The Rajneesh Papers: Studies in a New Religious Movement

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Author: Susan J. Palmer and Arvind Sharma
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1993
ISBN: 8120810805
Pages: 204
Cover: Hardcover
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Editor's Note

Since the name of the movement and the title of its leader has changed intermittently, the use of proper names, titles, and "Rajneeshese" which might otherwise appear to be haphazard or inconsistent in this work, requires some explanation. Most scholars refer to the leader-founder as "Rajneesh", his legal name. His spiritual titles are tried on and discarded like masks. Moreover, the use of these titles implies a devotional stance inappropriate in a researcher. The movement became incorporated in the mid-70's as the Rajneesh Foundation International. During the decline of Rajneeshpuram in late 1985, the name was changed to Rajneesh Friends International, a sign of Rajneesh's attempt to de*institutionalize his organization. The religion created by Rajneesh was labelled "Rajneeshism" in 1982. Sannyasins were told to refer to themselves as "Rajneeshee" in order to present a church-like fa├žade to the IRS. Rajneesh abolished "Rajneeshism" in September, 1985. The correct term for a disciple is sannyasin, meaning one who has be initiated into "neo-sannyas". Sannyasins today find the out-of-date use of the term "Rajneeshee" intensely irritating. The women are titled "Ma", the men "Swami".

About the Author

Susan S. Palmer teaches at Dawson College, Montreal and has written extensively on New Religious Movements.

Arvind Sharma teaches at McGill University, Montreal and specializes in Indian Religions.

Editor's Note vii
Acknowledgements ix
Introduction xi
Susan J. Palmer
1Rajneesh and the Guru Tradition in India 1
Arvind Sharma
2The Crazies-Who Follows Rajneesh and Why 17
Ted Mann
3The Work of Osho Rajneesh: A Thematic Overview 47
4Therapeutic Aspects of New Religious Movements 57
Frederick Bird and Rooshikumar Pandya
5The Meaning of Discipleship: Interview with a Rajneesh Therapist, Swami Veet Atito 85
Susan J. Palmer
6Rajneesh Women: Lovers and Leaders in a Utopian Commune 103
Susan J. Palmer
7A Letter from Poona, November, 1989 137
James S. Gordon
Epilogue 155
Arvind Sharma and Susan J. Palmer
Afterword 163
Swami Satya Vedant (Vasant Joshi)
Postscript 167
Contributors 169
Bibliography 171
References 179
Glossary 185
Index 187
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