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Twin Birth - Based on Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Author: K. Subramaniam
Publisher: Krishman & Co.
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788188082452
Pages: 650
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description


If twins are born with a few minutes difference, Rasi chart and Navamsa chart remain the same in almost all the cases of twins. The only difference in some cases is the Moon's dasa balance by a few days. When the Rasi and Navamsa charts remain virtually the same, how can be explain the differences between the life styles of the twins when one among them studied Engineering and another Medicine, one among them getting love marriage and another not married. One among them goes abroad and another never crosses his home town. One among them has many issues and another has no issues. One among them is fair in colour and another black in colour. One among them lives longer and another dies soon.

Such differences in the lives of twins revealed many secrets. Guruji Sri. K.S.K. divided further each star or constellation of 13'20" into further sub-divisions, the extent of each being the extent of each planet's proportion in the Dasa period of 120 years which is called as Vimshottari Dasa period.

Actually the Birth Time of a child is determined by the exact moment when the whole body of the child gets separated from the mother.

According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, it is the sublord of the cusp of a house which indicates whether the matters of the houses are positive or negative. If the sublord of the 3rd cusp is in the constellation of a planet occupying a dual sign or it itself is in a dual sign or if the cusp receives good aspects from a planet in a dual sign. Only in these cases there will be plurailty of brothers or sisters or both.

In case of twins, when one of them happens to be a boy, the other a girl then eventhough according to traditional system the lagna remains in the same sign, star and navamsa. Yet to each the number of brothers or sisters will be found. Traditional Astrology cannot be helpful. Because the twin brother will have among brothers one less and among sisters one more. But the twin sister will have among brothers one more and among sisters one less. i.e., if other than the twins whose parents would have had two sons and two daughters then the twin boy will have two brothers.

In the research after 1967 it was found that we have to take always the lagna alone. We should never judge which is stronger whether Moon sign or lagna. The main reason is that in a 'Twin Birth' only the cusps of the house including ascendant change whereas Moon is in the same position. If twins are born one with Rahu as the sublord of the 12th house cusp and the other twin with the sublord of the 12th cusp as Jupiter, then even though,

1) The planets are in the same bhava,

2) Dasa and Bhukti same

3) Ashtaka Varga same,

4) Gochara same

One enjoys and the other disappointed. When two people have the same chart with less than 1/2 a degree difference in lagna position one is able to differentiate by applying K.P. only.

For example, twins are born; one having its meridian in Venus sign Taurus in Moon star Rohini and the sub of Saturn. This person deals in Petrol. But, the next born will have his meridian in Venus sign, Taurus in Moon star Rohini and in the sub of Mercury. This brother deals in cotton and silk products.

Let us take another example. One of the twins both with Meridian in 210 Leo is an educationalist and another advocate. Because the Meridian has fallen in Leo ruled by Sun in Poorvapalguni star governed by Venus and in the sub of Jupiter who indicates Law and Education.

But the other twin whose Meridian was in 27 IS a Medical practitioner because this point in the Zodiac in Leo is owned by sun in Uthrapalguni Star governed by Sun and also in the sub of Sun.



Though birth of Twins has been rare a few years ago, they have become very common nowadays. Childless couples, who fail to conceive even after several years of married life opt for the artificial method of conception through the test-tube method, not withstanding the high cost, by taking treatment in recognised hospitals, fertility clinics etc and they invariably give birth to twin after completion of treatment, either both male or female or one male and the other a female.Twins born, after the mandatory period of growth in the mother's womb are separated by Caesarian operation. Due to advanced medical technology, the twins are removed from the mother's womb within an interval of a couple of minutes. Thus twins born through the artifical method have a difference of hardly a minute or so in their birth time.

Horoscopes prepared for single births present no difficulty for interpretation and prediction. This is because, when the horoscopes are cast for the twins, they look almost identical in the sign position, star position, planetary position, cuspal position etc.,

Even the cuspal sub lords of all the 12 cusps may be identical. But it is a fact that twins in real life, have different lifestyles, different pattern of behaviour, differing educational achievements, different career etc., so to achieve perceptible differences in their horoscopes, and to amplify the differences, the only way out is to draw up their horoscopes working out the cuspal and planetary positions upto "sub-sub" level. Nay, even upto the "Sub sub-sub" level (Triple sub).

Even after such microscopic division, not all the cusps, and their connection to the other principal cusps (good or bad) may reveal the pattern of difference.

Nowadays, since most of the child-births take place in rural and urban hospitals, the birth-time as recorded by the hospital authorities, is mostly relied upon. When a doctor and other para-medical staff are attending on a labour case, they are bound to pay proper attention on the safety aspects of delivery only and are not expected to keep an "eagle eye" on the clock time of birth. So much so, the time of birth given may not be accurate and may differ by several minutes from the time of actual birth. So horoscopes cast based on the timings given by hospital authorities may ultimately prove to be erroneous. So as advised by our Guruji, the late KSK, the correction of birth-time should invariably be ensured by the rectification of birth time through the Ruling Planet Method.






S.No. Subject Pg. No.
1 K.P. and the Sub of House cusps 1
2 The Impacet of Krishnamurti Padhdhati Sub on Twin Births 27
3 Bharani shines in Different Angles 62
4 Span of Life with Sublord 74
5 Twin Birth proves the importance of K.P. 86
6 Twin Birth - K.P. reveals Punarphoo 103
7 Longevity of Twin and wonders of K.P. 112
8 K.P. & Twin Birth (Light on Sub) 120
9 Twin Birth & R.P. (An Eye Opener) 133
10 Rahu Plays Major Role 144
11 Sun as an indicator of Government Service (I.A.S. & I.P.S.) 151
12 Sun makes the Difference 158
13 Doctor of Medicine and Master of Administration 165
14 Prospect of Progeny 172
15 Twins Blessed with Twins 179
16 Aeronautical Engineer and Legal Advisor 188
17 Twins - One I.R.S. & One C.A. 195
18 Both under one Roof 202
19 Twin Differ in Education and Service 209
20 Significance of Ascendant 215
21 Twins in Medical Line 222
22 Studies Differ in Twins 229
23 Twin Birth Analysis 235
24 Twins having different Portfolios 242
25 Overseas job among twins 248
26 Constellations and their significance 254
27 Stellar Astrology - Its Role and Significance in Vimshottari Dasa 293
28 Physical Features 305




S.No. Subject Pg. No.
1 Branches of Astrology 1
2 Lagna Sublord differs 20
3 Twins differ in Studies and Profession 26
4 Survival & Destiny of Twins 33
5 Profession and Twin Birth 39
6 Twin Birth R.P. & K.P. ( A Eye-Opener) 46
7 Twin Having Mental Setback in Health 53
8 Importance of Lagna 58
9 Twins differs in Education 66
10 One Twin Excels in Sports 73
11 One at Abroad and One at Motherland 80
12 Twins gain through Ancestors 87
13 One Married and Another Unmarried 96
14 Denial of Marriage 103
15 Fortuna and Punarphoo 109
16 Child Birth in Twins 118
17 Health Complications in Twins 125
18 K.P. Indicates Kala Sarpa Dosha in Twin Birth 132
19 A Case Study of Longevity and Twin Birth 139
20 Spouse enjoying Marriage comforts 149
21 One minute makes the difference 156
22 Twin Birth-Longevity 162
23 High light on Education 170
24 Common facts in Higher Education 176
25 Success in Competitive Examination 182
26 Lagna makes the Difference 190
27 Analysis on Twin Birth 196
28 Twin Birth and Service 201
29 Cheerful Triplets 208
30 Healthy and Wealthy Triplets 220
31 Unique features of Triplets 230
32 Can the time Child Birth be assured by K.P.? 239
33 Is Astrology a Science? 247
34 Marks, Scars or Moles on the Body 257
35 Facts on Pregnancy and Child Birth 259
36 Twelve Signs of the Zodiac 266
36 Dictionary of Astrological Terms 282
38 Study of Zodiac Sign 294
39 In Defence of K.P. Ayanamsa 300
40 Sub-Sub lord of All the Zodiac Signs 306
41 Table for Ready Reference 313
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