Varnashrama Vyavastha : System of Classes And Stages of Life

Varnashrama Vyavastha : System of Classes And Stages of Life

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Author: Dr. Jayat Balaji Athavale & Dr. Kunda Jayant Athavale
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskriti Sanstha
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8187423404
Pages: 120
Cover: Paperback
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All the Works of Dr. Jayant Bâlaji Athavale and Dr. (Mrs.) Kundâ Jayant Athavale deal with the doctrine and practice of Spirituality and are thoroughly comprehensive. They cover all the conceivable facts and are substantiated with their deep study and guide a layman, a ‘man on the path’ or a devotee, inspiring him to hold on more devotedly to the path of Righteousness.

Dr. Jayant with His life partner Dr. Kundâ, has co-authored books on Spirituality which are translated in many languages. He started his main missionary work to enlighten the aspirants in the state of Mahârashtra. His mission has now started spreading its wings over very many states by opening centres of Spirituality all over India. He has a large following of aspirants from all walks of life in India as well as abroad.

His spiritual master, the late Shrimat Sadguru Bhaktarâj Maharâj accepted Dr. Jayant’s and His wife Dr. Kunda’s humble yet erudite discipleship and bestowed all the gifts of spiritual knowledge and practice upon both of them lavishly. As a result, this couple now runs a society named ‘Sanâtan Bhâratiya Sanskniti Sansthâ’. It has centres galore and carries on the work of spreading scientifically correct knowledge of Spirituality.

All their lectures, researches, books and pamphlets are full of ‘ever new’ vibes that they receive during their course of spiritual study and meditational practice. The word ‘Sanâtan’ means ‘ever new’ and this is what is really needed by the present society in every clime and time.


The system of classes (varna) and stages of life (ashram) was the very foundation of Indian (Bhâratiya) society. The aim of this system is to bring about progress in personal life through the system of stages of life and societal unity and progress through the system of classes. It is because of this system itself that for thousands of years, life in Indian society was stable. This holy book elaborates on the creation of the four classes of Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra, their characteristics, determination of the class, different religious orders, sects, castes and remedies to abolish them, comparison between different religious orders, sects, castes, etc.

The system of stages based on Righteousness gives the pattern of life to be followed in various stages and the spiritual practice to be undertaken. The four stages of life are those of a celibate (brahmacharya), a householder (gruhasthâshram), a retired householder (vanaprasthashram) and a renunciant (sannyás). Information on the importance of these stages, duties of members of the four classes, their means of livelihood, its importance, etc. is given in this book.

If one is able to become a seeker or a disciple transgressing the boundaries of the stages of life and. classes, spiritual progress is enhanced. But since this is not possible for most people if they realise that there is no substitute for the system of classes and stages of life and observe them then the very purpose of writing this holy book will be fulfilled.


Chapter 1 C A The Four Classes19
2Animals and the four classes
3Society and the four classes
4Motive (principle) and importance
5Special features
6Creation of the four classes
8Special features of the classes (varna)
9Comparison of the four classes
10Determination of the claass
11Change in the class
12Those excluded from the four classes
13Religious orders
16Comparison between different religious orders, sects and Righteousness
Chapter 1 C BStages of Life (Ashrams)81
1Origin and meaning
2Objective and types
4Stage of the householder (gruhasthahram)
5Stage of the retired householder (vanaprasthashram)
6Stage of the renunciant (sannyasashram)
7The yugs and the stages of lofe
8Comparision between different stages of life
ASanatan Sanstha109
BThe University of Spirituality113
CWeekly Sanatan Prabhat115
DDaily Sanatan Prabhat116
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