Study of Homoeopathic Medicines Through Clinical Verification -  A New Perspective
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Study of Homoeopathic Medicines Through Clinical Verification - A New Perspective

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Item Code: NAW589
Publisher: Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788100000090
Pages: 227
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The Council has been conducting Clinical Verification Programme as one of its research activities, from its inception, with the aim to clinically verify the symptomatology available in the literature on some Indian and lesser known drugs used in Homoeopathy. Council has already published the clinically verified data of 52 medicines in two volumes, most of which are indigenous in origin and this book catalogues the clinically verified data of 20 medicines, some of which are exotic in origin and some are indigenous and less frequently used in Homoeopathy. The Clinical Verification of these medicines was done for nearly five years, by the Council.

The publication aims at providing a different dimension of clinical verification to the study ofHomoeopathic Materia Medica. Every symptom of each medicine is supported with definite data and based upon this, guiding features of the all medicines have been delineated. I hope, the contents of this book will not only enrich our Materia Medica, but will also immensely benefit the homoeopathy students, teachers, researchers and clinicians. Feedback about the usability of the information will encourage the Council for augmenting the next edition in the future.

I would like to acknowledge with gratitude, the guidance and support of all the members of Expert Committee, while reviewing the contents of each medicine. I congratulate all the coordinators and investigators of the clinical verification programme of the Council for their contribution in this huge work. I also compliment all the members of writing committee for their earnest endeavour in bringing out this voluminous work.

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