Sai Baba's 261 LEELAS: A Treasure House Of Miracles

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Book Description

Ay attempt to quantify Baba's Leelas would be height of ignorance, because the number and nature would be too large for human beings to comprehend. Presently the best published resources of Baba's Leelas are Sai Sacharitra by Hemad Pant and translation thereof by Indira Kher. Further three volumes by B.V. Narasimha Swami Ji, as also Sai Leela journal published from Shirdi are also a treasure-house of the miraculous happenings that occurred during his lifetime and thereafter. Actually, devotees have gained visions of Baba as also his blessings through prayers, after Baba's Samadhi in 1918, which have come to light in various publications.

The reader is bound to be curious as to where was the necessity of adding another book on the subject, while so many are available. The immediate answer to this query is that the writer felt a need to review and subjectively remind oneself of Baba's Leelas from time to time, in order to let the roots of 'Adhyatmik shraddha' go deep in one's consciousness. Thus there remains an urgent need to quickly refresh one's memory of Baba's Leelas as often as possible. Usually, from their earlier readings, devotees of Baba are aware of the rationale and significance of these leelas. The devotee therefore may not need to go through the commentary on Leelas time and again. In any case the regular 'parayana' of 'Sai Sacharitra' as a principle of 'Sai Bhakti' ought to be followed as often as there is a call from within.

This book therefore meets the need to glance at Baba's Leelas at one time or with short intervals without undergoing the reading of 300-900 pages. To that extent this writer's humble offering may be accepted as a book of solutions for our life's daily tests that we happen to face.


Chapter -1 SAI ' LEELAS' 1-91
(1)Hemad Pant's initial journey to Shirdi
(2)The 'CHAKKI'
(3) (i) The alias 'Hemad Pant' (Year 1910, Aged 51 yrs.)
(3) (ii) A Rohilla Pathan's louse 'Kalma'
(4)Hemad Pant gets settled
(5) Diamond on a dung-hill
(6) 'Vithal'gives 'darshan'
(7) 'Vithoba'follows in picture form
(8) Reminder for 'Naivedya'
(9) Ganga -Yamuna at His feet
(10) The underground Gurusthan
(11)The Buti-wada, from krishna Mandir to Samadhi Mandir
(12)Miracles galore with Chand Patil
(13) "Aao SAI"
(14)"A jewel on a dung-heap"
(15)Almost wrestling match; commencement of blessings
(16)Blessed water lit the lamps
(17) Jawar ali's disciple Baba
(18)Ram Navmi and 'Urs' in one festival
(19)The cradle of 'Ram Lela'
Chapter -2 SAI 'LEELAS' 20-4117
(20)The Hakim par-excellence
(21)Yogiraj would wash intestines and more
(22)A child fell into fire and saved
(23)His own body endures Devotee's ailment
(24)Nana's surprise welcome
(25)Baba,Tatya and Mhalsapati; the company
(26)Baba's local physical presence and Train timings
(27)Disobey Baba and suffer
(28)Obtain Baba's consent to depart
(29)Dangerous to leave Shirdi without permission
(30)Missed Naivedya and crossed latter's
(31)Food given to a dog and pig accepted by Baba
(32)Promise made is to be fulfilled
(33)Reminder for the promise made
(34) (i)'Tripunda' on Baba's forehead
(34) (ii)Haji Siddique's pride is shorn
(35)Baba restrains nature's elements
(36) Baba orders 'Agni' to calm down
(37)Knowingly Baba asks Mahajani to return early
(38)Dhumal not allowed to return early
(39)Mrs. Nimonkar helped for a simple wish
(40)Baba as Guru Gholapnath makes the proud Brahmin shed pride
(41)Baba as the Sri Ram for the Doctor
Chapter -3 SAI 'LEELAS' 42-5827
(42)Baba gives his grace, unconditionally
(43)A glance of kindness and His nearness cures acute Tuberculosis
(44)Ganpat Tailor feeds a dog gets cured of chronic malaria
(45)Baba waved a prohibiting finger and Cholera got cured
(46)Unbelievable diet to cure Cholera
(47)Due operation of the ear avoided
(48) Queer doses to Kaka Mahajani, Cholera cured
(49)Chronic colic pain cured with Udi
(50)Bear the 'Karma' in this lifetime
(51)Baba acknowledged receipt of Dakshina given to another saint
(52)Das Ganu: no trapping for Kirtna
(53)Saved off Sugar expense: rewarded at Shirdi
(54)Fun extraordinary; the lizard sisters meet
(55)'Brahma-gyana' Vs. Bundle of notes
(56)"Look up to me with single minded devotion"
(57)Chanting Raam-nama approved
(58)(i)Using abusive language=pigs' conduct
(58)(ii)Using pay to the toiler of work equal to the toil
Chapter -4 SAI 'LEELAS' 59-7736
(59)Isha-upnishad demonstrated to Das Ganu
(60)Contemporary Saints are on same wavelength of communication
(61)Baba's rustic allegory to nine-fold paths of devotion
(62)Balasheb Mirikar, the snake and 'Mashid-mai'
(63)Baba protects from negative prediction
(64)Amir shaker and the cure for his rheumatic pains
(65)Non-violent treat for a scorpion
(66)Snakes; to kill or not to kill?
(67)Baba orders snake poison to vanish
(68)Prohibited cart-load of wood accepted during cholera epidemic
(69) On Baba's command Bade Baba, a Muslim, refuses sacrifice but Kaka Dikshit is ready
(70)Whenever you eat something, remember Him for 'Naivedya'
(71)Baba to Anna: "what is the harm in kissing one's mother"
(72)Let the devotee Maushibai serve to her liking; no criticism
(73)A son to Damu Anna; also saved from looses in speculation
(74)Four mangoes to wife and Damu Anna fathered eight children
(75)Be with your own Guru
(76)The son is cured and mother gets Baba's loving devotion
(77)Akkalkote Maharaj and Baba; one and the same for Pitale
Chapter-5 SAI 'LEELAS' 78-9949
(78)Suicide? No. Books given to one who deserves
(79)Baba was all praise for Vishnu Sahastranama
(80)'Lokmanya' Tilak's Geeta "beneficial" to jog
(81)The really learned ones were quiet in Baba's presence. Mrs. Khaparde's offering of food relished
(82)Lakhmichand realises repeatedly that Baba is in each one's heart
(83)Faith in Baba was reconfirmed as to Baba being within his heart
(84)Sai Shankar to Megha (Year 1910)
(85)Khandoba temple opens up for Megha
(86)Godavari water poured over Baba's head on Makar-Sankranti
(87)A vision that was true for Megha
(88)The singers of Madras, devoted wife, but the husband's conduct corrected by a dream
(89)Babu Tendulkar passes Medical entrance tests
(90)Pension granted as per family needs
(91)(Dr.) Caption hate and his offering of 'Vaal Papadi'
(92)Height of omnipresence
(93)Baba blessed the deserving one
(94)Madhavrao visits Saptashringi temple; like killing two birds with a single stone
(95)Knowing the mind of Kushal Bhau
(96)Baba calls a would-be devotee in a dream
(97)Sanyasi Vijayanand was destined for demise in two weeks instead of visit to Himalayas
(98)Baba was at Shirdi and yet at Machendargad
(99)A mystery; a peasant spares his Ticket for Mankar
Chapter -6 SAI 'LEELAS' 100-121 62
(100)The Tiger dies in presence of Sai, in a strange manner
(101)The disciple Sai hung upside down in a well
(102)Baba does not allow unnecessary fasting for His sake
(103)"Don't waste your precious life for material bite
(104)'Udi' from incense stick cures scorpion bite
(105)Symbolic pinch of dust equals effect of Udi at Nana Chandokar's hand
(106)A Tonga with a liveried peon- driver materialises from nowhere and vanishes into nowhere
(107)After 'Nirvana' Baba blesses Barayan Rao out of his ailments
(108)Four years ago Appa Saheb bowed before Baba's picture and Baba knew
(109)Baba helps Appa to keep his promise
(110)Divine Communication between saints
(111)Udi cure for an incurable bone ulcer
(112)Doctor's waverin faith restored by a challenge in the dream
<113>Baba's crow came and pecked at the abscesses to render cure from guinea worms
(114)Bapaji's wife brought back from jaws of plague
(115)Iranian's daughter cured from sickness of 'fits"
(116)Kidney Stone washed away
(117)The pregnant lady delivers and cured of pains by 'Udi'
(118)"Pull down that wall of 'Teli', the feeble wall of separateness between you and me
(119)Same grapes, with seeds and without seeds, prove a prove a point to Dharmsi Thakkar
(120)The nightmare vanishes
(121)On Patil's 'Shraadha' the invitees were many more than the food
Chapter -7 SAI 'LEELAS' 122-14279
(122) Balaji serves the Cobra a 'vati' of milk
(123) Baba accepts 'Dakshina' that was resolved but not given
(124) Long journey of above two -cotravellers from Ghats and Goa to Shirdi
(125) Shama threatens Baba that Mrs. Aurangabadkar be given a son, or else
(126) Baba's hand in a pot of boiling food, to stir well
(127) Mild punishment for avoiding a religious practice
(128 ) Baba explains Sanskrit verse from Geeta in scholarly detail
(129) Buti Saheb gets the command to build the 'Wada' that became His ultimate resting place
(130) Baba visits Balashaheb Deo in the garb of another Sanyasim
(131) Hemad pant plays host to Baba
(132) Sai's picture: the only one escaped from being diumped into the sea
(133) Hindrance in comprehending 'Gyaneshwari' removed for Deo
(134) An earlier 'Dussehra' day of Baba in 1916
(135) Tatya stayed on though' Baba's foresight told otherwise; actually Baba departed
(136) Food served to the hungry, man or animal, is received by Baba
(137) Baba's choice of Samadhi Mandir as his abode to bless his devotees for times to come
(138) Baba instructed after his demise that 'Kakad arti' be done
(139) Baba goes into 'Nirvikalpa Samadhi' in 1886
(140) Shama gets a gift as prompted by Baba in a dream
(141) Baba, his sleeping plank and some advice
(142) Baba (in the picture) was at Kashi and Shama got all the comforts
Chapter -8 SAI 'LEELAS' 142-16179
(143) Baba was acquainted with the two goats from their previous birth
(144) The frog (Chenbasappa, a man in earlier birth) saved from jaws of a snake
(145) Sapatnekar gets three sons
(146) Story of the coconut meant for Baba but consumed on way by devotees (year-1908)
(147) "Hari-ka-beta, jari-ka -pheta!" Cried aloud for shoes lost and found
(148) The doubting Swami set right
(149) Let the eyes behold beauty but restrain body from following base instincts
(150) Kakasahib dixit drawn to Baba's pious fold
(151) Kakasahib; the beginning and the end
(152) A puff from the sacred 'chillum' and asthama is gone for life (April, 1912)
(153) Nana's Tonga overturned but Baba blew the conch-shell at Shirdi
(154) Kasshinath Govind Upasani Maharaj stayed at Shirdi for 3 years and not 4 as desired (Arrived, June 27, 1911; Left Shirdi, July 15, 1914 )
(155) Khaparde, his diary and Baba's benign smile
(156) Baba forces Purandhareto get a house of his own
(157) Purandhare's daughter cured of fever on day one at Shirdi
(158) Baba appears at Bandra to advise treatment for Purandhare's wife
(159) Baba forbids Purandhare from coming to Shirdi
(160) Purandhare would cry for Baba and He would console him
(161) Dried up creepers come alive for love of Baba's devotee
Chapter -9 SAI 'LEELAS' 162-179115
(162) Purandhare is to Baba like a child in mother's lap
(163) Timely relief to Rangari family
(164) Nachne forewarned about an attack by a mad man
(165) Baba wanted to save a life but Allah willed otherwise and Baba reconciled
(`166) The Sadhu who asked for 'Bhendi Baji'
(167) SBN visits Shirdi and experiences that Baba know what happened elsewhere
(168) Baba was in the guise of the 'sadhu' who wanted 'Bhendi baji'
(169) A loud call to SAI and the tiger in the jungle spares the travelers
(170) Baba : "Whatever you undertake to do, do it thoroughly"
(171) The illustrious Kaluram S/o Santaram
(172) Kindness to Santaram after 1918
(173) The child and the burning firecracker
(174) Fell from roof, Baba held him
(175 ) The children saved from poisonous mistake
(176 ) A child swallowed the ring
(177) Baba: "Why did you say 24 hours, why not immediately"
(178) Santaram prays and Baba saves someone else's child
(179) Prayer helps redemption from sin
Chapter -10 SAI 'LEELAS' 180-203125
(180) Chitnis dismissed but was reinstated
(181) Nachne, an 'Ankita' (favored child) of Baba
(182) Baba gives mangoes for Rasane's wife; blessed with children
(183) Nose ring was stolen, however Damia got peace of mind
(184) Baba saves Damia from loss in speculation
(185) Tarkhads visit Shirdi after Nalini gains good health
(186) Mrs. Tarkhad and the Snake in the dark
(187) Mrs. Tarkhad has to eat 'peda' from a leper devotee
(188) Tarkhads' servant treated with heated leaves
(189) Baba's eyes start watering instead of Smt/ Tarkhad
(190) She takes bath in Godavari and persisting headache is gone
(191) Mr.Tarkhad, the discharged mill manager gets his job back
(192) Unconscious Mrs. Tarkhad treats herself. Her sentiments for Baba
(193) Justice Rege accepted into Baba's embrace
(194) Sai 'nama-japa' approved by Baba
(195) Books, if read inappropriately may lead to 'Brahma' (delusion) instead of Brahma
(196) Baba miraculously helps Judge Avaste in finishing his work
(197) Baba is kind to the crazy man
(198) Prasada and the lesson go together to Justice Rege
(199) Baba says it with flowers
(200) Baba accepts Rege's present; asks, "Do I not look nice in this?"
(201) Baba grants Rege's request to be with him in this birth and in future too
(202) Baba puts Rege's child to peace after the infant's demise
(203) Dakshina asked from Rege and Chandorkar as a lesson in humility
Chapter -11 SAI 'LEELAS' 204-226141
(204) Rohilla pathan ready to kill Baba bur rendered penitent and leaves Shirdi
(205) Baba was one with other Saints and vice-versa
(206) Rao bhadur Dhumal taken care of by Baba
(207) Baba assures 'Sadgati' (peace to the soul) of the demised ones
(208) Dhumal gets professional backup from Baba ass a pleader
(209) Dhimal's office work gets done without his knowledge
(210) Dhumal not permitted to leave for Bilayat (U.K)
(211) Baba was seen alongside by Dhumal before the operation
(212) Dhumal detained by Baba; the reason was valid
(213) Chef of Surgana State gives Dhumal an increment
(214) Baba blesses a painting for Dhumalv
(215) Baba gives blessed coins (69 in all)
(216) Rao Bahadur Sathe blessed with a son at the age Fifty
(217) Baba's congregational 'puja' commences
(218) Baba for Megha: "This was my true devotee"
(229) Sathe's Pension dues were passed the same day as of his Dakshina
(220) Sathe saved from a fall into immorality
(221) Baba stops an act of cruelty to the wife
(222) Sathe's ego and partisan behavior not allowed to flourish
(223) Baba to Prof. Narke: "Arre Narke! I am not mad"
(224) Buti 'Wada' got built up in 1918 and Sansthan formed 1920
(225) Baba appreciates Narke to be "Hushiar" (i.e. clever) in understanding His nature
(226) Prof. Narke's study and observation on Baba nature
Chapter -12 SAI 'LEELAS' 227-261155
(227) Mrs. Curtis w/o The Revenue Commissioner (Sir C.S. Curtis) misses Baba's blessings for desired child
(228) Prof. Narke, the intellectual is left a step behind
(229) Mr. Toser of Customs alias Swami Narayana Ashram (after ' Sanyas') said Baba referred to other saints as Brothers
(230) Baba converts a 'Tantric' to devotee
(231) Kusa Bhau granted 'varam' (boon of mystical power) to produce and give 'Udi' (sacred ash ) from Dhuni (sacred fire) at Shirdi
(232) Baba places His palm on devotee's head to grant him ecstatic happiness
(233) Rao Bahadur Pradhan and multiple pulls from Baba to gain faith
(234) Pradhan's mother was sick, as intimated earlier by Baba
(235) (i) The act of obtaining permission cures Chandorkar of alternate-day fever
(235) (ii) Baba predicts birth of child named Babu by Him
(236) Baba's control on natural phenomena
(237) Baba stops Pradhan's fasting and asks him to attend child Babu's first birthday
(238) Baba indicates approval of faith in his 'padukas' (sandals)
(239) Huge Dakshina by Pradhan to Baba and much bigger boons follow in life
(240) Miracles galore for Pradhan's family and their priest Madhav Bhai
(241) Baba, a Hindu or a Muslim or a fusion of both
(242) Imam Bhai Chote Khan is rescued from troubles and gets a 'Gulab'
(243) Chote Khan reprimanded for leaving Shirdi without 'Udi'
(244) Chote Khan gets monetary help for gulab's marriage
(245) Baba intimates in advance his physical demise to 'faqirs' Shamsuddin and Banne Mian
(246) The Risaldar did not take permission to leave Shirdi
(247) Faquiri was flung at Abdul Khader and then retracted on request
(248) Baba would occasionally pronounce Namaz as also interact with Muslims
(249) Nana gives phrase from 'quran' as also the incumbent goes to Hajj
(250) A Rohilla 'pathan' became crazy trying to probe Baba's confidentiality
(251) Qazi got a treasure on digging up on Baba's bidding
(252) Faqir Maddu Shah loses Rs. 200 out of Rs. 700 given and Baba reimburses from another resource
(253) Baba guides a Muslim from Lazur to the wealth but does not interfere with destiny later on
(254) Abdul Baba, a very dear Muslim devotee served Baba for 64 years
(255) At Nanda Deepam, Baba would pour out water in different directions
(256) Baba prophesised that British Empire would last in India up to the 9th Ruler
(257) Baba gave blessing under pretext of beating up both Abdul and Jog
(258) Baba put His hand on Rajab Ali's head to strengthen his Imaan
(259) Adam Dalali was mostly after material benefits and he did get them
(260) Adam Dalali could not recognize Baba since he appeared as a Marwadi
(261) B.V Dev's subordinate disregards Baba's advice and suffers agony

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