Sai The Age of Cosmic Family

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Author: Sudarshan
Publisher: Lotus Press, New Delhi
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 819019125X
Pages: 167
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Sai is the divine boat who ferries his disciples as travellers across the ocean of life to the shore of bliss. He is the Ultimate Truth pervading in every being, who is a sea of kindness, the highest bliss and who is the ultimate destination.. he is the compassionate one, the cosmic consciousness in all beings, the seat of Supreme Knowledge, who, as the sustainer of the universe, pervades it.

There is no doubt that Sai is the Supreme Spirit and Divine Energy who descended on earth with a mission to perform, the wonders of which are etched in all hearts fro posterity. He is the sustainer of the universe, and a personification of the highest renunciation.

During his early years, his activities were centred around those who were with him, and focused on social obligations. The people benefited largely, and this led to the development and spread of Sai faith in a big way all over the world. The main benefit though was the unification of dharma and religion. Of the Hindu faith and the Islam faith within themselves, and of the purification and refinement of both, thus building up a common flame of unity. And Sai showed himself as all pervading, as Atman or Soul of all.

Sai stressed upon the importance of birth as a human being. It was not merely living a mundane existence that distinguished a human from other beings, for did not animals and plants also live and breathe? Man was designed for higher purposes, and for him to evolve to higher and higher planes till he reached the one with It. Being emancipated, he had to be fearless, free and everlasting. To have this awareness itself was the fulfilment of this birth.

Sai also emphasized the importance of devotion to and faith in one's guru. Single-minded meditation on the guru transformed one into speechless silence, leaving nothing separate from him, but being merged into him. By virtue of his loving devotion, a devotee would never brag about his knowledge, but offer his body, mind and wealth at his guru's feet, i.e., surrender his all to him.

Endowed with divine powers, Sai could leave his body at will and return to it at the appropriate time. He could weave out miraculous deeds not with any intention of showing his prowess, but to inculcate faith in his disciples, so that they could awake from ignorance and realize their Self. He averted accidents, cured diseases, predicted happenings of the future, bestowed grace on whoever came to him for his Darshan, explained passages from the Gita which he had never read, and took part in all celebrations, irrespective of class and creed.

Baba took human form to do good to others, and when his mission was achieved, merged in the end, into the unmanifest.

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Sai (Infinity) who took human forming this world with a definite purpose a mission to fulfil, so that his love and light may be assimilated by all. In his quiet, unassuming way, he taught the principles of universe as one cosmic family, which human beings wanted to see as " universe as a family" prescribing both by example and precept valuable remedies for spiritual unification. His life and teachings embodied the most forcible exposition of the underlying unity of all communities and creeds of the world.

Written by an ardent Sai devotee, this book delves deep into the details of the infinite form of Sai, His miracles and divine Leelas which are preserving, protecting and sustaining the Universe. It will guide the readers to tread the path revealed path revealed by Sai to invoke his grace and blessings within our own bosom.

2Sai: The Earthly Form4-10
3The Greatness of Sai11-25
4Sai's Leelas26-82
5Sai's Bestowal of Grace83-137
6Sai's Clairvoyance138-147
7Sustainable Directions148-157
8Preachings of Mortality158-163
9Creator's Creation164-167
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