Vaginal Anti-itching Drugs in Ayurveda
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Vaginal Anti-itching Drugs in Ayurveda

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Item Code: IDF457
Author: Vaidya Pammi Satyanarayana Sastry
Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 8121801354
Pages: 14
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.6"
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About the Author:


Uttama Vaidya,
Vaidya vidwan,
Pammi Satyanarayana Sastry

Born: 29th June, 1940 at Nuzvid, Andhra Pradesh
Parents: Vaidya Pammi Suryanarayana murti & Smt. Devidatta
Maternal Grand Father: Raasacharya, Mahamahopadhaya Ayurveda Sthapaka, Pandita Chivkula Satyanarayana Sastry
Educational Qualifications: Licentiate in Electrical Engineering & Vaidya Vidwan
Felicitations: Awarded "Uttama vaiya" by Prancharya Prof. Divi Rangacarya Centenary Committee on 04-07-1999
Responsibilities held: In Government: Asst. Electrical Engineer, Indian Railways (Retd.)
In Ayurveda-
Ex. Hon. Associate Editor- Indian Medicine
Indian Medicine House Journal Secretary: Harita Ayurveda Kendram (Regd.)
Managing Trustee- Dr. Achanta Lakshmipathi Ayurveda Library Trust (Regd.)
Treasurer: Rasacharya Trust
Treasurer: Retired Railways Officer's Association (Regd.)


Kama- the desire is a natural urge. It happens to every hu- man being according to his accumulated virtues over the pre- vious births. The desire, so acquired shall be regulated within the framework set by the individuals themselves and enjoyed to its' brim on the guidelines defined and set based on the doc- trine of Ayurveda by our ancestors after thorough study and experience in the shape of rituals and traditions.

Itching of Vagina is due to lack of personal hygiene and bacterial infection. Observance of personal hygiene is only the remedy. In acute conditions, medicines are required to be ad- ministered. The genitals, be it masculine or feminine are very tender. They are the roots of human race. Hence, it is every- body's prime duty to maintain good hygiene, enjoy the natural bliss of the desire.and attain the eternal bliss.

It is an universal fact that Ayurvedic medicines are free from toxic effects, if used as stipulated. We are in transition period, when developed countries are favouring Ayurveda, as they are vexed with the modern medicinal fatal toxic effects. Every Ayurvedic Practitioner is looking towards comprehensive compendium of recipes on individual subjects. This is one such monographs of 50 compiled from various available Ay- urvedic treatises, being presented to Ayurvedic fraternity with a fervent hope that the recipes are tried to reinstall Ayurveda, the only Science of Life, on its original high pedastal.


I am in the field of Ayurveda since 1975. As a Secretary of a Voluntary organisation, Harita Ayurveda Kendram, devoted for popularising Ayurveda both in the public and the profes- sion, I came across hundreds of Vaidyas, students, followers, sympathisers etc., I heard many opinion and desires of them Younger generation desired to have monographs on various ailments and herbs for easy reference in their daily practice.

Some opine that the reinstall Ayurveda on its' pedasts vaidyas need not treat dreaded diseases like Cancer, Aids, etc., but small ailments, named as Kshudra vyadhis to win the fa your of public. These were, once home remedies, lost in oblr ion due to westernisation. To help such Vaidyas, this tiny mon- ograph was made. This is useful to beauticians too.

Dr. Achanta Lakshmipathi Ayurveda Library, one of its kind in south India, for which, I am the Founder-Managing Trustee, helped me to compile such more than 50 monograph This is one such.

Diagnosis of vaginal itching & it's treatment 1
Decoction of Tinospora 2
Tankanadi Curnam 2
Hayamaradi Tailam 3
Tila jarab 5
Alum wash 5
Picu 6
Camphor ointment 6
Extracts of Triphala & Udumbara 6
Brhatyadi Dhupa - 1 7
Brhatyadi Dhupa - 2 7
Candramsu Rasa 7
Tandula Kandana Dhupa 8
Yoni Kanonmulana Rasa 9
Yoni Dosahara Rasa 9
Dhatri Rasadi Prayoga 10
Glossary 12
Bibliography 14
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