My Reminiscent Soul

My Reminiscent Soul

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Author: Dr. V.K. Jain
Publisher: Bharatiya Jnanpith
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 97881263114157
Pages: 117
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9 inch X 5.5 inch
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About the Book

These poems of Dr.V.K. Jain of sound philosophy and mellow metaphor comparable to the glorious poems like 'Prospice' of Robert Browning and the 'Westeland' of T.S.Eliot as commented by Smt. Mamta Kalia, winner of many literary awards to her credit and Ex-Director of Bharatiya Bhasa Parishad . Dr. L.M. Singhvi has sent his comments that "there is purposeful grouping and search in the maze of life with the lamp of the spirit in the hands of the poet."

This book is a descriptive analysis of life-living, body and soul. These are spiritual poems in English with conceptual diagrams in each Canto. It gives description of 'The Nature of my God', 'Life and Living' and 'Thou God in me ' etc. The book is worth reading and is going to be popular amongst English readers in their quest of spirituality.


About the Author

Born on 3rd August 1945, Baraut Distt Meerut (U.P) B.Sc. From Lucknow University 1965, M.B.B.S. from King Geore's Medical College Lucknow (U.P) 1970.

Established own practice in Daryaganj, New Delhi-2 in 1973. Pioneered Gastroendoscopy with colour photo Japan. Having special interest in holistic medicare by medical Acupuncture.

Life member of IMA, Indian society of Gastro-enterology and World Academy of Spiritual Sciences etc.

During 35 years in treating the patients for their physical ailments, The poet realized the human suffering is variable in terms of stress and desire by living in the world of passion. This writting has come up, in search of truth in life i.e. soul is in encaged in body material, our life & living is governed by the force of time and forces in the universe . We remain in search of God to be blessed with peace and solace, whereas this can only be achieved by knowing the truth that, 'Godly Power' is hidden in self.



We lead a meaningful life from our birth till death with many leaps and bounce. We are happy and not so happy at times, we have dissatisfaction, discontentment and a feeling of emptiness in our ever growing needs, our purpose in resolving problems is to attain peace and pleasure in our day to day life. We all are looking at our future comforts and a peaceful life at the cost of present day life. Because we want to be sure what good we enjoy today shall remain tomorrow and also what bad we have today should vanish tomorrow. For this reason our mind is not at rest. We have a wishful thinking in how to carry our present to the future.

We know our Gods not only by their teachings but their life itself is a model teaching for us. They realized in their life time only that, perception of physical pleasure is the fulfillment of our passionate desires. Passion to enjoy the physical pleasure is only for selfish gains at the cost of others. Such a pleasure is never everlasting because there is ever growing need and desire to maintain such status in the competitive world. We intend to achieve a higher place to keep up our status. With this obsession, our thinking and working is changed, that lures our mind to work for gains by atrocious means and villainous thinking, against suppressing our own conscious self. Such passionate desire and thinking for selfish gains are our karmas which are binding to our soul.

Our birth, life and living in world are governed by the force of time and forces in the universe. Our place of birth, shape, parents and the environment of living are destined before and coded on the pages of 'Time force'. We start growing by the force of life, a force in self! The inherent force in self is the Soul, which helps us in learning, working, growth and development as per the status of material in body and also influence of outside forces in universe. Our life and living is influenced by reactive satanic forces in mind for our passion, ambitions, greed, desire, ego etc which are activated by the world of glamour. The short term physical pleasure in material world is strong and very lucrative because it is instantly visible, physically perceptive and enjoyable. The real pleasure of peace & contentment can only be achieved by withdrawing oneself from the perceivable physical pleasures arising from passion. Apprehension of losing the comfort and pleasure of today inhibits our hypothetical real pleasure in Godly living by renunciation.




Canto-I The Nature of My God 15
Canto-II Soul in a Cage 19
Canto-III Conflicting Mind 21
Canto-IV Inquisitive Mind 25
Canto-V Conscientious Narration 27
Canto-VI Governance Of Time 31
Canto-VII Life In Body Shell 37
Canto-VIII Living And Learning 43
Canto-IX Inebriated Life 49
Canto-X Changing Passion 55
Canto-XI Karmas 63
Canto-XII Fearful Self 67
Canto-XIII Introspection 75
Canto-XIV Contentment (Devotion) 81
Canto-XV Reverence Thy Faith 85
Canto-XVI God In the Temple 91
Canto-XVII My Reminiscent Soul 99
Canto-XVIII A Life To Live 107
  Thou God In Me 114
  Jain Symbol 116
  Jain , Jainism and Budhism 117

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