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Pitra Dosh (Ancestors are Calling)

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Author: Himanshu Shangari
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9781946048073
Pages: 218
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Book Description
About the Book

Pitra Dosh is not a curse of the ancestors; it is a Karmic debt of the ancestors which the native having Pitra Dosh in his horoscope is supposed to pay. Pitra Dosh is formed in the horoscope of a native due to bad Karmas done by the ancestors of that native and this native is supposed to pay that Karmic debt by suffering the punishments decided for those debts in different spheres of his life.

About the Author

Himanshu Shangari is a Vedic Astrologer and Personality Developer and he's been doing intensive research in both these fields since many years now. He has also done a TV show Karma Kundali our Jyotish which has got wonderful response first on TV and then on YouTube even till the date. His books Heaven and Hell Within, Heaven and Hell Within Part 2, Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology, Three Monsters of Vedic Astrology, Gemstones: Magic or Science, Retrograde Planets, Exalted Planets, Debilitated Planets, Retrograde Jupiter, Retrograde Saturn, Retrograde Venus, Retrograde Mars, Retrograde Mercury, Combust Jupiter, Combust Venus, Combust Mars, combust Mercury, Combust Saturn, Combust Moon, Kaal Sarp Yog and Santak Mochak have attracted great applause from readers all across the globe. At a relatively young age, he possesses knowledge that surpasses his age, in a big way.

Such is the impact of this man who always gives all the creak of his knowledge and research to his Ishta Dev, Lord Shiva. In his own words, he is often heard saying, "It is only the grace and blessing of Lord Shiva that I have been blessed with this much knowledge, and I deserve no credit for this knowledge. Lord Shiva has chosen me to serve humanity through this knowledge and I do my best to come up to the expectations of my Lord Shiva, and that's all there is to it."


Vedic Astrology is undoubtedly the oldest and most comprehensive faith of astrology among all such faiths practiced across the globe, and whereas some of these faiths have the depth and volume of a stream, some of a river, Vedic Astrology is the Ocean which can provide resources to all these faiths and which can validate or invalidate any one of these faiths.

I have studied and researched many such faiths like Numerology, Vaastu etc. but none of them holds their ground without the support of Vedic Astrology and it is the faith which is the backbone or motherboard of all such faiths. This is what inspired me to make a carrier choice with the Ocean itself and now after years and years of this voyage; I can happily say that I made the right choice, many years back.

The fact that Vedic Astrology is the oldest among such faiths, also exposes it and makes it vulnerable to many types of corruptions and adulterations from time to time which may have come in the form of selfish additions to some of the purest Vedic Astrology scriptures or which may have resulted from misinterpretations of many important concepts of Vedic Astrology, from time to time. It is only due to such adulterations, corruptions and misinterpretations, that Vedic Astrology does not look as complete and accurate to many people interested in it, as it actually is, in this day and age.

With the Grace of Lord Shiva, I have spent years in researching various concepts of Vedic Astrology and in finding where and how much, such concepts may have been misinterpreted and what could be the possible correct interpretation of these divine concepts. Whereas in their misinterpreted forms, most such concepts of Vedic Astrology do not hold ground in real practice of astrology, almost all of them hold solid ground in their modified forms.

I have found out this fact after years of intensive research on these topics and after cross checking them with thousands of horoscopes so that they should hold ground when it comes to real life and real horoscopes instead of just reflecting on paper, and after all this effort, I can say that now they do hold ground in their modified forms.

Hence this book should be understood as an effort to create such awareness among the lovers of Vedic Astrology that this faith itself is still as complete as it was when it was born, but various misinterpretations from time to time, may have caused confusions related to many important concepts of this faith. Through this book, I have tried to create awareness about various aspects related to the concept of Pitra Dosh in Vedic Astrology.

This book starts with an article on Pitra Dosh, which discusses some of the prevailing beliefs related to this defect and which also deals with some interesting facts related to this defect.

Pitra Dosh is not a curse of the ancestors, but it is a Karmic debt of the ancestors which the native having Pitra Dosh in his horoscope is supposed to pay. In simple words, Pitra Dosh is formed in the horoscope of a native due to bad Karmas or bad deeds done by the ancestors of that native and this native is supposed to pay that Karmic debt by suffering the punishments decided for those debts in different spheres of his life.

Such native may suffer until the debt is cleared either through punishment or through the good deeds done by the native having such Pitra Dosh in his horoscope. So Pitra Dosh in a horoscope doesn't mean that the ancestors are cursing the native having Pitra Dosh in his horoscope, it means that the ancestors of such native are themselves cursed. Hence the native has to engage in more and more good karmas so that his ancestors as well as he may get rid of the sufferings caused by such Pitra Dosh. This theory may sound confusing to some people, so let's try to explain it on the basis of scientific as well as Karmic logics.

Starting with science, it is a well known fact that there are a number of diseases found today which are genetic in nature, which means that they are passed from mothers or fathers to their children. A common example of such diseases is diabetes which is prevailing throughout the world and in many cases it is passed from generation to generation, though it may not affect some of the children born to a diabetic mother or father. In the same way, a son generally inherits the assets and liabilities of his father which may have come from the forefathers also. Likewise, a son may inherit his father's physical or mental strength and he may also inherit his father's physical or mental weakness. The same goes for physical shape and looks, which means that children can inherit their parents' good or bad looks as well as their good or bad physical shapes.

Similarly other examples can be considered to validate the theory that the good or bad things earned, owned and owed by the parents or forefathers are passed on to the children of the family line. The theory of Karmic debts also works in the same way with the only difference that it shows the results in the present life based on the Karmas done in previous lives. As I have already mentioned that most people are born in the same family lines and they have the same circle of friends, so an ancestor suitable for the punishments for the Karmic debt formed on a family line according to the bad Karmas done by him in his previous lives, is sent on earth to pay those debts and bear the punishments.

As this person does good or bad deeds in his present life, it contributes to the negative or positive Karmic balance of that family line where the negative balance means the debt and positive balance means the rewards which are going to be enjoyed by the coming generations of that family. This is why so much emphasis is put on doing good Karmas and it is often preached that the bad Karmas done by a person are going to affect the family line of the person which includes his children and their children. In the same way, the good Karmas done by a person earn Karmic rewards which are paid to the future members of his family line, who may enjoy good or great fortunes due to the good deeds done by their fathers and forefathers, just like a person enjoys the wealth earned and owned by his father.

With this, I now take your permission to lead you to the book.

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