Vedic Mathematics Sutra (Vedic Formulas Propounded by Ancient Scholars to Enrich Yours Computational Skills)

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The Vedic Mathematics Sutra

The Vedic mathematics sutra are from Vedas used by our ancient scholars to make mathematical calculations faster, when there were no calculators and computers. These are one line sutras (formulas) or you can say rules with multiple applications. Which not only enrich ones computational skills, but also provide a new way of dealing to the mathematical problem of arithmetic and algebra. For the sake of convenience here the Vedic mathematics Sutras are divided in two categories: Vedic Sutras that make arithmetic computation easy and Vedic Sutras that makes algebra easy.

Sutras for Arithmetic Computations: These sutras make arithmetic computation like multiplication, division, square rapid. The sutras and their English translation, that are used here, are as follows: • (Ekadhikena Purvena) One more than the previous one.
• (Nikhilam Navatas’ caramam Das’atah) All from nine last from ten.
• (Urdhva-tiryagbhyam) Vertically and crosswise.
• (Yavadunam)/Whatever the extent of the deficiency.
• (Paravartya Yojayet)/Transpose and adjust.
• (Ekanyunena Purvena)/One less than the previous one.
• (Antyayordas’ake’pi)When final digits add upto ten.
• (Vyasti-Samasti)Individuality and Totality.
• (Gunakasamuccaya samuccaya-gunaka)Total of expression equals to the total in the product.

Sutras For Algebraic Computations: These vedic sutras gives smart solutions to algebraic problems.
• (Paravartya Yojayet)Transpose and adjust.
• (Sopantyadvaymantyam)/The ultimate and the twice the penultimate.
• (Purana-apurnabhyam)/The completion and non-completion.
• (Anurupye Sunyamanyat)If one in ratio, the other zero.
• (Sankalana Vyavakalanabhyam)By addition and subtraction.
• (Adyamadyenantyamanyena)The First by first last by last.
• (Antyayoreva)Only the last term(absolute term). Elimination and Retention.
• (Gunitasamuccayah Samuccayagunitah) The product of the sum of the coefficients in the product.
• (Sunyam Samyasamuccaye) Whenever the expression is the same, that expression is zero.




  The Vedic Mathematic Sutra 3
  Vedic Sutra that makes Arithmetic computation Easy 5-54
1 Ekadhikena Purvena 7
2 Nikhilam Navatas'caramam Das'atah 10
3 Paravartya Yojayet 12
4 Ekanyunena Purvena 19
5 Antyayordas'ake'pi 21
6 Ya vadunam 23
7 Urdhva-tiryagbhyam 26
8 Gunakasamucaya samuccaya gunaka 50
9 Vyasti-Samasti 53
  Vedic Sutra that makes Algebra Easy 55-72
10 Paravartya Yojayet 56
11 Sopantyadvayamantyam 57
12 Puranaapurnabhyam 58
13 Anurupye Sunyamanyat 60
14 Sankalna Vyavakalanabhyam 62
15 Adyamadyenantyamantyena 64
16 Antyayoreva 66
17 Lopanasthapanabhyam 68
18 Gunitasamuccayah Samuccayagunitah 69
19 Sunyam Samyasamuccaye 71

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