to begin your child’s lifetime adventure of personal Quran reading! Especially chosen for the very young these stories act as a foundation on which to build a growing knowledge of the Quran.


1.In the Beginning 6
2.The First Man 18
3.The Pride of Iblis 24
4.Our World 34
5.Allah Made Them all 43
6.The First Prophet the First Man 52
7.The two Brothers 62
8.The Ark of Nuth 72
9.The Prophet Hud and the Terrible wind 82
10.The Camel and the Evil People 88
11.The Prophet Ibrahim 94
12. The Prophet Ibrahim’s Faith 100
13. The Prophet Ibrahim Travels to Arabia 104
14. The Great Sacrifice 114
15. The Prophet Ibrahim’s Guest 118
16. Building the Kabah 124
17. The First Call to Hajj 128
18. The Prophet Yusuf and His Brothers 132
19. The Prophet Yusuf and the King’s Dream 136
20. The Prophet Shuayb and the Earthquake 140
21. The Most Patient Man 144
22. The Prophet Yunus and the Big Fish 154
23. The Treasure House 166
24. The Prophet Uzayr’s donkey 174
25. Luqman’s Advice 182
26. The Sleepers in the Cave 190
27. An Old Man’s Prayer 198
28. The Story of Maryam 204
29. The Prophet Isa and the Miracle of the Feast 212
30. The Story of Two Gardens 220
31. The Kind Queen 228
32. The Prophet Musa Runs Away 238
33. The Prophet Musa and the Burning Bush 246
34. The King’s Magicians 250
35. The Cruel King Drowns 254
36. Allah Speaks to the Prophet Musa 262
37. The Prophet Musa’s people Disobey Allah 266
38. A Brave Roy 270
39. The Valley of Ants 280
40. The Queen of Saba 290
41. The Prophet Sulayman and the Jinn 300
42. The Irol Wall 308
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