Bliss: Music for Reiki and Healing Therapy (Audio CD)

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Rakesh ChaurasiaTimes Music (2008)
About the CD

Music for Reiki & Healing Therapy

A selection of classical North Indian ragas played on Bansuri (bamboo flute) and backed by guitar. Each raag (or melody) lasts for about five minutes just as a healer concentrates on a given part of the body before seamlessly moving on. Bliss Provides the perfect musical backdrop to any kind of healing therapy bringing a feeling of calmness serenity and deep relaxation Such States undoubtedly enhance out ability to receive and benefit from any kind of healing touch.

A piece of bamboo reed picked from the forest with holes bored into it at a distance that was comfortable for human finger tips the bansuri is the oldest and most natural of musical instruments. There are numerous variations of this most basic of flutes giving it a legendary place in Indian as well as Persian mystical traditions. The Hindu God, Krishna, was said to have mesmerized the gopis (milkmaids) of Vrindavan when he played his flute in the dead of night causing them to leave their beds and follow him deep into the forests. The Persian mystic poet Rumi interpreted the sound of the flute as the painful cry of the bamboo reed separated form its source and likened it to the lament of a human heart that feels the pain of separation from the creator.

In ancient times the science of healing was inseparable form the art of music

The raags or modes of classical Indian music (and of these there are some 500) were often used as prescription for particular ailments and states of mind. In modern times the use of music for healing has diminished but the old formulae of combinations of notes suited to particular times of day or night are still observed. Although most people are now unaware of the technicalities and mathematical properties of raags they still admit to a certain unease in playing or listening to something in the middle of the afternoon that was originally prescribed for late evening. This time factor of classical Indian music is perhaps the last remnant of its original function as something that aided mind and body to achieve a certain peace and harmony.

Ancient methods of healing viewed good health as a perfect condition of rhythm and tone the two basic properties of music. Physicians who are sensitive to rhythm still determine the condition of the patient by checking the rhythm of the pulse – to determine the state of the heartbeat and blood circulation. Hence music was invaluable in regulating rhythm and tone in the human body. It was for this reason that an Indian musician always tuned his instrument in front of his listeners and it was during the tuning that he was said to feel his way into their souls and prepare to deliver that which the soul most desired. The process is entirely intuitive and no words are exchanged. As the instrument slowly comes into the tune the musician senses that which his listeners would most like to hear in a given moment in time. Indian musicians seldom know beforehand what they are going to be playing. What is eventually played is in response to what is a received form listener during that tuning session. Good musicians who were masters in the rat of healing were said to use intuition rather than a logical deduction of symptoms to arrive at a diagnosis.

Music may not always have a direct physical impact on the listeners but because it is said life the heat it can certainly change thought patterns which in turn can have a positive effect on certain symptoms particularly those that are rooted in the mind. While modern medicine charges ahead and makes tremendous technological advances more and more people are looking to alternative (or older more traditional) methods of healing. Ancient mystical methods like the Japanese Reiki which rest solely on the practitioner (or Master) giving energy to the afflicted (literally tuning the patient to a different pitch) mush as a musician attempts to raise the sold to a different level of consciousness are gaining rapid popularity in the west. Reiki is almost entirely based on intuition and one glance at a patient is the equivalent of a thousand words. Bliss is intuitive music echoing the healing process itself.

Rakesh Chaurasia
Continuing the Chaurasia Tradition

A famous name attached to his musician young Rakesh is the nephew and child prodigy of flute maestro Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. The most accomplished of disciple of his uncle he shows all the promise to carry the Chaurasia legacy new heights just like his legendary uncle, Rakesh possesses the right balance of strength and serenity very critical factors for an exceptional flautists. His dextrose blowing technique coupled with his training of ‘Swar’ and ‘tala’ exudes adeptly in his emotion through the hollow piece of bamboo. Rakesh has already globe trotted many times over enthralling audiences at classical and semi classical concerts in Japan, Australia, Europe, South Africa and USA.

His growing maturity and status has brought him invitations to perform solo at major events within India and abroad such as the festival of Saint Denis in Paris with Talvin Singh, Leicester international Music Festival in England, Ashirwadh Sangeet Samaroh in Varansi Anybhuti in Mumbai where history was made when fro the first time ever, Rakesh, Pandit Hariparasad Chaurasia, Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and his son Rahul all performed together on stage accompanied by the legendary Ustad Zakir Hussain. Modest Rakesh is the first to admit that he has a lot to learn not just from his legendary uncle and maestro Pandit Hariparsad Chaurasia but his peers too. He is indeed destined to carve a niche for himself in the realm of Indian classical music with the simple yet extremely difficult to play bamboo Flute the Bansuri.


Flute – Rakehs Chaurasia
Guitar – Chintu Singh
Keyboards – Atul Raninga
Recorded & Mixed by Aslam Khan
Digitally Mastered in UK
Liner Notes – Jameela Siddiqi

A selection of seamlessly woven soothing bamboo flute music tracks backed by guitar and soft keyboards.

Bliss provides the perfect backdrop to any king of healing therapy bringing a feeling of calmness serenity and deep relaxation. Just as a healer concentrates on a given part of the body before seamlessly moving on each melody thus lasts about five minutes to elevate the experience.

Such states undoubtedly enhance out ability to receive and benefit from any kind of healing touch.

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