Reversing Diabeties in 21 Days (A Nutrition Based Approach to Diabetes and Related Problems)

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Author: Dr. Nandita Shah
Publisher: Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788184007084
Pages: 320 (5 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About The Book

Reowned homeopath and founder –director of Saharan India. Dr Nandita Shah, acclaimed for her revolutionary diabetes reversal programme, elaborately breaks down the real cause of diabetes using scientific evidence and intelligently outlines a routine that will not just prevent the disease but also reverse it.

By addressing the cause of insuling resistance and lack of insulin, Reversing Diabeties in 21 Days brings with it a fresh. Practical perspective on how to cure the illness. It carefully takes into account the Indian context, customs, tastes and thought processes in order to tailor the best possible step –by –step guide that an average Indian can follow.

Interspersed with testimonals, stories and real –life experiences, this book will show you that types 2 diabetes and many cases of type 1 diabetes are indeed reversible.

In this powerful book, Dr Nandita Shah share with you the steps that will help you tackle diaetes and revolutionize your health. Countless people have taken advantage of Dr. Shah's expertise, and now you can, too.



That's the number of people with diabetes in India as of today, according to a recent Lancet study.1 Shocking, isn't it? In fact, India is only second to China in the ranking for the highest number of diabetics in the world.

In 1981, the year I became a docter, diabetics affected 5 percent of the adult population in India. By the time I completed thirty –four years of practice, this figure had soared to over 30 percent! As a young docter, I would see patients getting diabetes at the age of fifty or older and complications came much later. But now, being diagnosed with diabetes in the teens is not rare, and diabetes –related problems such as metabolic syndrome, hypertentions, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian disease, weight gain –and dreaded one like kidney failure and retinopathy – are more common than ever before.

Even docters are not extempt from it. After my graduation, I volunteered with our family doctor, who was my teacher and mentor my inspiration. Both he and his wife had diabetes and, as time went by, both suffered from serious complications as a result of it. The docter finally died from the dreadful disease and his wife developed foods were high in protein. This was despite the fact that they were under the care of the best diabetologist in Mumbai. But at that time, no one seemed to know better. Today there are manu doctors who suffer from diabeters. This is ironic. We are getting treatment from people who are sick themselves!

Most diabetics find themselves on the road to gradeful weight gain, slowly rising blood sugar levels and higher doses of medication. Going to the docter usually means bad news because the number of prescribed medicines keeps increasing with every visit. It often looks as if there is no way out.Despite controlling blood sugar levels with diet and medication. Most of them end up suffering from a vareity of dreaded complications, like neuropathy, loss of vision, kidney failure, heart attack and gangrene.

Contrary to what you hear, there is a cure for diabetes. But to solve any problem, we must first understand the cause –and then remove it. The cause of diabetes is not lack of medication. The cause of diabetes is not sugar and carbohydrates. The cause of diabetes is insulin resistance and/or lack of insulin. Hence, the usual advice that most diabetics follow of cutting down carbohydrates and sugar and taking more medication does not work. We need to address the cause, first and foremost.

If we can put out finger on the cause of insulin resistance and lack of insulin, diabetic can be prevented and reversed. This book aims to assit you with this by idnetifying the cause of the disease. And the good news is that anyone can do it.

Reversing diabetes and related lifestyle disease means freedom from medications and repeated visits to the lab. Blood glucose values that would keep rising month after month begin to fall within days or weeks. Spiralling doses of meditation come down too. Reducing medication come down too. Reducing medications as the body heals, one at a time, can result in perfect lab reports and near-perfect health in a short time. Depending on the age of the patient, duration of the illness, level of control and number of medications, this could take anywhere from a few days to a year in most cases.

Over years of clinical practice, it became clear to me that every single case of diabetes (whether type 1 or 2) has the potential to improve. The methodology in this book is not new and is based on scientific evidence. It has been used and tested by docters all over the world who have been teaching their patients to reverse diabetes.

I have conducted to date 150 seminars where more than 5000 participants have learnt that they can be free of the disease. I have trained fourteen docters and nine health coaches and nutritionals who are now teaching others, in every case where the guidelines are put into practice, positive results ensue. I have also conducted eight twenty –one –day disease –reversal retreats, residential programmes where participants experience the magical healing powers of their own bodies and see the evidence through repeated lab tests.

The idea to do a diabetes reversal programme arose out of a desire to challenge the common myth propaged by docters that diabetes cannot be cured. So when I was invited by C.B. Ramkumar in May 2010 to conduct my very first twenty –one –day diabetes reversal proggramme at his beautiful Our Native Village eco resort in Bengluru. I jumped at the idea. This programme was based on Dr Neal Barnal's book, Dr Neal Barnad's Program for Revising Diabetes, which in turn is based on research evidence and clinical trials. My team and I designed a programme for diabetics of both genders to show them how quickly their blood sugar levels could be brought down if they embarked upon a whole –food, plant –based diet for twenty –one days.

We had twenty –one men and women –aged between twenty nine and seventy –two –participating in the retreat. The youngest participant was a twenty – nine –year –old type 1 diabetic. The oldest was seventy –two – years old type 1 diabetic. With the exceptions of two participants who had type 1 diabetic. With the exception of two participant was a twenty –nine year- old type 1 diabetic, the rest of group had type 2. Apart from diabetes, most of them also suffered from other health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, depression, sleeplessness, migranne, acidity and cconstpation. All the participants were on medication for many or all their problems. They were people form different parts of India, with varied backgrounds. They were people from different parts of India, with varied backgrounds. They were yoga teachers, professionals, people who led sedentary lifestyles and those who excercised regularly.

On the very first day of the programme, we conducted an array of laboratory investigation, includings tests for the hearts, kidneys, liver, thyroid, and a check for vitamin B12 and vitamin D.




S.No Content Page No.
  Introduction ix
  How to Read This Book xv
Part I: Diabetes Is Reversable  
1 What is Diabetes? 3
2 The Body's Remarkable Power to Heal 7
3 Why It's Important to Reverse Diabetes: The Dreaded Complications 13
4 If Diabetes Can Really Be Reversed, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It? 22
Part II: Causes And Evidences  
5 The Real Causes of Diabetes 31
6 The Evidence: Scientific Studies 22
Part III: Nutrition Facts  
7 Why the Foods We Eat Are Making Us Sick 59
8 The Natural Diet for Human Beings: The Logic of Plant Foods and Whole Foods 64
9 Nutrition Facts 84
Part IV: Dietary Changes And Challenges  
10 Dairy 107
11 Meat, Fish. Chicken, Eggs 119
12 Oil, Ghee and Other Fats 130
13 Sugar 139
14 Refined and Processed Foods 143
15 Tea and Coffee 148
16 Hormone Distuptors 152
17 Alcohal, Smoking, Drugs 155
18 How to Sustain This Lifestyle: Overcoming the Challenges 158
Part V: Practical Process  
19 Settings Goals 175
20 Preparing the Kitchen 178
21 Planning a Menu 182
22 Cooking Techniques and Sample Recipes 187
23 Handlings Stress 227
24 Exercise 236
25 Winning Social Support 240
Part VI: Medical Considerations  
26 Laboratory Tests 249
27 Regular Glucometer Checks 254
28 Reducing Medications 258
29 Associated Disease and Meditations 266
30 Troubelshooting 270
  Epilogue 279
  Acknowledge 283
  Note 285
  Sharan and how we can Support You 289
  A Note on the Author 299
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