Tell Me About Islamic History (Pages from Islamic History)

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Author: Luqman Nagy
Publisher: Goodword Books
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788178982410
Pages: 48 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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In Islamic History you will learn many interesting details about ten important events in the history of Islam. When and where were the first Islamic coins produced? Who was Al-Idrisi? We all know that Christopher Columbus sailed west from Europe in 1492CE, but why is this date so important in Islamic history?

This book will answer these question and many others. You will learn why Islamic history mat6ters and why all Muslims should actively read and treasure their rich, history.

This is the obverse of beautiful silver Sasanian drachm. These coins were in use in the Middle East during the time of the prophet Muhammad. The coin shows the Sasanian Persian emperor wearing a tiered crown. Old Persian or the pre-Islamic Pahlavi inscriptions fill the space either side of the emperor’s head.


It is often said that “A nation remain alive when its culture and history remain alive. “Every nation, therefore, seeks to know and preserve its history and cultural legacy. Islamic history the story of events involving the lives of countless Muslims (and, of course, their interaction with non-Muslims too) over a period of more than 1400 years is a vast book with chapters describing sublime achievements as well as tragic failures.

The present work is a humble effort towards that aim. The lessons contained herein are intended mainly for young Muslims, especially those living in the West. Ten critical events in Islamic history have been presented chronologically. This book does not claim in any way to be a comprehensive survey of any particular time period of Islamic history. Event have been selected for their inherent overall importance and interest . The book ends arbitrarily with the fateful year 1492 CE. Undoubtedly, equally crucial historically important events could also have been identified in the past five hundred years.

Each chapter concludes with a set of comprehension question and a topic for discussion. These of course can be supplemented by teacher and /or parent. Historically-accurate, full-color illustrations attempt to contextualize the events discussed.

Finally, it is hoped that this will encourage all its readers to continue their study of Islamic history in greater depth in order to comprehend not only pour collective past, but also our future, insha’ Allah.

To you all, my warmest salaams.


1The Prophet's Letter -628CE6
Chapter One Questions9
2Uqba ibn Nafi-Qayrawan 670CE10
Chapter Two question13
3Birth of Islamic Coinage-695CE14
Chapter Three Question17
4Tariq ibn Ziyad-711 CE18
Chapter Four Question21
5The Battle of Talas-Papermaking -751CE22
Chapter Five Question25
6Bayt al-Hikmah-Baghdad-813-833 CE26
Chapter Six Questions29
7Al-Idrisi's Map of the World-1154 CE30
Chapter Seven Questions33
8Destruction of Baghdad- 1258 CE34
Chapter Eight Question37
9Conquest of Istanbul 1453CD38
Chapter Nine Questions41
10The Fall of Granada-1492 CE42
Chapter Ten Questions45
Map of the World of Islam46

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