A Pocket Book on Kundalini
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A Pocket Book on Kundalini

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Author: Michael 'Omdevaji' Perring H.B.
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
ISBN: 9789350760130
Pages: 158
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
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This book is attempting to decipher unchartered understanding within the modern Western Culture. Can it be, that the body is a manifestation of the pranic spectrum and the mind, an expression of it? The information provided is based on the conclusions I have formed from my own research, experiences, thoughts, con rmations, feelings, knowings and realisations. I understand these experiences are unique to all beings so I am documenting some of what I understand about the Pranic spectrum, Kundalini, Chakras, Lokas, Oneness, Unity and the Sanskrit alphabet so people can appreciate the point of view from inside this window. This window in the sense of me being inside this body/vehicle and looking through my eyes as the window that lets me see this world. As I understand it, all forms of creation are manifestations of "Prana". While permeating the universe and interpenetrating the human mind body complex, prana governs all life while being the substratum of it and existing in the non-form essence of being. The life force expresses itself as prana in in nite forms that range from the most subtle through to the gross and solid. From the unlimited potential present within the sea of life, all of creation is born into being. The manifestations occur on innumerable levels and constantly interplay with one another. The concepts, terms and labels used to describe things in this book are merely an attempt to separate the oneness of creation (universe) into subcategories in order to better understand how life manifests and expresses itself in order to experience and realise itself. Hopefully evolving to such a state, that ultimately, it leads to the conscious awareness that the human beings true nature is pure consciousness, intimately connected with the whole universe while constantly involved in the divine cosmic play (Lila) of creation. The most accurate map I have found detailing the way that life manifests is the one provided within the Samkhya philosophy. The Samkhya philosophy is sometimes referred to as the philosophy of numbers. Please bear in mind this is a map that I personally feel comfortable with, there are other maps and some will resonate more harmoniously than others with each individual. The Samkhya philosophy details the constituents of creation that make up life, as we know it in the form of twenty-three evolutes. These evolutes are expressed individually through the human body mind framework for the human to experience its own karma. For this, the body and mind manifest and express being, in a speci c way. As life is governed more, by the subtle realms, there is a link between life itself and the physical human structure known as the subtle energy system or bridge of consciousness that allows individual expression of life and understanding (conscious awareness). 'While attempting to grow and evolve to a state of knowing and understanding the various dimensions of life, each life form (in this case human) has its life co-ordinated relative to its own karma. If you personally don't believe in karma try to appreciate yourself now as a product of every thought, word and action you have ever taken in your life. As I understand it, every situation, experience and event is a part of the divine cosmic play. Bringing into being what is karmically just for all in the continual present moment. Life, creation, the link, the human experiences and all else are expression of the one universal life force. That is what this book will attempt to describe. May the Goddess be on our side.

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