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A New Method Timing Events Using Nadi Nakshatras

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Publisher: Nitesh kumar
Language: English
ISBN: 9788192967967
Pages: 177
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

About the Book

Timing Events Using Nadi Nakshatras
Is a first attempt in making timing of events in astrology a very simple exercise that even a 1 year old astrologer can effectively predict within one second that "Something significant would have happened in your life at so and so year". He might not be able to tell what happened since that requires years of astrology practice. In Nadi astrology specific ages when events would happen are significant and this is used through combinations of planets or single planets but in this book we have used only nakshatras. Each Nakshatra gets activated at a particular age so any planet which is in any nakshtra in turn gets activated at that age and gives the event. This book is on purpose not exhaustive and only gives small number of ages per nakshatra so that all can remember it and only given small number of ages per nakshatra so that all can remember it and use it. Bellow are some of the testimonials for our expanded course on Nadi Nakshatra that we have been doing over the last 2 years and force the student to test each technique on minimum 5 charts and submil as homework as without practice no technique can be perfected. When these same students will practice it for 5 years the same technique they will become super perfect.


Introduction & How To Use This Book

BackGround & Nostalgia
Nakshatras is an endless topic and many books have dealt with the nature of the nakshatra and the kind of result that would give but no work till date talks about timing events using Only Nakshatras. Nadi astrology is known for its timing of events without using Dasas or Transits and here we present a new term called Nadi Nakshatra.

Around 8 years back when I revealed a new method in Nadi astrology called the Bhrighu Saral Paddathi, it stunned the world of astrology if something so simple could have existed and yet unknown to all. It simply followed a system that showed how a planet gets activated in a particular years or its special aspects get activated in a particular year and the result as promised in the chart is delivered. The same is the case with nakshatra, each nakshatra gets activated in particular set of years and it thus gives result in that particular year as per the individual horoscope. This is what is Nadi Nakshatra. Which means we do not use only the Nadi Nakshatra. Which means we do not use only Moon Nakshatra but of all the 9 planets plus Asc Nak which is the most important nakshatra and even o Mandi/Gulika, Bhrighu Bindu and so on. So in case one has all 9 planets in different nakshatras along with Asc Nak in a different nak then we get 10 nakshatras ages.

In the present work we are revealing only 3 to 4 specific years for each nakshatra 1 so as to give a taste to the reader on this system. We have categorised it as under 0-20 years one set, the other between 20 to 40 and 40 to 60. In reality the sets of years for each nakshatra is more than 10 specific years and we teach all of that in our online courses which can be very costly to the non-professional astrologer. I personally believe in the olden system of learning where the Guru would first ask the student to route memorise such tables for each nakshatra and then start applying and hence 3 specific years per nakshatra is a good way to start it though the modern students like to create a table and put it on their computer but in real life astrology which we practice while travelling or discussing a horoscope in train such tables cannot be carried.

1 Modern Readers refuse to read a 500 or 1000-page book, and this is also one of the reasons we are bringing a short version of the technique though it is complete in itself.

Why Must We Remember The Activation Age of Each Nakshatra
In the Mumbai classes where we taught Nakshatra every week for nearly a year free of charge, once came a man midway and he wanted to join the classes. He was asked which is his janma nakshatra, he said Mrigasira or Dhanista (I don't remember it now) and so I predicted without seeing his horoscope if the 39 the year was a very significant year in his life, he was 41 at that time and said it was not significant and no event happened. So I felt bad that in front of 20 students my prediction failed. After 10 mins he remembered that he had bought a house in the 39 th year (dhanishta lord is Mars karaka of property) and I asked him how come he did not remember this event even though it was only 2 years back, he said the reason he does not remember is since he does not stay in that house and he has given it on rent and for him it's not a major event in his life. I joked with him if he keeps on buying houses every year and hence it is not significant, bottom line is one must remember the tables for each nakshatra and with practice of daily trying to remember each nakshatra in one month one will be perfect in it.

Bowing To Gurus
This being my first book I must obviously pay obeisance to all those that I learnt from and I did not do the mistake of learning techniques from my Gurus, I only learnt how to love them and serve them. I have been blessed that I never went to the three mentioned below for learning any techniques, somehow I was not stupid, those who went along with me to my three heroes came back disgusted and empty handed since they went only to garner techniques as they wanted to do predictions. By 2006 I had lost all desires to become an astrologer as I realised I could never become one, and this is what became my biggest success, I got only love from my 3 heroes, unconditional love irrespective of my caste or creed and in return the grace that I got from them I can humbly yet proudly say none have gotten it so far. Guru Sishya is an eternal love story that is repeated in reincarnation to reincarnation, and if you are lucky for the Guru to have beaten you or scolded you then be blessed he has taken away some of your negative karma. This book is in a way an at- tempt to show to my fellow Guru Brothers who left my 3 Heroes for the sake of Techniques and when my book on Bhrighu Saral Paddathi would be released they would realise further what they missed for the sake of learning from famous Gurus as compared to my these 3 simple Sultans of Astrology whom I list below.

My Guru is the Late Shri C S Patel whose work on Nadi astrology has been an inspiration to the modern writers, apart from his first work on Ashtakvarga in 1957. Then Patel Saheb introduced me to My Mentor who is based in Delhi who gave me immense love and taught me how to think in astrology which no one could have taught. Then came in my Master, an extremely rude personality on the exterior but the greatest teacher in the world since he does not catch the fish and give it to you but he teaches you how to fish and above all how to Think To Fish' which is the first step. It was and is still difficult to learn from him since he keeps on travelling and never stays in a single place for long, when he is near Mumbai I get to meet him, during the old days it was tough to drive to him with hardly any money in pocket, now family responsibilities makes it tough to leave Mumbai and go through difficult road journeys. But with him I learnt some of the mysteries of decoding the ages and this work I dedicate it to that selfless man who refuses to see the horoscope of any corrupt man or any politician or anyone who has taken dowry or anyone who mistreats his servants or his spouse or parents. First he checks your horoscope if you have not com- mitted such major sins and if you have he throws your horoscope out. Bottom line is no one goes to him for a reading and if someone is fortunate to go to him for a reading he comes out crying out of the room and promises never to go back to him. He says if astrology is a spiritual science then after one reading your client should become spiritual or seriously strive to correct his karma, otherwise it is only a Strip Dance Science/Dance Bar Astrology which is what has become of astrology today. Throw money and astrologer is ready to look at your horoscope whether you respect the science or not that does not matter to him. But sometimes I feel if one follows his rules no one will be eligible to visit an astrologer. He does not wish to be named and does not crave for the modern craze of attending astro seminars or the new found craze of young astros which is to keep on meeting popular astrologers or becoming friends with them just for the sake of increasing one's social circle. Both him and my mentor share the same quality. His disdain towards professionals charging money can be vitriolic though I have tried to make him understand that a man has to pay school fees and attend to the family needs but he says 4H is vidya and 4H is mother, one does not sell one's mother or make her sit in the prostitution den. He leads a wandering life and his needs are few but that is not possible for all. He belongs to an old school one may say but he and my mentor both taught me not to become the modern astro seeker who is only a Technique Collector and does not mind learning this 5hastra even from the worst human being of an astrologer just for the sake of making correct predictions or fame or money. I had to give my obeisance to all my Gurus and hence I might have wasted some of your time.

How To Use Nadi Nakshatra & Activation Age
Now most of the time the nakshatra sticks to its ageof activation which means if we say 5wati nak gets activated/jag rut at the age of 3 then it will be so but in case of influence of retrograde planets or dasas or transits it can go plus minus few months is what we have observed in practice.

Here I would give an example. One of the rules for 5wati Nakshatra is

» The 3 rd year gets activated and/or health issues to someone.

So it means 5wati nakshatra gets activated in the 3 rd year or it implements its technique in the 3 rd year or Health issues to someone in ones family would happen in the 3 rd year or Both. So whenever we have used and/or in the rules section it means either Or Both.

Step 1: Position of Planet
This natives Mercury is in Swati Nakshatra in 6H and Mercury is dispositor of Ketu and Saturn Retro thus bringing with it malefic influences to the 6H of diseases and accidents.

Step 2: Aspects on the Said Nakshatra
12" lord of hospitalisation Mars who is also the 7th lord (thus being a malefic for Taurus Asc) is aspecting this Mercury who is placed in Swati

Step 3: Nakshatra lordship and its conjunctions
Swatis nakshatra lord is Rahu who is placed in the 8th house of mishaps and super accidents and death and it is conjunct Venus who is 6L of accidents and also lagna lord thus involving body and both of these is aspected in return by Retro Saturn and Ketu

All these combinations guarantee a thought that something bad might happen in the 3 rd year either to him or to any of his relatives (since Swati is in 6H) but with involvement of Venus (Iagna lord) it could be him. Incidentally native met with an accident at 3.5 years of age from a truck. (Little bit after 3 rd Year)

Thus you can see that the event did not happen exactly in the 3 rd year as per the dictum but few months later which to some astrologers would be still acceptable and some would create a big fuss about it. I leave it to the readers but the western readers should especially note how we Indians talk about age and how we calculate our age. When a nadi reading says in the 1 st year so and so event would happen it does not mean AFTER the first birthdate but it means the 1 st year is from the day a child is born to 365 days, that's his first year of life

Forgiveness and Thanks
I would like to thank those 7 volunteers from our face- book group who helped me test all these techniques aggressively on various charts. I only remember the names of Mr Sunil Rupani & Amit Saraf from Shillong out of those seven, I have forgotten the names of the rest and I bow on their feet and seek forgiveness but those who know about my memory issues know that it has often happened. Yet there is no excuse for non-gratitude.

I have great special thanks to my beloved Amit Saraf who finally did all the hard work of testing it on horoscopes of celebrities from www.astrodatabank.com. I must thank Yuvraj Ajay Singh who inspired me to teach him Nadi Nakshatra at 10 in the night one day and the story started from there. Then I must thank Rohit Sharma who has been a guiding light in creating our courses and especially the Nadi Nak PPT. Above alii thank Anuradha Shard ha from Hyderabad who along with Yuvraj Ajay Singh from Delhi, teach the Nadi Nakshatra course to all our international and national students. We force the students to every week submit homework by testing each nakshatra rule on minimum 5 charts and thus they are forced to master each nakshatra rule. Once again special thanks to Anuradha Shardha for editing this book and keeping up with my erratic and instant demands.




  Introduction and How To Use This Book  
1 Ashwini Nakshatra - Quickness & Metaphysics-Activation Years 2
2 Bharani Nakshatra - Extremities-Activation Years 6
3 Krittika Nakshatra - The Sheath Of A Sharp Blade-Activation years 11
4 Rohini Nakshatra - The Red Bride On A Chariot-Activation years 16
5 Mrigasira Nakshatra - The Exploration Of A Lustful Deer-Activation years 21
6 Ardra Nakshatra - The Tears Of A Destructive Storm-Activation Years 26
7 Purnavasu Nakshatra - History Repeats Itself-Activation Years 31
8 Pushya Nakshatra -The Want of Highest Fructification-Activation Years 36
9 Ashlesha Nakshata - The Embrace Of In-tense Karmic Energy-Activation Years 41
10 Magha Nakshatra - Ancestors & Inheritance Of All Kinds-Activation Years 45
11 Purvaphalguni Nakshatra - Courtship On A Swinging Hammock-Activation Years 50
12 Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra - Life Contracts & Unions-Activation Years 55
13 Hasta Nakshatra - Skill Of The Hands-Activation Years 61
14 Chitra Nakshatra - Multi Coloured and Multi-Faceted Talents-Activation Years 65
15 Swami Nakshatra - Scattering And Transformation-Activation Years 69
16 Visakha Nakshatra - One Track Mind-Activation Years 73
17 Anuradha Nakshatra - Devotion-Activation Years 79
18 Jyestha Nakshatra - Power & Domination-Activation Years 84
19 Moola Nakshatra - Root Of The Subject-Activation Years 89
20 Purvashadha Nakshatra - Separating The Wheat From The Chaff-Activation Years 93
21 uttarashadha Nakshatra - The Unsubdued Power Of The Elephant's Tusk-Activation Years 98
22 Shravana Nakshatra - To Listen To The Unspoken-Activation years 103
23 Dhanistha Nakshatra - A Star & Its Oath-Activation Years 108
24 Satabisha Nakshatra - Cure Through The Healing Circle Of Physicians-Activation Yeas 113
25 Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra - A Double Faced Man With A Sword On A Unicorn-Activation Years 118
26 Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra - The Depth Within-Activation Years 124
27 Revati Nakshatra - Extreme Prosperity Or No Wealth-Activation Years 128
28 Varahamihira's - Timing Events From Marriage Nakshatra 134


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