Transliteration, Ecology and other Essays on Indology

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Item Code: IDE931
Author: Satyanarayan Chakraborty
Publisher: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar
Language: English
Edition: 2001
Pages: 221
Cover: Hardcover
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
From the Jacket :

This is a collection of twenty seven essays, mainly Indological. Many of these essays have been published in research journals of Felicitation/Commemoration volumes. A few of them have either been revised and on some occasions enlarged with additional information. The subject matter of these articles are varied. Thus, problems of transliteration for bibliography, concern of ecological embalance, Tagore's translations of kalidasa's works, evaluation of Kalidasa by Tagore, Bankim Chandra, Madhusudan, Haraprasad Shastri and other Bengalee critics, Citramimamsa, different aspects of Kalidasa's Abhijnana-sakuntala, Bhita Medallions and the like- are the topics here. Last five articles are written in Sanskrit. In one of them right to die with dignity as sanctioned in Indian scriptures has been discussed. It is expected that the collection of essays would be well received and appreciated by all, particularly by scholars of Sanskrit.

About the Author :

Dr. Chakraborty has to his credit fifteen books composed/critically edited. A few deserving mention are; The Citramimamsa of Appaya Diksita - A Study, Trayee (an analysis of Appaya Diksita's works on poetics in Sanskrit), Abhijana - sakuntla (critically edited with exposition and the commentary of Raghavabhatta), Meghaduta-O-Saudamani (critically edited with exposition and commentaries), Canakya-niti sastra samiksa.

Many of this articles have been published in research journals of felicitation / commemoretation volumes like Visvesvaranand Indological Journey, Asiatic Society Journal, Bharatiya Vidya, Samvid, Sanskrit-Sahitya-Parisat-Patrika, Rabindra Bharati University Journal, Journal of the Department of Sanskrit (R.B.U), Prof. S. Rath Felicitation Volume and others.

Professor Chakraborty is the consulting editor of Encyclopaedia of Bangladesh Project (Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Dhaka) and the Sectional editor of the Visvakosa (published in 23 vols). The autor participated / chaired sessions on a number of occasions in All-India Oriental Conference, International Congress of Asian and North African Studies (Hongkong, Budapest, Toranto), World Sanskrit Conferences (Benaras, Melbourne, Bangalore, Turin) International Conference on S.E. Asia (Bangkok). He visited Bangladesh and Nepal several times for lectures at different Institutions.


1.Problems of Transliteration in Preparing Bibliography1
2.Interchange of Personal Pronouns in Kalidasa's Dramas8
3.Smrtisastras on Environment Pollution23
4.Save Trees - A Call by the Authors of Puranas31
5.A Critical Analysis of the Bengali Renderings of Kalidasa's Works by Rabindranath Tagore42
6.Tagore's Views on the Abhijnana-sakuntala in Pracina Sahitya57
7.Role of a Few Bird-episodes in Some Sanskrit Court epics and Dramas66
8.Character of Kaikeyi as Depicted in the Ramayana: Changing Phases79
9.Abhijnana-sakuntala and Bankimchandra89
10.Appreciation of Kalidasa by Michael Madhusudan Dutta95
11.Some Observations on the Portrait of Sakuntala in Act VI of the Abhijnana-sakuntala107
12.Some Considerations of the Act III of the Abhijnana-sakuntala in Bengal Recension111
13.Study in the Vikramorvasiya in Tagore Family120
14.Folk-elements in the Abhijnana-sakuntala132
15.Appreciation of Kalidasa by the 20th Century Bengalee Writers - A Critique138
16.Position of Sanskrit in West Bengal: Some Wrong Ideas and their Consequences145
17.Teacher-taught Relation in the Light of Manusamhita II149
18.Some Interesting References to Indian History in the Bhavisya Purana154
19.On Appaya Diksita's Reference to a 'Kavyaloka'160
20.Probable Spurious Portions in Appaya Diksita's Citramimamsa166
21.Critical Analysis of Kalidasa - literature by MM. Haraprasad Shastri175
22.Bhita Medallion and Bhita Plaque: Date of Kalidasa and the Bengal Recension of the Abhijnana-sakuntala182
23.Dharmasastra Aathmahannaanumotanam188
24.'Prachin-Sahitya' Abhidaan-Shakunthalam195
25.Bhandhe Bharatamaataram201
26.'Ye Ke Chatmahono Zaana:' : Ke Te?209
27.Kaakaa Shri Golakanysyoth Bhavaanveshnam216

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