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Soul Searchers: The Art of Breathing (Kundalni, Tibetan Reiki, Aura, Pranayama Crystal, Marma Gyana, Mudras, Asanas)

Item Code: NAF496
Author: Sri Rudrabhayananda
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788131909133
Pages: 364 (33 B/W 23 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Working on the metaphysical level is a fascinating experience. It is a unique approach that allows individuals to tap their inner potential and power without any external aids. In order to hoe; remove the physical and mental trauma and leading a person from the darkness of the material world to the fascinating world of kundalini shakti the author had added few simple techniques like:

• The hidden power through the practice of visualization and breathing
• Multiple techniques of meditation through visualization each distinct from the other.
• Disclosing the facts of Kundalini and the 109 major and minor chakras • Reiki basics to mastership: Disclosing the Tibetan technique of attune mentor for Reiki
• Disclosing multiple meditation techniques for Reiki.
• Yogic kriyas and Mudra Vigyan: Disclosing the secrets behind it
• Aura: the crucial connection between healing and spirituality.
• Crystal: the powerhouse of healing and spiritual upliftment
• Process and awakening of kundalini through visualization


Sri Rudrabhayananda

The Author of the book is a post graduate, trained in Tibetan and Indian Tantra apart from possessing a post diploma in Homeopathy and a degree in Alterative Medicines. He has been awarded for his contribution of people in various occult and mystical sciences of India.



Currently there is a great interest among the people of the society towards the Sciences of the East. This interest has led to the re-discovery of many of the spiritual science like Reiki, Shiastu, Marma Gyana, Crystal therapy etc. During my quest for knowing the reasons for physical sufferings, agony in life, I had met many spiritual gurus and Saints who were kind enough to guide me. As a result, I discovered the Art of Breathing and Visualization, for cleansing the body and the soul I have been trained in the Indian and Tibetan Tantric tradition as well as the newly discovered spiritual sciences like Reiki, Acupressure, Pranic etc.

The knowledge led me to discover various Visual techniques which were taught to the Reiki, Vajra Reiki channels. It was their demand that I should write a book which amalgamates Reiki, Crystal therapy, Pranayama and Marma Gyana and the various other techniques taught by me.

In City life people have little time for Meditating and this leads to various ailments both physical and emotional. It was always an endeavour of mine to teach in simple language and techniques which could be practiced without much physical efforts.

This book is the result of the demand of Reiki channels and my close friends and it is useful book for both and experienced spiritually inclined people.

Though this book, I tried to cover most of the topics which was otherwise possible only by going though many books and methods. It is human nature to know more about mystic would but has no time to go through many scriptures and methods, but if it is covered in one book, the desire to know the techniques etc. increase. This book is the result of comprehensive study done by me with the blessings of may Guru and Reiki channels.

For the first time Visualisation techniques have been covered elaborately and the method of awakening the Kundalini by which the human beings can help themselves and to be good health and live in harmony.

Furthermore I would be grateful, If readers could provide their valuable suggestions for the enhancement of the book, The readers can write to the following address.



Socrates said “Knowledge is Power” Information Technology scientists say ‘Knowledge is Growth”. Nature has been a vast reservoir of knowledge which was open to common knowledge that the Nature unfolds true sciences of life.

This book “Soul Searchers-The Art of Breathing” covers a wide area of knowledge ranging from Dhyana to Kundalini awakening. Asanas to Pranayama. The young author Shri R. VenuGopalan has explained in simple language techniques it gain health and prosperity through the process of awakening the kundalini though reiki energy, Crystal therapy, Aura healing and viewing.

I am happy to observe that the author has scientifically explained each process of technique in simple and lucid manner making it comprehensible to the common man.

This is a tremendous successful effort of a young mind.

I commend this book to the readers and with the author. All the Best for the maiden endeavour.



In the ancient period man was more advanced than what he is now. In today's world we say that the science has made tremendous advancement, but the fact remains that the discoveries and inventions are nothing but a small percentage of the advancement made by the man in the Vedic age. Development of man in the Vedic age was not limited to just physical development but also mental and spiritual development. This all round development helped the man to achieve his desired goal.

This process of spiritual development was not just limited to India but it spread all over the world and more and more research was done to perfect this art of spiritual uplifunent.

This art of spiritual upliftment was adopted by saints and spiritual gurus like Jesus Christ, Hui Yan Ching, Gautam the Buddha, Shirdi Sai Baba and others. Many of the mystic art was for the benefit of the body as well as soul. Performance of this mystical art was transferred to a few selected followers only. That is the reason why many of the mystic art forms were not known to world.

One of such mystical art is "The Vajra". Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning , Thunder " which in turn means mystical, universal force of strength which is undefiable. Vajra is one of the oldest techniques available for the development of the body and soul. The uniqueness of this technique is that it uses the forces which are inherent in the body coupled with the energy of the nature to tap the power of universe. People in Egypt, Mesopotamia have the history of using this art and many theories were also put forward on the construction of the Pyramid based on this science. This science is pure in nature and allows people to get connected with the natural forces in the most subtle manner possible. Telekinetic energy is a part of Vajra, Vajra has been used by different religion around the world under different names. In China this science developed through the Martial arts and Chi energisation. In India the same was used for the development of the mystical energy points located at the back of the spine and named "Kundalini Shakti". Many of the concepts of this science have been explained in the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Patanjali s Yoga Sutra and Valmiki's Yoga Vashishta, Chandodaya Upanishad, Kundalini Upanishad, Keno Upanishad, Prasna Upanishad, Bhagavatam and Shiva Mahapurana, Shiva Sutra, Linga Purana. It is a fact that this science is in sutra format which can be explained in many ways and it is only the true seekers who can find the essence of this science. This science is so vast that it covers within itself the whole gamut of other sciences.

Meditation is union with inner self which helps in expanding our consciousness and mingle with infinite source of light and wisdom. It is thus discovering oneself in totality. Many people think that meditation make a person introvert and uninterested in their worldly affairs. It is not so, if one balances his activities, he will find the meditation and worldly affairs. Compliment and enrich each other.

There are many theories on meditation, the how's and what's of which have been clearly explained the Vedas and in other great scriptures.

India has been exceptionally gifted not only with great sages, saints arid rishis but also with great Vedas and Upanishads. Meditation has been practiced by different people in different forms like Tantric, Aghorees, Sufis etc. Each method is different and has its own process. It has been my endeavour to bring different types of meditational process in simple way. The reader can select any of the method of dhyana and achieve success. I have not described any traditional dhyana under any headings such as Tantric, Mantric Sufis etc as certain people have preconceived notions about these traditional dhyanas and they may not like to go through the process.

Meditation is good if done in the early morning as the mind is free from all tensions earlier and to derive the best results of meditation.

According to the scriptures it is said that the best time for doing dhyana is the "Brahma muhurat". It is because utter silence prevails in the atmosphere and has great influence on the radiation of the moon on the surface.

I have tried to bring this book under different major headings such as Meditation, Aura, Crystal, Mudra Vigyan, Marma Gyana, Asana etc and Beginners, Advanced and Kundalini Yoga under sub headings.

A person who start the process of meditation should start with beginners level as this will enhance the body's capacity to withstand the energy and to control the mind. Advanced meditation process helps the mediator to get mastery over this level by which he could free himself from material requirements and find solace in soul searching process. This stage should be attempted only after gaining good control over one of the techniques given in the beginner levels.

In the third part I have tried to explain about Kundalini Yoga, the method of awakening the sleeping serpant in two sections one which explains the theoretical aspect of the Kundalini Dhyana and second part explains the various meditations which allow the Sadhaka to raise the kundalini energy from the Mooladhara chakra to the Sahasrar Chakra.

I have tried to explain in simple language some exercises which are easy to follow and to increase the knowledge about oneself. Meditation and its practice as described in the book is necessary to develop the mind to achieve strength to face the life in totality.

According to the Shiv Mahapurana, for deriving best results in the meditation, correct posture, good surrounding is necessary.

Select a clean and comfortable place to sit which is devoid of noises and sounds. The place should be clean and comfortable in sitting. If you are not comfortable in sitting on the floor you can either place a small cushion on the floor or otherwise you can meditate sitting on a chair.

The place where meditation is done should be free from interference of the pets.

The place used for dhyana should not be used for any other purpose. This is important as while doing dhyana our body emits certain energy and this energy spreads in and around the place where we sit for meditation. This energy also helps one to get into the levels of meditation faster and quicker.

Avoid sitting on the plain floor for meditation, as all the energy which is generated through the process of the meditation will be absorbed by the earth. In Shiv Mahapurana, Skanda Purana and Patanjali's Yoga Sutra it is said that the meditator should not sit on plain earth but should sit on the seven layer dhyana sthal, like sitting on mat made of Kusa grass or the best insulator is said to be the Tiger skin. If the sadhaka is not able to find any of these things he/she can use thick cotton mats or woollen mats which are easily available.

Sit with back erect and in a Padmasana / Siddha asana with hands in Gyan Mudra (i.e. Index finger tip touches the tip of thumb, thismudra helps in achieving dhyana easily and faster, this is explained in detail in the Mudra section). If it is not possible to sit in the above said postures, sitting in any comfortable posture would also give the same amount of benefits. The main aim of sitting in posture is to be keeping the spine erect position. It has been observed, that if a person does not sit in a correct posture and goes deep in dhyana then it is quite possible that his shoulders may stoop and may fall down.

When sitting for dhyana make sure to sit for at least 30 minutes, in the same posture without moving any part of the body. In the beginning it may be difficult but with experience it will become comfort- able.

If you like music, you can play any instrumental music which is slow and does not hamper with the flow of your process of dhyana.

Never be hasty to gain full control of senses as the mind takes its own time to open up to universal energy and slow blossoming of the heart is better than hasty blossoming as it would not be able to sustain the force and power the dhyana produces. The more a person does meditation more his body generates energy and to sustain this energy it is important that the vessel (body) should also be strong enough to bear the energy without exhaustion or pain.

Never do dhyana when you are in emotional crisis like anger grief etc as in this state you may give some auto suggestions which can create harm than good for the body and soul.




  Preface 3
1 Introduction to Meditation 13
2 Beginners Level 1
2.1 Alpha Level 22
2.2 Formless Wanderer 24
2.3 Inner Cleansing 25
2.4 More Visual Happiness 26
2.5 Self Introspection 27
2.6 Self Knowledge 28
3 Advanced Level  
3.1 Freedom From The Shackles 30
3.2 Sense of the Death 33
3.3 Sense of the Fire 36
3.4 Sense of the Void 38
3.5 Soul Torturer 40
3.6 Past Life Fantasy 43
3.7 Dance of Ecstasy 48
4 Kundalini Yoga-Theory  
4.1 Mooladhara Chakra 61
4.2 Swadhisthana Chakra 65
4.3 Manipura Chakra 67
4.4 Anahat Chakra 69
4.5 Vishuddhi Chakra 71
4.6 Ajna Chakra 73
4.7 Sahasrar Chakra 76
4.8 Important Things before awakening 80
4.9 Experience on awakening of Kundalini Shakti 82
4.10 Development of Chakres in the human body 83
4.11 Guru 86
4.12 Path to Enlightenment 90
4.13 Riddhis and Siddhis 93
4.14 Visualisation and Breathing Techniques 100
5 Kundalini Yoga-Practical  
5.1 Awaken the Giant from Sleep  
5.1.1 Colour Meditation 102
5.1.2 Kundalini Awakening -Prayer 105
5.1.3 Balancing the energies of Left and Right Nadis 110
5.1.4 Balancing the Shakti Points 121
5.1.5 Awakening the Mooladhara Chakra 130
5.1.6 Awakening the Swadhisttthana Chakra 134
5.1.7 Awakening the Manipura Chakra 138
5.1.8 Awakening the Anahat Chakra 142
5.1.9 Awakening the Vishuddhi Chakra 146
5.1.10 Awakening the Ajna Chakra 150
5.1.11 Complete Awakening of Kundalini 152
5.2 Awakening the Kundalini with the Spiritual Energy of Reiki  
5.2.1 Reiki Basics 154
5.2.2 Reiki Ideals 159
5.2.3 Attitude of Gratitude 164
5.2.4 Stages in Reiki and there importance 165
5.2.5 Reiki 1- Definition, Self Healing and Healing with others 165
5.2.6 Reiki II-Symbols and there relevance 182
5.2.7 Meditational Techniques with Reiki Sandwich Energy 191 Mirror Energy 192 Distant Healing 193 Programming the Energy 194 Healing the Dead 195 Reiki Box 198 Group Healing 200
5.2.8 Reiki III A& B Attunement Process 208 Primer for Attunement 210 Attuning 212
5.2.9 Certification  
5.2.10 Development of the Chi Energy Spot Energy Technique 235 Hum Technique 237 Carry Load Technique 238
5.2.11 Advance Techniques for Reiki Channels Healing the Past 240 Energizing the Aura 244 Practice in Partnership 245
6 Asanas  
6.1.1 Savasana 249
6.1.2 Sukhasana 250
6.1.3 Vajrasana 251
6.1.4 Siddhasana 252
6.1.5 Padmasana 254
6.1.6 Crow Bow Asana 255
6.1.7 Sarva Sukha Asana 256
6.1.8 Tratak 257
7 Pranayama  
7.1 Inner Invocation 262
7.2 Calling to the Universal Soul 263
7.3 Art of Breathing 264
7.4 Art of Breathing Advanced 265
7.5 Inner Voice 266
7.6 Energy Burst 268
8 Aura  
8.1 Definition, Development of various body in human being 270
8.2 Aura Chart 283
8.3 Exercise for Seeing Aura  
8.3.1 Flow with Me 290
8.3.2 Check Me Out 292
8.3.3 Advanced Check me out 296
8.3.4 Watch me 298
8.3.5 Watching the Inner Self 300
8.3.6 Mirror-mirror on the Well 302
9 Crystals  
9.1 Healing Process used by Atlantians 314
9.2 Choosing the Crystals 324
9.3 Cleansing the Crystals 325
9.4 Programming the Crystals 328
9.5 Meditation on Crystals  
9.5.1 Crystal Meditation 332
9.5.2 Crystal Ball Meditation 334
9.5.3 Crystal Grid Meditation 337
9.5.4 Crystal Meditation with Reiki energy 338
9.5.5 Energy Manifestation with Crystals 340
10 Marma Gyana and Mudras  
10.1 Marma Gyana 344
10.2 Mudras 356
11 Glossary 361


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