The Genius of Pandit Ravi Shankar (Set of 3 Audio CDs)

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PanditRavi ShankarUniversal (2006)

Disc One
1. Prashanti (Introduction)
2. Raagank (Classical Melody Moods)
3. Taalank (Rhythmic Variations)
4. Deshank (Folk Patterns)
5. Misharank (Finale)

Disc Two
1. Homage to Mahatma Gandhi
Raga Mohan Kauns
Alaap – Jor—Jhala
Gat in Rupak Taal

2. Homage to Baba Alluddin
Raga Hemant
Vilamgbit – Gat in Teen Taal
Drut – Gat in Ek Taal

Disc Three
1. Taal Farodast
Tabla: Alla Rakha
Tanpura – Mrs. Widya

2. Raga Gara (Alap Gat I, Gat II, Gat III)
Sitar: Ravi Shankar
Tabla: Alla Rakha
Tanpura: Mrs. Jivan & Mrs. Widya

3. Raga Hameer (Alap Gati & Gat II)
Sitar – Ravi Shankar
Tabla – Alla Rakha
Tanpura – Mrs. Jivan & Mrs. Widya

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