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Remedy The Frauds in Hinduism (An Old and Rare Book)

Item Code: AZB650
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan
Author: Kuttikhat Purushothama Chon
Language: English
Edition: 1992
Pages: 339
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About The Book

Exposes the many frauds. sacrileges and interpolations made in the Vedas, Sashtras and epics.

Proves that the original religion of India is that of Iswar with Lord Siva as its prophet — 6500 years old and still the loftiest of all religions with no caste, no self-torture and no superstition; expects man to enjoy life by virtuous means and upholds that the real purpose of God and Religion is enlightenment by removing ignorance.

Brahmanism with its many evils like caste system brought the downfall of this country. The book appeals to the Indian Public to throw away brahmanism with its 33 gods into the sea and to bow down only before lswar and its prophet Siva —the only way to save this country from disintegration.

Queue system for 'darshan' of God, cinema songs in religious functions etc. to stop.

Right to "propagate religion" in our Constitution is a Provision for mass carnage at a distant future and hence delete —True purpose of God and Religion to be explained in school text-books.

Inter-caste married youths to be given first preference in employment—a way to dilute caste system.

On partition, Pakistan gets 9.4 sq miles per thousand population while India gets 3.3 sq. miles and a lingering muslim population bigger than that of Pakistan itself.


This book is the call of my inner self. It has a mission that, side by side with economic development, the spiritual or mental progress is also vital for any nation, and more so for India because this country has been reeling under a fraudulent religion Called brahmanical hinduism for at least 2500 years while its own beautiful of all faiths, the Isvara or Saivism is lying concealed in dirt and mud. When cinema songs and disco tunes are the major attractions in hindu religious functions, when a hindu bride or bridegroom takes the religion of his or her partner in case of inter-religious marriages, when so many are almost daily murdered in Punjab and elsewhere in India in the name of religion and when our Acharyas, Thirthas and such hindu religious leaders keep completely silent over all these that go on in a country where 85 per cent of the 'population are hindus, our hearts do get wounded very deep. Is hinduism so useless ? If so, of what use are our truckload of sacred texts and of what use boasting of our ancient civilisation and culture ?

In the Badrinath Utsav in Uttar Pradesh where millions of Siva devotees congregate, the temple authorities in the last Utsav made a vertical bore on the symbol 'Linga' as an intellectual innovation and made arrangements to pump some white soapy liquid through the 'Linga'. It was shown on our television network as well that this white liquid surged UP through the 'Linga'. Such horrible scenes are also tolerated by our pandits and acharyas. It is not that these pandits do not know the real meaning of this symbol, the so called 'Linga'. They know it. They know that the priests and purohitas of migrated aryan community deliberately and mischievously nicknamed this symbol as 'Sisnadeva' or 'Linga'. This symbol of Universal Column of Blazing Fire and Energy, the Universal Pillar supporting the whole Universe, the lsvara, was the religion of the entire people of India, the whole of Asia and Europe including the ancestors of the present christians and muslims. The Great Saint and warrior Lord Siva was the prophet of this lsvara religion with Swastika the pedestal with eight guardians on which the Universal Column stood. The Swastika symbolises protection and welfare to the devotees and guards them against evils from all the eight directions.

There is no such religion as hinduism. It was coined by others from outside India. Ours is the religion of lsvar and its prophet Siva. There is no religion as beautiful and as useful as this, even in our modern century. There is no superstition in it, no caste system, no complicated rituals and above all, no dalal to the god, the priest. Because there was no hereditary priests in this religion, the brahmin priesthood who were then affiliated with the nomadic aryans found that their profession of doing rituals will be no more if Isvara and the tenets of Siva continued amongst the masses. At the same time, the general public did not accept the 'three and thirty' gods of aryan priests, their rituals and sacrifices. Worship of Isvara was with flowers, fruits and waving of lights only. It demanded from the devotees absolute devotion and nothing else. Therefore the priests and purohitas went on condemning this loftiest of all religions and its prophet Siva by nicknaming the Universal Column of Fire and Energy as the 'sisna' or genital of Lord Siva and by many other foul tricks. The real meaning of the principles of Isvarism and commandments of Lord Siva were tarnished, twisted and changed; but all these had no much effect on the general public. The local population did not go over to the side of vedic priests. On the other hand as years went by, the happy-go-lucky aryans refused to heed to their priests either and joined whole-heartedly with the Isvara religion. They also started offending their priests by doing the worship by themselves. The Rig Veda itself says so.

"Agni, those friends of thine have turned them from thee,

gracious of old, they have become ungracious.

"He loves no more the men he loved aforetima; he turns and moves away allied with others".

The priests and purohitas who lost their livelihood from rituals and sacrifices took up odd jobs as messengers and coach-bearers for a long time. Many retired to the forests to live on fruits and roots as the priests were unwelcome everywhere. However, they went on trying to regain their lost glory and profession. Many complicated ritual procedures were devised by them so that the ordinary 'man could not do it himself. The Atharva Veda or the 'Cursing Veda' as it is popularly called„ was made to frighten the general public. Many of the sastras, puranas and epics were interpolated with anecdotes and stories to show the power and capacity of gods and brahmans. The real purport and meaning of these texts got changed because of these sacrileges. There are also many reasons to strongly believe that even the Rig Veda as we have it now, is not the original one. They made and unmade many gods to suit their strategy. Because of this, all our old sacred texts are full of contradictions and concoctions.

The eminent scholar Pargiter has said that "hinduism is a stupendous fraud" and it is so. As a thief is said to leave his marks while decamping with the booty, we have to put two and two together to extract some truth out of our voluminous religious texts. However, it is our duty to rediscover our real religion if it was worth its salt once. It was pushed off its track by the selfish priestclass of old. Many of their descendents do not regret it even now because the original religion of this land, the Isvara, has never been their religion. They were pure adulterers. As Muslims and Englishmen were our masters in the political field, the brahman priests were our masters in the religious field. Brahmanism was alien to this land and was also alien to the migrated aryans.

It is the law of nature that, what is not useful, will disappear one day. The religion that we practise now under the false name of hinduism is the framework of our one-eyed priests. It has to be washed off its dirt and mud so as to see what exactly was our religion, the perfect of all religions and the mother of all religions in the whole world.

Concrete steps and practical suggestions towards the achievement of the above goal have been suggested in the last chapter of this book. They are to be seriously deliberated upon and suitable action taken by the public themselves and our young youths in particular. It is a book for action. It is our duty. It is our responsibility towards the future generations of this ancient land. I must add that dependence on our politicians for this type of work will only spoil the effort as there is no much difference between the politicians and our old priesthood.


When two christians talk each other, they happily discuss on Lord Jesus and, christianity. When two muslims talk, brotherly feelings bind them together. But, when two hindus. talk, they may talk on all? subjects under the sun except hinduism. When the word 'hinduism' is heard, a hindu casts his head down in thought or look into a different direction and avoids the subject. Generally, he does not say anything on the subject. If at all he talks, there is evidently no enthusiasm in the talk. Words get stuck up in his throat. Words get stuck up because one hindu cannot talk on hinduism unless he knows the caste of the other man with whom he talks. The views on hinduism radically differ from caste to caste. The meaning of religion, its social purpose and interpretations are drastically different between the various denominations of castes and sub-castes. It is a religion of oppressors and oppressed under the same umbrella. The true story of our hindu religion is that the villains became demi-gods and godly men and saints became demons. Hinduism has never been a binding force for the people of India; it remained, rather, a divisive force for all intents and purposes.

The priestclass, the Law Giver Menu and the self-styled 'upper castes' created many artificial walls and many irreligious regulations amongst the hindus. It is time for us to know the truth and how truth has been masqueraded with untruth all these years.

Ingersoll said : "Somebody ought to tell the truth about the Bible". In the same vein, S. K. Dikshit in his book "Mother Goddess" says: "Every sacred book of the world served only as a brake for the progress of man". Though shri Dikshit is generally true, we, in India, were an exception to the rule. We had a voluminous and highly meaningful sacred text called Vedas meant for guiding the rich and the poor, the rogue and tha simpleton in their day to day life. Unfortunately, what we have now with us in the name of Vedas, is only the outer cover of the original ; all the inside of which has been stuffed with extraneous contents inconsistent with the original. When the noted scholar Pargiter says that hinduism is a stupendous fraud, we all get upset. There is no point in getting upset. It is not the remark of a layman nor of a missionary of another religion. A scholar, after spending years in studying a particular subject, is telling it. A scholar is a scholar. He has no special affinity or unreasonable adherence to any religion or faith. As prophet Siva himself says :

"O Sages, conflicting thoughts do not trouble a man with true knowledge and he has no difference between happiness or misery. The general rules of do's and don'ts are not binding on him."

"O Gods, those who have understood brahmatva through pure learning need not do any rituals. They are freed from happiness or misery, virtue or evil, sacrifice or meditation. These are not applicable to them. Their pure learning elevates, them above base feelings and physical changes."

Therefore, the remark of the learned Pargiter has come out of his deep study and analysis, and not out of any bias or jealousy. And, .the fact remains that the hinduism we practise now is nothing but fraud on our real religion of lsvar and its prophet Siva.

Our hindu religious leaders are not worried about Punjab problem, Kashmir insurgency and the many riots that take place in the name of caste and religion. That is not their concern. How can they be concerned about it when the undeclared aim of brahmanical hinduism has always been pushing the 98 per cent of the people of this country down the drain. Upliftment of the common man has never been in their agenda ever before. It is, therefore, the urgent duty of the common public to organise our religion as it originally was so that it will stand as guide and support in the various trials and tribulations of daily life. There is nothing that we should invent and then implement. Everything is there in our soil. We have only to rediscover it by washing away all the filth thrown on it by the ancient priestclass of this country. Brahmanical hinduism has done enough harm. It should not do any further. The lsvar religion, the most purposeful of all the religions of the world, the first and the oldest, has to be understood as it really is. Most of us are already adherents of this religion, brahmans and non, brahmans alike, though many do not know its basic tenets and original principles. The emphasis should be to rectify the past undoings. The false premises on which this religion is surrounded, have to go for ever. Then Only the disastrous effects of the Code of Manu and other make-believe anecdotes in our ancient books can be eliminated and the nation put back into one piece in letter and spirit.

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