Journey To The Heart: Ten Talks On The Way Of The Sufis (Audio MP3)

Item Code: IZZ276
OshoMusic Today(2010)13 hrs. 16 min. & 51 sec.
About The CD

Osho entices us into the unknown, the ultimate. The journey to the heart is the greatest adventure open to man. It is one which requires the greatest daring, one which we have to risk everything for. As the Sufis say: “Man must die before he dies” – die to the ego to be reborn to life.

Revitalising well-known Sufi stories, Osho talks about the ego as a barrier to one’s true self, the value of meditation, the difference between knowledge and wisdom, the connection between happiness and unhappiness, the beauty of sadness and of love as a transforming force.

“You can become a Sufi – that is the only way to know what it is. You can taste the reality yourself, it is available. You need not go into a dictionary , you can go into existence.

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