Profession Through Astrology

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Author: O.P.Verma
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Edition: 2004
Pages: 184
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

This book seeks to present a systematic study of the tenth house. In the preparation of this book, a great number of ancient and modern books have been consulted. The intention is to study the subject of Astrology scientifically. The study of any science is based on experiments, observations and inferences. Every science grows on the basis of the work of the predecessors, who devoted their lives to study, research, practice and teaching. We give the material from the works of the ancient seers.

But the rules given by them have some limitations. In those days, there were not so many professions as we have these-days. Therefore, it calls for fresh study, research, analysis and conclusions. In addition we have given the opinions of western authors that are based on research\studies. We have collected material from a large number of books by great authorities and best writers both oriental and western on the subject. Good numbers of examples have been added to illustrate the principles. And in each, we do find the truth of Astrological principles becoming prominent. We hope that this will arouse interest in the students for further study and research.

There can be differences of opinion among scholars on the subject. If they are pointed out, we shall be happy to record new opinions if found convincing.


Chapter I
Preliminaries—Navamsha Chakra—Bhava Chakra
Planetary aspects—Stellar Positions—Vargas9-17.
The significance of the houses17
Friends, enemies and neutrals of each planet19
Chapter I
Planets and profession20
(i)The Sun21
(ii)The Moon22
Chapter III
1The tenth house and its significance Its indicators according to classical authors Varahamihira, Kalyana Varma etc.36
2Judgement of the tenth house38
3Karakas of the tenth house39
Significance of the tenth house in relation to other houses40
4Indications of the tenth house—Vaidynatha Dikshita’s view41
5Uttara Kalamrita’s View41
6Significance of the Bhavas of 2, 6, 10 and 11 in relation to profession42
Chapter IV
1Methods to determine one’s profession and source of income—Mihira’s view45
2Source of income—Gargi’s view46
Chapter V
Impôtunt rules regarding the 10th house from Satya Samhlta49
1Dip in holy rivers50
2Performance of great sacrifices meritorious deeds51
3Proficiency in many shastras52
4Good deeds52
5Rules from Sarvartha Chintainani53
Chapter VI
1Planetary combinations and professions55
Chapter VII
1Influence of the signs60
2Professions denoted by the twelve signs60
Chapter VII
1Planets in the tenth house64
2Relation between two planets (Pa.rasara’s view)65
3Effects of planets while placed in the 10th house65
4Planets in the tenth house65
The Sun65
The Moon67
5Some combinations and their indications77
6Combinations told in Brihat Jataka77
7Effects of planets in the tenth house from Chandra lagna78
8Gochara results79
9Effects of the lords of different houses placed in the tenth house79
10Professions and significators88
Chapter IX
1Dasha-Bhukti Principles100
2Yogas Proclaimed by Parasara
Chapter X
1Wealth: Time of gains and its amounts103
2Planets connected with the 2nd house104
3Dasas of planets placed in the tenth house from Lagna of Moon105
Chapter XI
1Importance of Lagna in the Judgament of Wealth106
2Sudarshana Paddhati108
Defence Accountant112
Airforce Officer112
High Court Judge113
5Dhana Yoges114
6Other Yoges producing much wealth117
7Positions of the benefice : Mercury, Jupiter & Venus120
Chapter XII
Some Important Yogas
1Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara yogas122
3Gajakesari yoga124
4Karakakhy yoga125
5Panchamahapurusha yogas125
6Kahala yoga126
7Lakshmi yoga126
8Sreenatha Yoga127
9Adhi yoga127
10Lagnadhi yoga127
11Chandradhi yoga127
12Mahabhagya yoga128
13Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga128
14Akhanda Sanirajya yoga130
15Vipareetha Raja yoga131
16Bad yogas leading to poverty: Kemadruma Yoga131
17Sakata yoga132
18Bad yogas which make a man poor133
19General principles133
20Horoscope of a millionaire137
21An example of Adhi yoga137
Chapter XIII
1Dasha Phala of the lord of the 10th Bhava from Satya Samhita138
Chapter XIV
1Stellar Principles145
Chapter XV
1Horoscopes of Businessmen148
2Horoscopes of Ministers151
3Horoscopes of Scientists154
4Horoscopes of Poets157
5Horoscopes of Great Writers159
6Horoscopes of Lawyers161
7Horoscopes of Judges162
8Horoscopes of Dewans162
9Horoscopes of Kings163
10Horoscopes of Film Actors164
11Horoscopes of Political Leader cum Scholar167
12Horoscopes of Doctors, Professors168
13Horoscopes of Astrologers171
14Horoscopes of Queen Victoria173
15Horoscopes of Politicians175
16Horoscopes of Great Men179
17Horoscopes of Generals183
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