Unique Powerful Rudraksha and Talismic Yantras

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Author: Prakashchand Tarachand Jain
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture
Language: English
Edition: 2011
Pages: 101 (8 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 6.0 inch
Weight 150 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
About the Author

The ancentral origin of Sri Prakashchand Tarachand Jain can be traced back to Raja Vrushabhsen Rathod, a Kshatriya, who hailed from 'Sambharlek' province which lies between Jaipur and Ajmeer, Rajasthan. Raja Vrushabasen Rathod was blessed by Acharya Dhaneshwar Sureeshwarji in the Samvat 731, with initiation into the wisdom of Jainism and made him a 'Shravaka'. In thesame family, as I know Shri Prakashchand Tarachand Jain, was born as the illustrious son of Sri Tarachandji and Smt. Sugadhibai, in Surpur, of Yadgiri district.

This book of Sri Jain, Unique Powerful Rudraksha and Talismic Yantras' is highly useful to aspirants. The Appendix Gurukrupa, chart showing the usage of Rudraksha and Gems' and Queries and answers' provided in the end portion of the book have enhanced the value of the book further more. This prestigious son of Sri Tarachand Jain, who has rendered valuable service to the society, in various fields, has always preferred to remain aloof from propaganda and popularity.

The life and works of Sri prakashchand Tarachand Jain are indeed ideal and worthy of emulation.



Shri Prakashachand Jain offered to me the manuscript of his book. Unique Powerful Rudraksa and miraculous yantra with request to write a preface. Shri Prakashchanda, despite being a merachant by profession is much inclined to and interested in literature and research. He is an expert water diviner also. He has earned great reputation silently serving the people, by devoting every Sunday himself to water – divining activity and indicating the ground water sources with certainty.

Though not great in size this book of his is result of his deep study of various and many authentic treatises. He has taken pains to vividly present minute details regarding the origin, sizes, shapes, Varieties, of Rudraksha, wearing it, method of selecting different types of Rudrasksha based on the birth star according to astrology etc. his way of presentation is simple and is easy understanding and will prove useful to common people. This effort of his indeed is Praiseworthy.

Once again, stating that this book of great practical help to all, I express only wish and hope that many works supplementing spiritual sadhana may come out of his pen, in future.




1 Uniquely Powerful Rudraksha 1
2 Rudraksha: Modalities of wearing and their purpose 5
3 Different Kinds of Rudrakshas, their worship and benefits 11
4 Rudraksha – Rosary 21
5 Testing Rudrakshas for genuineness 26
6 Wearing Rudraksha : Different Techniques & Mantras 35
7 Wear Laxmiprapti Rudraksha and be Debtfree 41
8 Rudraksha Therapy among Jains 45
9 Rudraksha Therapy 50
10 Pendulum Therapy 56
11 Talismic Yantras and Rudrakshas 60
12 Wearing the RUdrakshas beneficial to Planets (Grahas) 68
13 Beneficial Rudrakshas 70
14 Chaughadia (Muhurtha) 72
15 Rudraksha remedy for delayed marriages 77
16 Nadi Dosha and Rudraksha 81
17 Combination of Rudraksha for welfare of Public 84
18 Useful Finger Tips 87
19 Queries and Answers 89
  Glossary 102
  Bibliography 103

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