True Astrology: Basic and Traditional Concepts

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Author: S P Khullar
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8170820545
Pages: 315
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S. P. Khullar is a retired General Manager Telecommunication from the Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India. In addition to his graduation in Telecommunication Engineering, he has done post Graduation in English. During his professional career he specialised in Course Development & Instructional Techniques and has conducted courses in Telecommunication Training Center of Govt. of Indonesia. Mr. Khullar is totally devoted to the Science of Astrology and has in-depth knowledge of various schools of Astrology. He is currently running his own institution “Khullar Astro Research Institute” in Delhi to transfer the secrets of Nadi and Cuspal Interlinks Theory to genuine and inquisitive learners of Astrology. Other books my Mr Khullar are: Your True Horoscope, Horary Astrology, Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theory and Key to Learn Sub Sub and Cuspal Interlinks.


About the Book

True Astrology - Basic and Traditional Concepts is not a conventional and obtuse book on Astrology. A person who accepts Astrology as a dynamic, wonderful, majestic, practical and humanistic science has written it. To him Astrology is, at bottom, a criticism of life. It is written in a simple and most scientific way. With a little dedication a reader can master the techniques of analysing a horoscope. Chapter on Navamsa and its Significance needs special attention even of experienced Astrologers. The book is intended to prepare the readers to comprehend the advanced predictive techniques using Kalamsa and Cuspal lnter links Theory.



Is Astrology a science? “No, it is a super science” says Mr. Astrologer. It is in fact the dogmatic, rigid and ritualistic approach of the practitioners of astrology, which resulted in creating doubts in the minds of the people about its efficacy. Astrology, no doubt, will remain an enigma if the attitude of the traditional astrologers will continue to be rigid and their minds closed to the realities of life. We need to learn to discriminate. It is S.P. Khullar shocking to say that even the intellectual giants like Carl Jung, Sepharial, Alan Leo, Walter Gibson, William J.T.

Tucker, C.E.O. Carter and U.S. Green who knew that “Whatever is born or done at this moment of time has the qualifies of this moment of time”, also showed as if they suffered from some sort of intellectual void during their approach to Astrology. A moment can’t be defined as an hour or even a few minutes. How then the Rashi Chart or even the Navamsha Chart (as studied and analysed by Vedic Astrologers) can delineate the nativity of a person. Neither the planetary positions nor the aspects, nor the yogas change; and even the varga charts may remain the same. And the less we say, the belier it is, about the Western Astrology which primarily depends upon the theory of Aspects and Progression. No two human beings are alike in the universe. Each horoscope, therefore, has to be unique. Our ancient seers used to construct and analyse charts to the accuracy of a few seconds of the ascendant. Let us try to match their calibre to the best of our ability and use this sacred knowledge to provide benefits to the society at large.

To me Astrology is, at bottom, a microscopic criticism of all facets of life under the influence of celestial bodies. It is difficult for any learned man to deny the influence of celestial bodies on life on Earth. It is a different matter how to analyse this influence and apply it to predictive Astrology. People oppose things because they are ignorant of them.

Laws of science are universal. We do not say American or Indian Laws of Motion. However in astrology no body agrees on anything. It is time, friends, to come to an agreement, at least in respect of its elemental principles. There are so many misunderstandings that if a radical change is not made, the fundamental role of Astrology will be seriously limited.

My approach may not be an end in itself. However, I am making an effort in my books under the Title “True Astrology” to present before the readers how to approach the subject of Astrology in a scientific way. The reader’s dedication, devotion and the open-minded approach will bring rewards. However, let us not forget that our success in prediction is largely dependant on the accuracy of the software, which we use for the calculation of planetary and cuspal positions and also the accuracy of the birth data, which more often than not is questionable.

The book True Astrology “Basic and Traditional Concepts” is written with the intention to prepare the genuine readers of the sacred science of Astrology to comprehend with ease the Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlinks Theories. Suggestions from readers are welcome.




  Introduction ix
  Hindi Equivalent xi
  1. Fundamentals of Astronomy 1
  2. Retrogression & Combustion of Planets 15
  3. Zodiac and its Division 19
  4. Casting the Rashi Chart 56
  5. The House and their Significations 76
  6. Nakshatras 102
  7. Planets and their Significations 124
  8. Aspects 147
  9. Behavior of Planets 152
  10. Vimsottari Dasa 160
  11. Traditional Concept of Analysing Horoscope 168
  12. Analysing the Ascendant 178
  13. Analysing Sixth House - Diseases 204
  14. Analysing the Seventh House - Marriage 231
  15. Analysing the Fifth House 252
  16. Analysing Horoscope for Educational Prospects 260
  17. Analysing the Tenth House – Profession 271
  18. Navamsa and its Significance 285

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