Practical Feng Shui (The Chinese Art of Living for Health, Wealth and Happiness)

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Author: Amal Choubey
Publisher: Hind Pocket Books
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8121608759
Pages: 127 (Figures & Tables Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.6" X 5.5"
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Book Description
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Feng Shui is the Chinese Art of Placement. Translated literally as wind and water, it is an ancient Chinese science of creating harmonious surroundings which bring happiness, prosperity and good health.

There is an old Chinese Proverb, which says, "The most important factors in life are fate, luck and Feng Shui."

Feng Shui is a 5000-year-old system. While you can not alter the external environment, you can control the internal environment by proper applications of Feng Shui.

This book gives you the basics of Feng Shui and the techniques to use it for a more prosperous and peaceful life. Bring the magic of Feng Shui into your life for happiness, health, wealth and love.


About four years ago, I came cross a book titled "Feng Shui The Chinese Art of Placement" by Sarah Rossbach. Until then I had only heard about Feng Shui and was not acquainted with its principles. After studying this book, my interest in this science developed. This, in turn, stimulated my desire to know more about Feng Shui. Feng Shui translated literally as wind and water, is an ancient Chinese science of creating harmonious surroundings which bring happiness, prosperity and good health.

The Chinese have an ancient and rich cultural heritage. It was the Chinese who discovered that there were invisible forces beneath the earth, which were later on confirmed to be the magnetic forces. They had also developed techniques to detect and utilize the energy of the earth for the benefit of mankind. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese had developed acupressure, the process to eliminate disease in the body.

I recall an old Chinese proverb, which says, "The most important factors in life are Fate, Luck and Feng Shui'. Fate plays an important role in our lives. Fate is determined by some supernatural power, or God, one might say, and is beyond our control. We are all born with different characteristics and qualities, which each of us carry from the time of birth. These factors have a significant impact on our growth. Most of them cannot be modified and can be regarded as the component of the person. They vary from person to person, thus, making them so different from one another.

Some people do not believe in fate. They believe in their own effort and the ability to create their lives. Another important factor in our life is effort or karma. Some of us desire to study well, some desire wealth and want to lead a comfortable life. Through our own efforts our lives can chart a desired path, although unforeseen events can change its course. At times, some of us are successful to a certain extent and some times are unable to achieve what we really want in life thus blaming our fate without considering our karma. Karma is the result of the efforts we put in our lives. Either we have to suffer or enjoy according to the result of our own efforts.

I shall explain, with an example, how one's karma can affect one's life. I had visited a house whose owner was facing financial problems. I was told that this problem started from the day he shifted to his new house. I carefully examined the whole building. The house was facing northeast and was constructed more or less as per Vastu Shastra. The only drawback was that the northeast angle was more than recommended, which was not beneficial. He told me that a Vastu Shastri advised him to demolish the boundary walls on the northern and eastern sides and reconstruct them in such a way so as to make an acute angle at the northeast corner. I could not understand why only the one north-east angle alone could be responsible for creating such a problem.

During the course of discussions about his business and financial position, I realized tht he did not have enough money to invest in the construction of his house. He had invested huge amounts in the house, which he had withdrawn from his business. Thus, he was now facing a shortage of funds. I told him not to invest any more on the house because it was not the house but his karma that caused the problem. When he did not have enough money, he should not have invested huge amounts in constructing the house. So it was better to sell the house rather than invest more money to rectify the error. Finally he sold the house.

Of course, fate is determined by the supernatural power but He has given us the freedom of will and action to enable us to correct ourselves and lead a better life. Karma needs the help and support of the basic elements and the environment. To make changes in our building as per Feng Shui is also a sort of karma.

Feng Shui is a 5,000-year-old system. During the same period, the ancient sages of India had evolved certain principle, for the benefit of mankind, known as Vastu Shastra. It is also believed that Feng Shui had been influenced by Indian culture, specially Buddhism, which went to China through Tibet.

There are various similarities between Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, e.g., placement of the kitchen in the south-east, master bedroom in the west, children's room in the east and avoiding toilets and staircases in the north-east. The major difference is that the Chinese prefer to have a south facing entrance. A south orientation is preferable in China because the northern winds carry yellow dust from Monogolia, situated to the north of china. Thus, Chinese avoid placing a door, window or any opening in the northern zone and prefer to block the north-east of the plot, which they call the door of the devil.

Feng Shui helps you to understand where the problem lies in your house and how to solve it. Some orientation and surroundings of our buildings are not good for us, or some buildings are not suitable for us. In cases where it is not possible to shift the orientation of the door you may think of moving to a new house which would not have any errors but with knowledge of Feng Shui you can enhance the cosmic energy or ch'i of the house by placing plants, mirror, light, wind chime or crystal ball, to overcome the problem of your house to a great extent. Even though you cannot alter the external environment, you can control the internal environment by proper application of Feng Shui.

This book is a result of my studies, research and the experience gained by its application for the past three years. It is a guide to the science and art of Feng Shui and can be used for better placement of the house and furniture. Feng Shui experts have their own methods of interpretation depending upon their assessment of the situation. It is not always possible to create an ideal home. Imperfections and problems are to be expected, but do not be afraid of adverse factors. There is always the possibility of correction, change and improvement in every situation.

List of Figuresx
List of Tablesxiv
Chapter One:Feng Shui Can Change Your Life1
Chapter Two:The basis Principles of Feng Shui10
Chapter Three:Eight Trigrams25
Chapter Four:Location and Shape of Land36
Chapter Five:Feng Shui and Interior Elements59
Chapter Six:Feng Shui for Home67
Chapter SevenFeng Shui for Office80
Chapter EightBa-gua and cures96
Appendix OneChinese Astrology113
Appendix TwoIndex of Chinese Terms125
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