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Yog Its Philosophy & Practice

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Item Code: UBJ632
Author: Swami Ramdev
Publisher: Divya Prakashan, Haridwar
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8189235583
Pages: 140
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description
I bow every moment to the God present within us and the supreme power of this universe which gives us happiness, with whose affection and compassion-the whole world is blessed with comfort, peace and prosperity. He has given shelter to an ordinary person like me and has filled my life with spirituality.

With the grace of the supreme soul and good karmas of my past life, at the age of 14, I had studied almost all Hindi literature, except Dayanand Saraswat's preachings on the Vedas. As a result, at a young age I got inspired to study the Vedas and was motivated to dedicate my life to serving the masses. As per God's will, I left home at the age of 15-16 years and began the journey to discover a Guru who had good knowledge of Vedas, spirituality and philosophy. By the grace of Almighty, I got the proximity of a saintly, learned, worshipper of Brahma, Acharya Baldevaji Maharaj. He was kind enough to give me the knowledge of Upanishads, Darshan and Vedas including the Sanskrit grammar of Panini. He bestowed upon me the deeksha, the insignia of a true Brahmin and made me a true devotee of Brahma.

I have understood that whatever good has come my way in my life is just because of the grace of God and blessings of my teachers. I bow my head in respect and gratitude to Saint Patanjali. Guru Gorakhnath and other saints and sages with whose blessings I have mastered the traditional knowledge of Yog.

The revered Guruji designated me as a religious instructor at the Gurukul when I completed my education at the Gurukul. I was happy to be in Guruji's proximity but God had other plans for me. Thus, I took the responsibility of a religious instructor at Gurukul Kisangarh. Ghaseda. But again the supreme being had a different role for me to play 1 met Acharya Balkrishanji in the caves of Gangotri By the grace of God, it was a meeting of like minded people on the path of celibacy. As we progressed on our mission with determination, we were joined by the highly learned, pious, respected Acharya Muktanandji and Acharya Virendraji, who also offered their dedicated services to the field of health, spirituality and education.

With the grace of revered and respected preceptor, Swami Shankardevji the Divya Yog Mandir Trust was established in the year 1995 and became the medium of providing services to the entire nation. It has all become possible as a result of the devotion, sacrifice and a lifetime of dedication of this learned teacher I have written this book as a result of inspiration and advice received from these teachers. My friends deserve an applause for their co-operation.

I bow to all the sages from all over India including Hardwar, who have always blessed the social, spiritual, cultural and educational services offered by this institution.

I offer my sincere thanks to all those people who have contributed directly or indirectly in the writing or other works related to the book.

I pray to God to bestow honesty, strength, devotion, health, longevity. material and spiritualistic prosperity to all the devoted people who have offered their services to the tasks managed by the ashram, through which our social work has been strengthened.

It is a great pleasure to present the English edition of this popular book, 'Yog-Its Philosophy and Practice', written by the revered Swami Ramdevji Maharaj The first Hindi edition of this book was published in the year 2002 In a span of just two years, this book has enabled hundred thousands of devotees to be a part of the Yog revolution. This edition is being brought out by using superior quality of paper and printing of international quality and standard Attractive photographs have been added to give a new dimension to this book. Despite an increase in cost of research and production, we have tried our best to keep the book at an affordable price, so that more and more people can buy the book and benefit from it.

Yog is complete in every aspect because it touches every sphere of human life. It is a complete science, a complete lifestyle, a complete medication system and above all, a complete spiritual insight.

The reason for the popularity of Yog lies in the fact that it is not bound by the narrow-mindness of gender, religion, caste, community, area and language. Anyone, be it a devotee, a philosopher, an armateur, an ascetic, a celibate or a householder, can be benefited from it. It has proven to be beneficial not only in the upliftment and development of an individual but also in the overall development of family, society, nation and the world. Yog has the answer to the problems of our modern society, like stress, unrest, terrorism, neglect and ignorance. It is a divine science, which brings mankind on the path of positive thinking, which was discovered by the learned saints and seers of ancient India Saint Patanjali compiled it and brought it out, in a disciplined manner, preserved and produced it in the form of the eight yogic practices. Respected Swamiji advices and practices these eight yogic practices in his discourses and Yog training camps. He has arrived at a conclusion that a healthy individual and a happy society can be built only under the shelter of Yog.

Yog is not only meant for the ascetics, devotees and yogis living in caves, but it is equally important and beneficial for the ordinary householders as well. It is surprising to note that we are ready to fall into the trap of the two hundred year old allopathic system of medication willingly victimizing ourselves economically, physically and mentally. but are reluctant and ignorant towards the ancient knowledge of Yog. which is not only practical but is also a free medical treatment. Had this been just a mystic science, then why would Lord Krishna explain it to Arjuna in the battle field? Yogiraj Swami Ramdevji has done a great job by preserving this knowledge which was perishing in deep caves, by re-establishing it for the people of India. Therefore, he is only worthy of the respect and regards that he gets from all the Indians and millions of people from all over the world.

We are confident that with your co-operation, respect, faith and devotion. this movement to bring back our divine culture will continue to progress and take the ascending journey of ancient spiritual knowledge including Yog and Ayurveda from zero to infinity.

Form of Yog:

The word "Yog has been used in Vedas, Upanishads, Gita and mythological scriptures etc since ancient times. It is a very important term in the Indian context, be it in devotion, self- realization or in the day-to-day work arena, Yog deals extensively with every aspect of our life. according to these classics.

Maharshi Patanjali defines Yog' as "Chittavritti Nirodh (eradication of negative moods) Praman (Fact). Viparay (Transposition). Vikalp (Alternate Option). Nidra (Sleep) and Smriti (Memory) are the five moods. With the practice of Yog with dedication and devotion, one eliminates these negative moods and the mind finds solace in merging with the soul - this is Yog.

Maharshi Vyas describes Yog as Samadhi The Sanskrit grammar shows that Yog is derived from the root Yu In short we can say that the controlled practices which result in the meeting of Arma and Param atma (The Soul and the Supreme Soul ) is Yog.

The sages believe that the sole purpose of Yog is to merge with the Supreme Soul. When one eradicates all negative emotions by following Yog. the detachment to momentary emotions and moods follows and control of one's life is achieved The mind has five phases Kihipta, Mudha, Vishipta, Elagra and Niradha. The first three phases are not capable of reaching the high state of samadhi. The fourth and fifth phase of the mind enables one to reach a state, wherein one loses the bondage of Karma and one can attain Sampradnyar Samadhi and Asampradayat Samadhi.

When Samadhi is obtained with the help of an object or idea (that is, by fixing one's thought on a point in space or on an idea), the state is called Sampradayat samadhi (enstasis with support, or 'differentiated enstasis). When, on the other hand, samadhi is obtained apart from any relation (whether external or mental) that is, when one obtains a "conjunction into which no otherness' enters, but which is simply a full comprehension of being one has realized Arampradayat-samadhi (undifferentiated stasis).

Indian literature has a unique place of honour for The Bhagvadgita. Contemporary saints of India have spread the message of Karmyog from the Gita to the entire world.

 Types of Yog:

The four types of Yog stated below have been described in the classic of Dattatreya Yoga- sutra and 'Yog-raj Upanishad The characteristics of each type of Yog have been thus described in the elementary "Yog Tavopanishad.

1. Mantra Yog comprises of the chanting of the Marukadi Mantra systematically over 12 years, which gives you 'Anima minuteness- this is the power which the yogi possesses to become as small as an atom, to identify himself with the smallest part of the universe, knowing the self in that atom to be one with himself. This is due to the fact that the anima mundi, or soul of the world, is universally spread throughout all aspects of divine life) and other spiritual powers.

2. Laya Yog is constantly remembering God all the time, while performing daily activities.

3. Hatha Yog comprises the practices of various asanas, mudras, pranayama and Kriyas for the purification of the body and concentration of the mind.

4. Raja Yog comprises the observance of Yama (self-restraint), Niyama (scriptural prescriptions) etc which help to purify the mind, intellect and thereby enlighten the soul, The meaning of the word Raja Raja Yog, is to illuminate or to brighten trajru diptou) and meaning of Yog is samadhi or transcendental meditation The Gita embodies the detailed analysis of Dhyana yog, Sankhya Yog and Karma Yog In the 5 chapter of the Bhagvadgita, Karmvog is considered greater than Sankhya Yog. Maharshi Patanjali has captured the essence of Yog by describing the Ashtang Yog in the Fog Sutra When one looks into the classics of Yog to know the secrets, one arrives at the conclusion that methods and processes which are used for attaining spirituality and devotion may be categorized as Yog.

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