Sports Astrology - The Inclusive Methodology of Game Analysis

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Item Code: NAP362
Author: Dr. Ravi Rao
Publisher: Star Publication House
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9783161484100
Pages: 213 (7 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

The inclusive Methodology of Game Analysis is a guide that explains how to expand the scope of traditional astrology and how to apply it to the unique requirement of sports events. It assimilates the many impacting factors, and the significations that mark sports events into the traditional principles of astrology.

The book analyses the three factors that determine sports predications. It assigns points to each parameter and arrives at an astrological score that brings accuracy to predictions.

. • Game analysis treats the match as the point of action and tells you how to determine the starting time, ascendants of each team, and the significations of each house.

• Nations’ charts take into a count the influence of Moon and ascendant of the nation or fraancisee on the match outcome. Nations; charts are available in a Nations Probhecy: inclusive Methodology of Mundane Astrology.

• Planetary influence account for factors like the captains; jersey number and the team’s jersey colour in relation to the day and date of match.

The book offers case studies of three types of cricket matches – World Cup, T20, and IPL – to show the methodology at work. The 21 case studies include matches that take place on consecutive days because of which there is little or no change of planetary positions in the game chart, and yet the methodology helps you predict the outcome with accuracy.

The inclusive methodology enables astrologers to expand their though towards the multiple determining factors that impact an event, guiding them towards accuracy in mundane predictions.

About the Author

Dr. Ravi Rao is an astrologer and vaastu practitioner of international repute with over 20 years of experience. With an intuitive problem-solving approach, he offers guidance in political, corporate, professional and personal matters. He is based in Ahmedabad, India.

Consultant in Mundane Astrology

Dr. Rao is an active proponent of mundane astrology and is known for his accurate predictions in the domain, including election results and the future of nations. Dr. Rao advises functionaries on matters related to national and state events. He is known for his research and experiments in political, corporate and sports astrology.

Corporate Consultant

Dr. Rao's services are sought by companies from a wide range of industries, including, plastics, textile, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, real estate and infrastructure, manufacturing, solar power, retail and printing, among others. He has a track record of helping companies achieve turnarounds and accelerated growth through his astro-vaastu advice and business logos.

He offers industrial vaastu guidance to new and existing units as well as for the revival of sick units, guiding them through projects that involve heavy investments. He has also worked with townships and award-winning architects and projects. Some ofthe companies that Dr. Rao advises belong to the Fortune 500 list and extend across Africa, Australia, UK, USA, Canada, UAE and South-East Asia.


By Shri Sanjay Lalbhai Astrology has largely been in the private domain and my own deeper awareness of this domain has been due to my in- teraction with Dr. Ravi Rao. I found that being part of the launch of his book on mundane astrology was a fascinating experience.

Dr. Rao has now extended the concept of mundane astrology to other domains as well. In building a methodology for sports astrology, he has created a foundation for astrological predictions related to sports. The proof of astrology lies in its ability to deliver accurate results. Dr. Rao, in fact, shows the methodology at work, predicting past matches of the World Cup, T20 and IPL, and proves that it gives accurate results.

If I had been asked what I thought of astrology before his book of mundane astrology was written, I would have answered that astrology is probably a static subject which follows rules that had been set centuries ago. It comes as welcome learning to me that astrology is dynamic in nature which, in this case, allows itself to be modelled on the principles of the sport it tries to predict. As a cricket enthusiast, I am familiar with the many nuances of the game - the players, their form, the cap- tain and his decisions, the coach, the team owners and the cheering fans, and their enthusiasm which pushes the teams to give their best.

The strength of the methodology rests on the fact that Dr. Ravi Rao takes into account each of these factors. Dr. Rao's enthusiasm for the subject is contagious and I can easily see why the subject of astrology has thrived across centuries. In attempting to bring new events within its ambit, the subject, as I understand, is undergoing continued experiments and research. Due to his efforts, the subject is getting reintroduced and extended to other domains of current interest. He is, thus, creating a wider interest regarding the subject of astrology. This is particularly significant in our country since the effort can recreate an interest in our ancient scriptures and wisdom.

In making itself relevant to today's world and events, the subject of sports astrology retains a contemporary relevance and is in synchrony with ancient wisdom. Dr. Rao's work presents answers to the question of why one team wins and the other loses in a closely contested match. I can see the wisdom that the subject brings, showing to players, owners and cheering fans a different perspective with reference to what is played on the field. I congratulate Dr. Rao on bringing out this book on sports astrology. I believe it will be of interest both to astrologers and to the cricketing world, the former to expand their knowledge of the subject and the latter for the wisdom that it can impart. I wish Dr. Rao the very best and hope that he extends himself to many more current domains and thereby expand our understanding of events.


1. Introduction

The earliest instances of sports astrology can be traced back to the Roman chariot races 2000 years ago. Although it was the Greeks who had introduced chariot racing to the ancient Olympics a few hundred years earlier, it was the Romans who made it famous.

Roman chariot races were the stuff of danger and high adrenaline. Driver and horse alike faced the threat of serious injury and death. Circus Maximus, the stadium in which the races were held could seat 150,000 to 250,000 people.

Spectator enthusiasm was high with fervent support to one of the four stables - Red, White, Blue and Green - involved in chariot races. Although women were barred from watching other sports, they were allowed to watch these races. Meanwhile, Greek slaves brought astrology to Rome. They were sometimes known as 'astrologers of the circus'. Given the intense and widespread support that chariot racing enjoyed and the Roman penchant for betting heavily on the races, they turned to astrology to predict the winners, according to Joanna Martine Wool folk in The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need.

According to Tamsyn Barton's Ancient Astrology, a simple predictive rule is stated in a Byzantine text, "You must know that the Moon aids the Greens, the Sun the Reds, Saturn and Venus the Blues. So, when the Sun meets Venus, if at that moment, the Blues are launching out on the course, then they will win. When it meets Mars, it is the Greens who win, for Mars is their ally, and when Jupiter is found on a cardine (angles or angular houses), then infallibly the Blues will win, above all if the Moon is deprived of light."

By this method, there was a one-in-three chance that the prediction could come true. Sports astrology has come a long way since then.

Mundane Astrology

Of the socio-politico-economic domains of mundane astrology, sports astrology comes within the social sphere. With increasing comprehensiveness and sophistication in technique, it has established itself over the years. The other astrologically popular social domains include medical astrology, natural events like rainfall, floods and earthquakes, among others. The political domain of astrology deals with political strategy and future, elections, Governments, type of rule and political stability of nations and states; the economic domain deals with the economy, the future of individual companies, finance and business, including trading, banking, public and private spending and investments.

These three domains of mundane astrology are interlinked. Political stability influences financial stability which in turn enhances the social aspects - sports are encouraged, quality of medical care improves, tourism rises and so on. As such, the basic principle of mundane astrology remains the same: it must be inclusive and hence must consider all the factors that impact an event.

Wins & Losses: A Perspective

When predicting sports events, we must take into account the nature of sports in order to understand astrology's association with it.

Sports represent a nation's prestige. Although nations generally excel in a wide range of sports, most follow a specific sport with fervour. Citizens' enjoy the perception of elevated prestige when the nation's team or players rank high. In the same vein, hosting the Olympics and World Games is a matter of prestige. Nations try to make a political statement when they bid for and when they win the right to host such an event. The Beijing Olympics, for example, was meant to showcase China's power of organization and the fact that it can spend the billions required to host the event. Or it could be to kick start local economy, or to put a stagnating city on a quick growth path with the immense spend that comes with hosting the event, or simply to enhance a Government's image. For the people, it is a time of fun and happiness in addition to the prestige involved. Further, history shows that the super powers of a certain period are the leading sporting nations of that period too. As such, the impact of sports is widespread, encompassing social, economic and political benefits.

With such importance being accorded to sports, at times, tempers rise and disturbances take place. During the 1960s, Honduras and EI Salvador had long-pending issues related to the migration of Salvadorans to the less-populated Honduras and the imposition of restrictions by the latter. There were trade issues and border disputes too. It was during this period that the two nations began playing against each other in the 1970 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Fighting broke out among fans after the first match. The nations were to play three matches and the fighting grew progressively more violent. EI Salvador's qualifier win brought matters to a head and the Football War erupted between the two nations.


  Author's Note 18
  Section 1: Inclusive Methodology of Sports Astrology 21
1 Introduction 23
2 Sports Astrology 27
3 Inclusive Methodology of Sports Astrology 29
  Section 2: World Cup 2015 43
1 Finals: Australia vs New Zealand 45
2 Semi-Final 1: New Zealand vs South Africa 54
3 Semi-Final 2: Australia vs India 61
4 Quarter Final 1: South Africa vs Sri Lanka 68
5 Quarter Final 2: Bangladesh vs India 76
6 Quarter Final 3: Australia vs Pakistan 84
7 Quarter Final 4: New Zealand vs West Indies 91
  Section 3: Twenty-Twenty (T20) 101
1 Finals 2014: India vs Sri Lanka 103
2 Semi-Final 2: 2014: India vs South Africa 112
3 2016: India vs Australia 120
4 2016: India vs Pakistan 127
5 Finals 2016: England vs West Indies 134
6 2016: Afghanistan vs West Indies 140
7 2016: Australia vs New Zealand 148
  Section 4: Indian Premier league (IPL) 157
1 Finals 2016: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad 159
2 2016: Rising Pune Supergiants vs Kings XI Punjab 168
3 2016: Delhi Daredevils vs Sunrisers Hyderabad 177
4 2016: Mumbai Indians vs Gujarat Lions 184
5 2015: Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders 191
6 2015: Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 198
7 2015: Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders 205


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