Salient Features of Indian Astrology

Salient Features of Indian Astrology

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Author: Prof. U.C.Mahajan
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788122309935
Pages: 147
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

Humans are always curious a out their future. Astrology is one such time-tested science that throws light on one's past and also predicts that unseen future which is clearly visible to those who correctly understand the various centuries-old interpretations. We may err but Astrology never goes wrong.

• What does the Sun in the first house signify?
• Why is Jupiter in Aries benefic?
• What is meant by 'malefic' aspects?
• When will I get married?
• Why should I wear an emerald?
• Why do I suffer from recurring eye troubles?

Find the answers to these and more, for it is all there in our respective horoscopes.

This book provides a simple yet comprehensive approach to the study of the stars and planets, their placements, good and bad implications, and suggested remedies. The author further claims that doctors to have started acknowledging the efficacy of healing through astrological charts.

Go ahead. Cast your horoscope and find out what the stars have in store for you--in the present as well as in the future.

About the Author

U.c. Mahajan was born at Sujanpur Tira (H.P.) in 1930. He retired as Principal, Government College, Hamirpur(H.P.) in 1988. His interest in Astrology began when he came across old Urdu editions of Lal Kitab. Since then, he has mastered the finest nuances of these books and other ancient texis. His other books on Astrology, Lal Kitab and Horoscope Reading Made Easy, published by Pustak Mahal have been widely acclaimed.

This, his third book, written in a lucid and easy-to-understand style, is a comprehensive text on Astrology as well as being practically an astrological ready reckoner. No student or practitioner of Astrology can afford to be without this unique and indispensable book.


Let me confess that till 1996, I was a novice and knew nothing about the fundamentals of Astrology. I requested some of the astrologers of the town to teach me the basics of Hindu Predictive Astrology, but to my utter dismay, they all dissuaded me from venturing into the field which had given nightmares to even the greatest of astrologers. But I remained undaunted and kept on reading books on this 'Ancient Science of Prediction' in Urdu, English and Hindi. Today, after a lapse of about ten years, I can claim to have 'some', if not 'complete' knowledge of the subject.

I know that none except God is infallible; but an astrologer who is imbued with a love for this science and welfare of human beings at heart, can relieve the sufferings of the people with certain astrological remedies. Today, even the doctors, who were earlier sceptical about the efficacy of such remedies, heal their patients with astrological charts. Let me reiterate that I have cured many patients with these remedies; even doctors will vouch for my assertions.

My aim in writing this series is to apprise the people of the finest nuances of astrology and to prove that it is not 'humbug' or 'hoaxology', as vociferously suggested by certain people who claim that they are out to destroy such 'false myths' and 'superstitions'. Let me confidently say that astrology is a time- tested science. It is the most precious heritage of ours. We may err, but astrology never goes wrong. The fault, dear Brutus, lies in us, and not in this "Science of Gods".

Let me pay my homage to my revered parents Late Shrimati Maya Devi and Lala Ghamir Chand Kaistha {of Mohalla Porian, Sujanpur Tira, Distt. Hamirpur (H.P.)}. They are blessing me from heavens. I still have my ancestral house in Himachal Pradesh. Let me also express my love to my wife Sudarshan Mahajan and my children Rajiv, Sanjeev and Sandeep, their spouses Nirupma, Manisha and Shivali and my grandchildren Karan, Neha, Apoorva, Akshit and Arsh, my brothers, friends and well-wishers.

I also take this opportunity of expressing my thanks to my publishers - Mis Pustak Mahal, Daryaganj, New Delhi, and its team of professionals associated with production for publishing my books on astrology. Suggestions will be thankfully acknowledged and incorporated in the next edition.


Indian Astrology
Chapter 1What is Astrology and What are its Advantages9
Chapter 2Horoscope or Birth Chart12
Chapter 3Planets18
Chapter 4Houses25
Individual Planets
Chapter 5Sun (Surya)35
Chapter 6Jupiter (Guru)38
Chapter 7Moon (Chandra)41
Chapter 8Mars (Mangal) (Exalted and Malefic)44
Chapter 9Venus (Shukra)47
Chapter 10Saturn (Shani)50
Chapter 11Mercury (Budh)53
Chapter 12Rahu55
Chapter 13Ketu58
Planets In Raashis
Chapter 14Sun (Surya)63
Chapter 15Jupiter (Guru)65
Chapter 16Moon (Chandra)68
Chapter 17Venus (Shukra)71
Chapter 18Mars (Mangal)74
Chapter 19Mercury (Budh)77
Chapter 20Saturn (Shani)80
Chapter 21Rahu83
Chapter 22Ketu86
Chapter 23How to Read a Birth Chart89
Chapter 24Debilitating or Inauspicious Planets91
Chapter 25Important Lessons93
Chapter 26Mahadasha Calculation96
Chapter 27Varsh Phal.112
Chapter 28Diseases Caused by Malefic Planets123
Chapter 29Some Prominent Yogas129
Chapter 30Gems and Procious Stones135
Chapter 31Overview and Charts for Quick Reading141
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