Tirupati Balaji: The Lord of Sheshachal (Treasury of Mythological Tales)

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Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788130405681
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In the Beginning of Kal Yuga, Gods realized that the evil was increasing day by day on the earth. But Lord Vishnu had not descended on the Earth to end the evil. Childern, read the very interesting story of how lord Vishnu came on this earth came on this Earth and took the form of Lord Srinivasa. Also read that how and why Goddess Lakshmi became upset with Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu in the Form of Lord Srinivasa or Tirupati Balaji fulfilled two of his promises one that he gave as Lord Rama to his wife Sita in Treta Yuga. And, the other one he gave as Lord Krishna to Mother Yashoda in Dwapar Yoga. Lord Srinivasa married Padmavati and took a huge loan from Kubera for his wedding. All this and much more is there in this wonderful collection for you.


About the book

Lord Vishnu is on deity who himself comes to the Earth to end the sufferings of his devotees. He descended on this Earth in different forms in different Yugas. In Kal Yuga, he came to this earth in the form of Lord Srinvasa at Sheshachal, Tirupati in South India. He is also worshipped by the names. He is also worshipped by the names of Lord Venkateshwara and Tirupati Balaji. Here is a collection of Tirupati Balaji. Here is a collection of Tirupati Balaji’s interesting stories presented in a very attractive manner.




The Advent of Lord Balaji 4
Lord Vishnu and the Chola King 16
Lord Vishnu meets Bakuladevi 26
Lord Vishnu's Request to Varaha Swami 32
Lord Srinivasa meets Padmavati 36
Lord Srinivasa's Wedding Proposal 44
Lord Srinivasa Takes Loan from Kubera 50
Lord Srinivasa Weds Padmavali 56
King Akashraja's Salvation 62
Tondamaan Builds temple for Lord Srinivasa 66
Lord Srinivasa Turns into a Rock 74

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