Predicting Through Astro-Numerology
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Predicting Through Astro-Numerology

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Item Code: NAP012
Author: Dr. N. Srinivasan Shastry
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8170820731
Pages: 267
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 340 gm
About the Book

In this book the first part speaks about significations of planets signs and houses in a elaborated way. The specialty of this book is formulas in astakavarga system of timing of events, with which readers or astrologers can get exact (month and date) timing of events. In this book readers can also find the ways of judging horoscopes by using both astrology and numerology. Lastly in this book given are the “Hora hourly astrology for day to day questions and each question is provided with 2 types of calculation methods of 2 types of THUMB RULES both astrologically and numerologically. This book is a handy book with complete astrology for astrologers and learners of astrology. The main motto of the author in his book is to find an astrologer in every reader.


Ingredients are the same , same old 12 signs/raasis, same old 9 planets and same old 9 numbers in numerology. But after practicing for nearly 22 years in astrology and numerology . But after practicing For nearly 22 years in astrology and numerology , i have come out with new method of prediction using both astrology and numerology and that is the reason i have named this booked as " Predicting through astro-numerology " when a reader goes through this book he would find an easy way of predicting precisely using both Astrology and Numerology


The first part of the book consist s of astrology about planets sings and defintations of 12 houses but i have given easy method of astakavagra prediction through formulas which was the output of perception of work of great Indian astrologers .but , the blend in numerology is my experience as an astrologers .lastly in this book given is the "HORA" hourly astrologers for day to day questions , and each questions is provided with 2 types of calculation and 2 types of THUMB RULES both astrologically and numerology.

My main motto is to bring an astrologer in every reader.



Dedication   v
Preface   vii
Acknowledgement   ix
CHAPTER-I   2-12
  Planets /12signs/constellations  
CHAPTER-II   13-45
  Signification of Planets  
  Features of Sings  
  12 Houses  
CAHPTER-IV   58-81
  Sun dasa to venus dasa  
  Judging of Dasa bhutki  
CHAPTER-V   82-86
  Gochara Tranists  
CHAPTER-VI   87-109
  Timming of event  
  Transits in astakavarha  
CHAPTER-I   111-113
CHAPTER-II   114-145
  Signification of numbers  
  Aid for the person without date of birth  
  Signification of months  
CHAPTER-III   146-173
  Predictions in Numerology  
  Judging of horoscopes  
CHAPTER-I   175-178
CHAPTER-II   179-263
  Plcaement of lord  
  Miscellaneous question  
  General prolbems and ways of answering  
  Clienatle opinions  


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