Yoga (An Easy Approach)

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Author: Prem Bhatia
Publisher: Sterling Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 9788120721852
Pages: 152 (50 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
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Yoga is an art – of how to live one’s life. Our ancestors attained expertise in this art and lived their lives in a wholesome way. They enlightened our path for smooth progress and a happy life. This unique wisdom of Yoga is not confined to any particular time, place, caste or creed, age or gender. It application and values are universal.

The benefits are almost guaranteed, based on the feedback given by those who were inducted into the Yoga practice through simple Kriyas, during innumerable camps held at various places all over India and abroad. Even chronic medical problems such as backache, indigestion, arthritis, headache, etc., which could hardly be treated under the modern medical system, were partly or fully cured by regular Yoga practice. Wherever you are and in whatever condition you are, you can uplift yourself by regularly practising Yoga and enjoy health, happiness and prosperity.

The book is simple to understand and serves as a basic guide and manual on Yoga for everyone interested, with a bonus on understanding the values of life amalgamating the mind with the body. It lives up to its name in being a gentle endeavour.


About The Author

Born on November 8, 1950, Shri Prem Bhatia, popularly known as Acharyaji, was brought up with the true spirit of simple yet noble values right from childhood, by his parents, the late Shri Anand Muni and Shrimati Shanti Yati. He grew up with an unshaken and implicit faith in God.

He chose a promising career in the corporate world after doing post-graduation in Business Management. Having obtained top honours in formal Yoga education from an internationally recognised institute, Shri Prem Bhatia renounced his flourishing business in Mumbai to spread the message of Yoga with which he is now full time occupied. The yearning to serve mankind has always remained his aim. Yoga has been his passion since childhood and he has made unstinted efforts during the past two decades to study and explore its finer aspects. He has devised scientific, safe and easy-to- do exercises so as to benefit as many people as possible.

To him goes the credit of founding the 'Vishwa Bharti Yoga Sansthan' in New Delhi which has been offering free service to propagate the cause of Yoga. He has organised numerous Yoga camps at various places and in many residential areas for medical, educational, religious, government and non-government institutions.

A multifaceted personality with interest in music and poetry, Shri Prem Bhatia has already authored "Yoga - Ek Sahaj Prayas" in Hindi which has immensely inspired its readers. He has also produced and released audio cassettes to spread the message of Yoga.



This is an excellent handy book for self-learners of Yoga. The best thing about the book is that no tall claims have been made by the author. It can be called a very simple book, written in such a manner that anyone, irrespective of his educational background or previous knowledge of Yoga, can understand and practise Yoga by carefully reading it. Though the guidance of the teacher is always desirable, the narration in this book is such that you get a feeling as if a teacher is right in front of you, showing the right path. How day-to-day Yoga practice by males and females, whether young or old, can help make God's wondrous gift given to mankind, our body, beautiful is expounded very vividly in this book. The usual practice of using difficult words in other books on the subject has been carefully avoided to make it more understandable for the readers and practitioners of Yoga. The difficult words and asanas have been aptly described in simple language leaving nothing out that may require clarifications for the reader.

The book gives an account of why Yoga should be practised. The point the author wishes to emphasise is that it is not just the yogis or any other special class of people who need to practise Yoga. Anybody, who loves his body and wants to maintain good health, should practise it. The way to start, the prerequisites, the way to progress and the precautions that go along with it are all given in a descriptive yet brief manner. Illustrations, including schedules, provide a quick glimpse, and the photographs are complementary to the text. The photographs are self- explanatory and a quick reminder for reference, once the text has been assimilated.

The book scores positively in one more aspect and that is an understanding of life, without giving the feeling of being philosophical or religious. The closeness to God, the Almighty, to our body and mind, has been presented in such a manner that even a 'nastik' would develop positive feelings towards his CREATOR without perceiving the change. How Yoga helps blend the body and the mind is described so well, in such simple words and illustrated with examples, that after going through the book, one feels like coming out of a shell, light and pure. Besides, the book softly guides the reader in the 'rights and wrongs' of worldly bliss and ecstasy.

The experiences of the beneficiaries of Yoga given towards the end are convincing. I can, at least, vouch for one of my patients who greatly benefited from the author's programmes. In short, the book is simple to understand, and serves a basic guide and manual on Yoga for everyone interested, with a bonus on understanding the values of life and amalgamating the mind with the body. It lives up to its title in being a gentle endeavour. It is recommended for everyone who wants to read about and practise Yoga.



The importance of Yoga is self-evident. Its nature and practices are simple, practical and conducive to overall well-being.

Due to some widely spread misconceptions about Yoga, this ancient Indian practice is often considered a complicated process restricted to difficult asanas and postures. This misapprehension creates a sense of helplessness among people in general and particularly among those who are sick or aged. They feel that they are incapable of practising Yoga, even if they are inclined to do so.

The truth, however, is that for such vulnerable persons Yoga is not only desirable but also a blessing. This book has been written with the purpose that people from all walks of life, with different dispositions and capabilities, can take advantage of the age-old Yoga remedy and live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

With this objective in mind, simple, workable and safe sets of Yogic exercises have been presented in this book. The exercises, although simple and easy, have significant curative effects. All these exercises are based on years of research and self-experience. Thousands of practitioners of these techniques have overcome their physical and mental problems and have achieved happiness and peace of mind. On their suggestions, the sets of Yogic exercises have been compiled in a book form so that the maximum number of people may benefit from it.

The objectives of Yoga are not limited to its remedial values only. But, as we know, a healthy body and a strong mind are the base of all human endeavours. To accomplish this basic objective through easy Yoga techniques, this book presents a 15-day practice schedule. The schedule has been divided into two parts so that it can be conveniently followed. The first part deals with the daily exercises and their sequence.

The sequence of exercises is accompanied with discussions and discourses on various concepts of Y 6ga and its application in our day-to-day life. This part of the book also includes answers to the questions raised by practitioners during Yoga camps. The second part has photographic illustrations of Yoga exercises. Detailed instructions have also been given to clarify the finer and subtle aspects of the Yoga practice.

It is necessary to keep in mind some important factors while practising Yoga:-

• Give your full attention to Yogic exercises. While relaxing, feel their impact on the body.

• Initiate yourself into exercises gradually and develop them according to your limitations and capabilities.

• Feel and preserve your experiences and ponder over them to get better results. Please keep in mind that the experiences of others may inspire you but can hardly benefit you. Yoga practices are primarily based on the principle of "learning by doing".

• Continue your regular and daily practice according to instructions. Don't be careless or negligent. Under- stand the significance of regularity and perseverance.

• Be careful about your food habits for maintaining good health.

• Do not immediately stop the medicines that you have been taking for your ailments, as you start your Yoga practice. Your need for medicines will gradually reduce, as you will progress with your practice.

• Do not be disheartened if you are suffering from an incurable disease or physical handicap. Despite helplessness, you must engage yourself in some activity, however small it might be. Exercise with those parts of the body which are relatively healthy and energetic, and make them stronger. This will stop further deterioration and may provide strength to the weaker parts of the body as well. A balanced attitude and positive thinking play an equally important role along with regular exercises.

Thus to derive maximum advantage from Yoga, it will be helpful to know and accept certain truths:-

• Laws of nature are universal and eternal. Know Them And Accept Them.

• Do something by which you start liking yourself. While doing so, your self-esteem is enhanced and you will start loving others also.

• Break the mental lethargy of non-activity and give proper direction to your action.

• Try to maintain your balance in all situations and learn to be grateful to God for his kindness.

This book can be more useful to you if you attend at least one session at the Vishwa Bharti Yoga Sansthan, New Delhi, or one of the camps organised under its aegis. For the last nine years, our Sansthan has been serving people by suggesting remedies for various ailments through Yoga techniques. The services being offered by the Sansthan, are free of cost. Yoga camps are arranged by the Sansthan at the invitation various organisations – religious, educational, social, etc., - at their premises.




Gratitude vi
Foreword vii
Preface ix
Part- One (Fifteen Days Schedule)  
First - Day 3
Second - Day 7
Third - Day 11
Fourth - Day 15
Fifth - Day 18
Sixth - Day 23
Seventh - Day 26
Eighth - Day 32
Ninth - Day 41
Tenth - Day 45
Eleventh - Day 51
Twelfth - Day 55
Thirteenth - Day 59
Fourteenth - Day 64
Fifteenth - Day 68
A Song of Gratitude 73
Part - Two (Exercise Sequence & Procedures)
Directions and Cautions 77
Prayer 80
Shavasana 81
Chetanavastha 82
Tadasana 83
First Set  
Exercises of the arms 84
Exercises of the feet 86
Exercises of pressing both the knees to the chest (alternately) 89
Exercise of tapping the knees to the floor 90
Exercise of tapping the feet 91
Exercise of lifting the middle portion of the body 92
Exercise of placing the palms on the knees 93
Exercise of the stomach 94
Exercise of the chest 95
Exercises of the arms 96
Exercises of the neck 98
Second Set  
Tadasana 100
Exercises of the feet 100
Pressing the knees to the chest (alternately) 105
Pressing both the knees to the chest 106
Cycling 107
Reverse cycling 108
Exercise of the thighs and hip joints 109
Rolling 110
Makaraasana 111
Neck exercises 112
Elbow stand 114
Bhujangasana 115
Shallabhasana 116
Rolling 117
Vajraasana 118
Padamasana 119
Moving the palms up and down from the wrists 120
Opening and closing the fists 121
Moving the fists in circular motion 122
Touching the shoulders with the hands 123
Taking the arms upwards 124
Rotating the elbows 125
Arms up and down 126
Singhasana 128
Laughing heartily 130
Closing Prayer 131
Accolades 132

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