Saptvaar Vrata Katha Story of Seven Days Fast/Weekly Fast Stories (All Seven Days) In English and Hindi with Aarti

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Author: Pd Prem Shanker Shuklajiand Translated by Tarun Mamgain
Publisher: Shivam Publications
ISBN: 9789380056258
Pages: 96
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
Method of Sunday Fast

Fast of Sunday is superior for fulfilling all the heartiest wishes. The method of this fast is as follows: - In the morning after taking your bath wear new clean cloths. Remember god with calm mind. Food should not be eaten more than one time. It is proper that food and fruits should be taken till the sun rays are present. If sun sets while you are fasting then next day when the sun rises take your meal after offering Arghya to Sun. At the end of the fast story (religious discourse) should be listened. On the day of fast do not eat salty and oily food. By performing this fast glory respect increases and enemies are destroyed. All the pains except eye pain are allayed.


Sunday Fast Story

There was an old lady it was her practice that on every Sunday she took her bath early in the morning smeared her house with cow dung and after preparing food offered it to the god and only after it she took her meal. By fasting like this her house was filled with various kinds of wealth and riches. By the blessings of Shri Hari, there was not any kind of hindrance and suffering in the house. Joy resided in her house by all means. In this way after passing some days her one neighbour whose cow dung that old lady used to bring, began to think that, that old lady always takes the dong of my cow. Therefore she started to tie her cow inside her house. Due to lack of dung on Sunday the old lady could not smear her house. Therefore she did not prepare food did not offer food to God and also did not eat herself. In this way she performed fast remaining hungey. At night she slept hungry. In the night God appeared in her dream and asked her the reason of not preparing and not offering food. Old lady told the reason of not finding the dung. Then god said that mother I will give you such a cow through which all desires are fulfilled because you always on Sunday smear your house with cow dung prepare the food and offers to me and then eat it. Being happy by this I grant a boon to you. By granting riches to poor and granting son to Banjh ladies allay the sufferings and at last give them salvation. God vanished after granting such boon in her dream and when the old lady opened her eyes she saw a calf and a beautiful cow were tied in the courtyard. She became very happy to see them and tied them outside the house and also gave some provender to eat. When her neighbour old lady saw a calf and a beautiful cow outside the house then due to malice her heart burnt and when she saw that the cow had done golden dung then she took the dung of that cow and placed her cow’s dung at the place. She used to do always like this and let not the innocent old lady know about it. Then almighty god thought that due to the deeds of neighbour that old lady is being cheated. In the evening God created heavy storm through his illusive power. Due to fear of storm old lady tied her cow inside the house. In the morning when the old lady saw the cow had done golden dung then her astonishment knew no bounds and she daily began to tie the cow inside the house. On the other side the neighbour saw that the old lady has began to tied the cow inside the house for which she as unable to lift the golden dung she got burnt due to malice and envy and finding no solution of it the neighbour went in the court of the king of that country and said O king! A lady of my neighbour has such a cow which should be with king like you. She daily produces dung of gold. You nourish the subject with that gold. What will that old lady do with the gold? Hearing this the king send his emissaries to the house of the lady to bring the cow. The old lady after offering food to God was just to take the food herself, the emissaries of the king untied the cow and took it away. The old lady raised a hue and cry but what could any body say in front of the workers. That day the old lady could not take her food and weeping through out that night prayed to god for achieving the cow again. On other side king felt very happy to see that cow but when in the morning he awoke the whole palace was seen full with dung. King became very perplexed to see this. At night God said in his dream O King! Returning the cow to that lady is beneficial to you. I presented that cow to her by pleasing with her Sunday fasts. At sun rise with respect and plenty of money the king return back the cow and calf to that old lady. Calling her wicked neighbour punished her properly. By doing this filth of the palace was turned off. From the same day the king ordered his subjects to perform Sunday fast to get fulfilled all the wishes of the kingdom and their own. Performing Sunday fast people of the kingdom began to live happy life. No illness or natural calamity came on that kingdom. The entire subject remained happily.


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