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Spiritual Management and Road to Eternity (Secrets of Beauty, Health, Youth and Liberation)

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Item Code: NAD229
Author: Dr.chan Baidjnath Misier
Publisher: New Age Books
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788178222783
Pages: 391
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 500 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
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Spiritual Management and Road to Eternity

This book integrates the various aspects of yoga and shows how to find inner strength, to establish a way of living that brings you inner peace, health, energy and happiness throughout your life. Self-realization and union with God are the threads through all the subjects in this paper, with an explanation of proper breathing, meditation and puja with easy practices. Each chapter contains profound teaching clearly described with many Vedic mantras and other holy scriptures.

There is a special accent on the pertinence of the teachings in Hinduism, civilization, culture and rituals in modern times. This work also describes the possibilities to operate more efficiently in this scientific world and has potentials to do the right things in the right manner. Thus, the book answers ideally the need for a lucid, succinct presentation of the principal aspects of Hinduism and its relevance to the apparent spiritual poverty of contemporary society.

The book expounds the role of religion and spirituality in guiding our lives. In principle, jflana yoga is our doctor for health, beauty, pleasure, rest, peace, harmony etc in fact, the visible results in life.

About the Author

was born in 1949 to parents of hidden origin in the district Knackery of Suriname in South America. The author’s devotion to reading and his search for knowledge has enabled him to ascend to a better understanding of spirituality, which enables him to write persuasively and authoritatively on religion and spirituality, philosophy based on Hinduism.


I like to acknowledge my debt to numerous good spiritual advisors in Suriname, The Netherlands and India, who through their comments, corrections, encouragement and sometimes gentle prodding, have made this publication possible. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Sudesh K. Hira, M.Sc. for his guidance and editing and to complete this work in time for publication.

Special thanks go to Dr. Premãchãrya Shãstri Ji for his incisive observations and clarification of crucial points of doctrine, and his continuous moral support; all Vedic and Yogic global teachers for their patient and thorough explanation of many difficult passages; and New Age Books without whose timely follow-up this book could never have achieved the worldwide dissemination it now enjoys.

This Veda Cosmic Science was made possible by a grant from the Foundation Ashrama the Netherlands, and the support of many global spiritual masters. The research has been jointly supervised by Professor G. Neeran, India and Professor M.K. Gautam, The Netherlands.


We need to educate the youth today about the sacred responsibility of preserving life and sharing the wealth of our global resources. This requires a new coalition of cooperation among the world’s religions. A better understanding of the universe, about our lives, our own faith and religion is necessary because a comparison of different religions will bring out some common factors as well as some differences, both of which are essential. The common points help us to come to a better, a deeper understanding about our own religion. The differences bring out the borders of our religion and comparisons of the capacity of our own religion vis-à-vis the others. Difference keeps our interests. Differences are complementary, they make us complete. It means that we have something to learn from those who are different from ourselves. People of all nationalities need to go beyond the external, and into the inner self to discover and establish everlasting peace based on a complete and holistic knowledge of spirituality.

This book Spiritual Management and Road to Eternity explores alternate secrets of Cosmic Science. We find discussions on the field of Jnana Yoga or wisdom, the beauty of our nature and creation, sacrifice, physiology of breathing and its effect on the mind and emotions. It further goes to evaluate, on the bases of authoritative Sanskrit texts (the Vedas); the Ocean of Science, the creation, dissolution and salvation of the universe. It suggests many practical methods that help in harmonizing the two kinds of energies in our body and in the cosmos in the achievement of mental and physical balance. There are chapters which deal with Yogic and Tantrum meditations guiding the way to good health, a calm mind and controlling emotions. The roads to perfection are via concentration and meditation. These are paths for learning and teaching too. Concentration is the key factor for the student. Fix the mind on one object either within or outside the body. Steadily keep it there for some time. Purify the mind first through the practice of right conduct and then take to the practice of concentration. Concentration without purity of mind is of no avail. There are some occultists who have acquired the art of concentration but lack good character. That is the reason why they do not make any progress in the spirituality.

Ethical perfection is a matter of paramount importance. A scientist concentrates his mind on making new inventions. Through concentration he opens the layers of the gross mind and penetrates deep into the higher regions of the mind to gain deeper understanding. He concentrates all the energies of his mind into one field and focuses on the materials he is analyzing to gain insight of their potentials. One has to tread on the spiritual path step by step, stage by stage. There are no shortcuts. Lay the foundation of right conduct, postures, regulation of breath and abstraction to start with. Only then will the superstructure of concentration and meditation be successful. It is very difficult to practice concentration when one is hungry or when one is suffering. We need to work and solve problems on several fields in several parts of the world.

Today, we possess sufficient economic, cultural and spiritual resources to introduce better global order, but old and new ethnic, national, social, economic, and religious tensions threaten and inhibit the peaceful building of a better world.

We have experienced greater technological progress4han ever before, yet we see that worldwide poverty, hunger, death of children, unemployment, misery, and the destruction of nature are on the increase. Many peoples are threatened with economic ruin, social disarray, political marginalization, ecological catastrophe and moral collapse. A decade later, the situation has grown worse.

Holy sacrifice or Püjã and meditation (Yoga) are royal roads to the attainment of salvation or Moka. Besides this, it’s maintaining of the entire universe. These methods are so- called ‘aircrafts’ that help the aspirant to soar high in the realms of eternal bliss and everlasting peace. It is a mysterious ladder that connects earth and heaven and takes the aspirant to the immortal abode of Brahma. Meditation is the continuous flow of one thought of God or Atmã, like the continuous flow of oil from one vessel to another. Meditation follows concentration.

If you have contentment, cheerfulness, patience, unruffled state of mind, sweet voice, one-pointed ness of mind, light body, fearlessness, desirelessness, disgust for worldly things, consider it that you are advancing in the spiritual path and that you are nearing God. All desires and cravings slowly melt away. The intellect ceases to function.

You will be very close to the source, Atmã or Soul. You will enjoy the waves of bliss and peace. All sensual objects will have no attraction for you now. The world will appear to you as a long dream.Jnana will dawn in you by constant and deep meditation. The body-idea will vanish. You will realise the significance of the Mahavakya, ‘Tat Tvam Asi.”

Finally we can proclaim that the Sarnpurnãnandã Sanskrit University (Varanasi, India) and the European University of West and East (The Netherlands) highly praised the author, Dr. C. Baidjnath Misier, and can declare this as a well-received book. We find here a clear sample of the core part of the identity which is the fruit in this book, even the author is a Non-Resident Indian (NRI). It is not important how a tree grows; the taste of the fruit is the character of the heritage. The deeper you search the roots the more you find and disclose the secrets of a culture. People are born and die in a culture.

Each chapter contains profound teachings clearly described with many Vedic mantras and other holy scriptures. Amenability to living ideas concerning spirituality is certainly needed in a society where modern science is developing very fast. The author places special accent on the pertinence of the teachings in Hinduism, viz. civilization, culture and rituals in modern time. This work also describes the possibilities of operating more efficiently in this scientific world and has potentials to do the right things in the right manner. Thus, the book answers ideally the need for a lucid, succinct presentation of the principal aspects of Hinduism and its relevance to the apparent spiritual poverty of contemporary society.


The Hindu way of life is robust, joyful communion, amazingly in step with the most advanced ideology of modern times, in love with life, deeply human, as well as humane, delightfully aware of the individual’s personal life needs compiled into a religion. This way of life deepens our understanding and appreciation of the Hindu religion. Besides that it also stimulates and increases our awareness to include and appreciate the truth in all religions. The chapter Understanding the Spiritual World (Ch. 2) gives an idea of the spirituality in Hinduism and its components.

The source of Hinduism is based on the knowledge of the Vedas, which are the highest authority in religious, ceremonial, and social matters. The Veda or knowledge is Cosmic Science. It contains knowledge of the cosmic universe, of all the creatures and God. It describes two paths to achieve the ultimate reality. The primarily technique that unites the seeker with the ultimate reality is puja or sacrifice (karma kanda). This is a visible interactive technique of divine ritual to purify the heart and to achieve union with God. Holy scriptures express the divine ritual as a method to keep the Lord in your heart. “As chaste women bring their gentle husbands under control by service, the pure devotees, who are equal to everyone and completely attached to the Supreme in the core of the heart, bring Him under their full control” (Bh. T. 9.4.66).

Man does not live by bread alone. Beauty and happiness are essential in life. Happiness is always present in anyone. Meditation makes one experience the happiness, whatever the circumstances. It is up to a person to draw from the source of Ananda (happiness). Mantra or hymn is also a way to become aware of that source ofAnanda in oneself. That source is also called Paramãtmã or unconditional consciousness, the kingdom of God. The Bhagavatam provides an impression of unity and how to liberate the human being from bondage. “For one who has accepted the boat of the lotus feet of the Lord, who is the shelter of the cosmic manifestation and is famous as Mukunda, or the giver of mukti, the ocean of the material world is like the water contained in a calf s footprint (Parampadam), or the place where there are no material miseries, or Vaikuntha, is his goal, not the place where there is danger in every step of life.” (BhT. 10.14.58).

The second technique is the philosophy of Brahman (jñãna kana). This knowledge or wisdom is related with yoga, jñana yoga, this borderless path requiring tremendous strength of will and intellect. The practitioner of this yoga is training his mind to search for its own nature. Jnana yoga explains the relationship between the Soul (Atmã) and the Super Soul (Paramãtmã). The Supreme Lord is so kind upon the living entity that He always accompanies, as two friends, the individual soul and in all circumstances is present as the Supersoul, or Paramãtmã (Mnd. Up. 3.1.1). However, Yoga’s, our doctor for health, beauty, pleasure, rust, peace, harmony, is the importance of awakening of the Kui4alini a potent occult energy symbolized by a serpent having three and a half coils, and sleeping with its tail in its mouth. Jnana yoga’s, the wisdom that explains the technique to achieve salvation from rebirth. This book decodes the secrets of how to enter into the world of Goddess. The four stages in liberation are Salokya, Sarupya, Samipya and Sãyujya. The destiny of the beginning (SA) or to enter the place of the demigods (loka). To be involved in the general society of the spirits or Angels and to participate in cosmic decisions. The upturn to a new identity (rüpa)! A true God’s world in which we want to develop a solid relationship with Him (mica). The last stage is in spirituality, the merge of the soul with the Super Soul (yoga) which means Mukti or salvation, the end of the birth- and death cycle. Yuja is the pipeline or light tunnel. As long we are not completely grown in spirituality, we will wander around within the creation, and will never find the way to God. Intermixing is only possible with capable management and action in the process of dissolving (body) and resolving of the soul in the Super Soul. Juliana yoga, gives the facets of this technique in cosmic outlook. This chapter explains this path, which contains everything concerning knowledge: know how, insight and wisdom. It also regards the total process of puja, yoga, language, manners, behaviors and (greeting) sign (in theory and practice). Within the process it gives techniques how to achieve sew realization through the several paths of yoga.

This book points to that essence of eternal truth that animates every great religion in the world for the sake of wellbeing and for the benefit of future generations. It is written in harmony with the findings of modern science, yet it provides them with deeper meaning according to the Vedas and other relevant scriptures of Hinduism. It also provides an understanding of Hinduism as the inner way that all souls tread, characterized by profound wisdom, discipline and devotion, and with a genuine toleration and appreciation of religious diversity that is so much needed in our world. In clear and accessible language, Jnana yoga topics covered include: important reading which is prepared to take on a new view of reality and your own nature. This is the inner beauty which is sweet like honey for every creature in nature, the spiritual universe.


Jnana yoga in cosmic perspective

We must often check the oil meter of a car to ensure it’s smooth functioning. Similarly we must often think in which direction the material and immaterial world develop within the current situation. We know that we are damaging the environment; the hole in the ozone is visible proof. Sometimes more destruction falls upon a particular area on the globe than raindrops. People present themselves with masks instead of their true face. Quo Vedas? Did science make more progress than necessary? How do we treat each other and our surroundings? This is a question we must answer now to make a plan toward attaining rest, peace, love and harmony in our society. The quotation: “make a better world, but start with yourself” says enough. People today, live with too many anxieties leading to tension, stress etc. In short, the world is in a state of Sirãsana: on the head (upside down)!

What is yoga? Which science should we use to solve environmental, societal and spiritual problems? This is the crucial question for everybody. We can ask ourselves: who are we and what is our task? Jnana yoga offers perspectives in this impenetrable issue. But, what is Jnana yoga?

Back to the sources

The Supreme Lord Siva said in the Atharva Veda, one of the four books of the cosmic science, about yoga: ‘Through yoga I raise higher from physical force to mental force; from mental force to spiritual force, from spiritual force to God, the Blissful light” (AV 695). This threefold stage is based on practical cosmic knowledge and elevated conditions of yoga. Siva confirms that the aim of yoga is to rise from a physical to a spiritual force and eventually eternal light.

The significance of ‘force’ is explained in the Rig Veda with a comparison of Indra Deva. “All our praises magnify Indra, spreading or pervading like the ocean (expansive), the most valiant of warriors who fight in chariots, the Lord of food, the protector of the virtues as the firmament” (RV 1.11.1; W 17.61, 911). Indra is the preserver of food. Food indicates physical power. Courage or bravery points to mental power and the grateful homage to God, in words or song. The aim is to generate all aspects of knowledge: in the hymn it is called protection of virtues. This cumulative effect is comparable to the fire sacrifice or spiritual power—Sacrificial fire delivers the quintessence of the gross food (elements) in astral form to the gods, as amrita or nectar of life (RV 1.12.1; SV 790).

The Atharva Veda explains sacrifice and denotes the method of protection and the continuation of yoga and puja. “Whosoever there is among the learned, the performers of seasonal sacrifices, the respectable at sacrifices, the performers of mental sacrifice in the form of yoga, the immortal, the expert in Vedic learning, may they all deliver unto us a vast sermon about Vedic lore today. 0 the learned people, may you ever protect us with peace-giving means” (AV 19.7.5, 4595). Regarding to the rising forces, we have to go back to the original source. This means that we have to attempt to an integration of the human soul with the Super soul; the Jiva with Siva. The merging process happens through bliss and glitter!

The above mentioned three hymns of wisdom mention the stages of this particular path to blissfulness (Jiva up to Siva). In the beginning of life, we find this bliss in our heart as true love, rest and peace. However, the heart is the rest place of our soul. Mainly, this process becomes the first success in life, the moment the sun lights our physical body. The next step in the materialistic way of life is connecting our heart with the heart of the cosmos, the heaven. The King of the heaven is lord Indra. He encourages the mental power for grateful homage to God. The next growth in our mental power which brings us in contact with lightning (SV 1420: RV 9.93.3). This is another form of God which is visible but too fast for our physical eyes to see a clear picture. The third stage in the spiritual growth is to achieve the highest region of God (W 3.25; SV 1108). The Rising forces and the increasing growth circulate in our three bodies.

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