Krishna Seva Shri Nathji Ke Ashtchhap Kirtan: Haveli Sangeet Volume I and II (Set of Two Audio CDs)

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Music Today (2002)127:41 Minutes
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The rituals of Nitya Seva are an offering to Lord Krishna. The service describes the days of little Krishna with Yashoda while she brought him up as the most beloved and pampered one in the Haveli-the house where little Krishna grew up. Each and every ritual in Haveli Sangeet is performed live with musicians. The text of Nitya Seva illustrates the various rituals that are performed during different services and offerings to little Krishna, starting from the ritual of waking-up in the morning till bedtime in the night. The devotees and followers of Pushtimargi Sampradaya offer service to the painting of Shri Nathji - The Purna Purushottam - portraying the sentiments of Yashoda maiya. The Lord is woken up in the morning, the image is cleaned with a fresh cloth and offered the Mangla Bhog of butter, sugar crystals, milk and several other things. While these customs of offering Seva represent only an activity, the maternal love of a mother comes to the fore when the devotees sing kirtans expressing parental affection and piety. These sentiments come alive in the soul stirring couplets written by eight poets popularly known as the Ashtachhap or “Eight seals.”

Shri Vallabhacharaya, the founder of this tradition has preached that for the upliftment of Jiva (soul), a Jivha (tongue) should perform the Seva (Service) of Parabrahma by singing about the glory of the Lord and be his Sevak (Servant). The service of Parabrahma Sri Krishna Chandra is of two kinds and is conducted in two different ways: Nama Seva-recitation of His name or Roop Seva, which is a service rendered to the idol of the Divine. When you offer service to either a painting or an icon of the Divine it is called Roop Seva. The recitation of mantras or songs in praise of the Divine and his various activities, also known as Bhagvad-lilas is called Nama seva. Inspite of the difference in the path of these two services, there is no difference between the form and name of Divine being.

In Pushti system, the process of Krishna Seva brings together three types of sentiments into a divine confluence. These are the Triveni of Kriya Shakti - the power to do, Gyan Shakti - the power of knowledge and the heart-felt deep sentiments of devotion. When a balance is brought between Nama Seva and Roop seva it flows into a spiritual stream of sweet nectar. In His praise. The heart can experience these soft feelings through the Pada Gama that is presented in these albums.

Volume - I
Jagiye brajraj, Ashwini Bhide & Ravindra Sathe 05:41
Mangal aarti, Rajan and Sajan Mishra 05:34
Karata Shringar, Nirmalya Dey 07:10
Yashoda matha, Padma Talwalkar 05:55
Khelatame kou, Ravindra Sathe 05:29
Biri naval, Rajan and Sajan Mishra 03:53
Maayi mero hari, Ashwini Bhide 04:26
Anga aabhushan, Rinku Banerjee 06:09
Radha kaun gor, Padma Talwalkar 03:49
Teri mohanko, Ravindra Sathe 03:48
Mere jivan sujan kanha, Nirmalya Dey 08:20
Dridha in charanankero,
Nirmalya Dey & Rinku Banerjee 05:05
Volume II
Part samay, Shruti Sadolikar 06:14
Shri Jamunaji, Ashwini Bhide 07:01
Shobha aaj, Ashwini Bhide & Ravindra Sathe 04:02
Ghaiya pivata, Ashwini Bhide 05:32
Bhojan kar uthe, Ravindra Sathe 03:54
Sir dhare pakhauva, Rajan and Sajan Mishra 04:45
Pritam priti, Ashwini Bhide 04:22
Birajata Banmaalaju, Rajan and Sajan Mishra 03:52
Shobhita nasika, Padma Talwalkar 04:36
Hon jalko, Shruti Sadolikar Tareti govardhanki 04:23
Nirmalya Dey & Rinku Banerjee 05:13

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