Problems of Early Christianity
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Problems of Early Christianity

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Publisher: The Integral Life Foundation
Language: English
Edition: 1998
Pages: 276
Cover: Paperback
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  Part One  
  Augustus Caesar and the Birth of Christ 3
  The Historicity of Christ 11
  "Born of a Womam" 22
  Notes on Some Comments on "Born of a woman" 33
  Did Jesus have Brothers and Sisters? 40
  Christ's Kindom of God 65
  The Shroud of Turin And the Biblical Evidence 74
  The Time of Christ's Second Comingin the New Testament 81
  St. Thomas and India 94
  The friends of Paul - Luke and Mark 97
  Did the Evangelist Luke Write Acts of the Apostles? 115
  Part Two  
  Introduction : The Heart of the Problem 135
  Section I  
1 The Significance of the Earliest Evidence 136
2 The Reports of Appearances In the Gospels 141
3 How Far are the Gospels credible? 143
4 The Evidence of Paul 154
5 Paul's Preconceptions 163
6 The First Hurdle from Non- Pauline Scripture 167
7 The Credibility of Paul as against Acts 170
8 The Second and last Hurdle:  
  (a) Was an Empty Tomb Discovered? 181
  (b) Was Joseph of Arimathaea Real? 197
  (c) Was Jesus Tomb Known? 212
9 Our Pailine Conclusions 228
  Section II  
1 The Nature of the Appearances and some Clues From Sri Aurobndo 238
2 The Natureof the New Body in the light of Sri Aurobindo's Yogic Knowledge 243
3 The Pauline resurrection Seen Through Sri Aurobindo's Eyes 2477
4 Pauline Mysticism and the lead from it 250
5 The question of Immortality before the Resurrection 253
6 The true Sense of Resurrection in Paul 259
7 The Pauline Pneuma- Signpost to thesolution of our Problem 266
8 The Upshot of our Inquiry 271


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