Parahita Samhita (Rare Ancient Treatise on Ayurveda Salakya and Salya Tantra)

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Author: Prof.Gyanendra Pandey
Publisher: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788170803423
Pages: 57
Cover: Paperback
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Multifarious studies in the field of medical sciences all over world are currently being carried on a wide range of areas covering various aspects with collaborated support of inter-disciplinary correlation, coordination and strategy. Since the medical system of India stands foremost in global scenario, it remains ever vast, deep and unlimited field of studies for investigating the immense potentials, in order to provide firm footing, rich information and newer inputs for development, improvement and consolidation of fundamentals, therapies, methodologies and applications in the different areas of medical sciences - getting uninterrupted, Unending and unknown flow of knowledge substantially nourishing the concept, ideology and approach of Indian school of medicine, pioneering since evolution of medicine in world.

The actual, reliable and solid material of medical science of Indian origin carries its uncountable wealth of knowledge in ancient past as ever-flowing, furnishing and attracting source of hidden, neglected and valuable information depicted in the records of antiquity which is preserving, documenting and retrieving (in different modes, forms and medias). As historical fact about ancient Indian literature pertaining all the branches of sciences including Ayurveda, it is chiefly centralized, culminated and knitted with irrepairable, innumerable and invaluable loss of literature - in the form of great, unparallel and unique contribution made by authorities of medical science during ancient times in the Indian’ chronology. Really speaking, the literary production-recognized as source of medical learning-have faced major setback of depletion.

Henceforth, the painstaking, scholarly and sincerely on-going efforts in the field of medical -science are basically providing key-support to enrichment of knowledge in various disciplines or branches of medical system (including surgery) covering asangayurveda and its all allied areas of present medical field.

In this context, the multi-angled systematic and in-depth studies of preliminary level have, therefore, been undertaken on ‘Parahita Sarnhitã’ (originally from xylographic source and transformed in Telugu/Sanskrit text, authored by rinãtha Pandita, belonging to period from 14th. - 16th. century A.D., as comprehensive treatise - aangakanda - on Ayurveda as a whole (eight branches of Indian medical science), and specifically dealing with alakyatantra-ophthalmology, diseases of E.N.T. & Head and Salya tantra - surgery - etc.) for creditably revisiting; reorienting and introducing it to the medical world as first hand attempt of its kind, on such a forgotten, valuable and hidden source of medical knowledge of India.




Astanga Khanda
1. Section 1 iv-v
2. Section II 1-3
3. Section III 4-10
4. Section 1V 11-15
5. Section V 1 6-23
6. Section VI 24-28
7. Section VII 29-34
8. Section VIII 35-39
  Epitome 40
  Index 4 1-50

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