The Magic of Krishna: Meditational Music Inspired By Lord Krishna (Audio CD)

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From the CD :

Krishna is the celestial lover, the preserver, the protector, the one magical mystical name that inspires and uplifts countless devotees to dedicate their lives to bringing peace, joy and happiness to mankind. Said to be the eight Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Krishna is the most popular of all the Hindu Deities.

The magical word, Krishna, amongst many others, represents the most popular of the myriad facets of the Lord in India and more recently, in the rest of the world. Loved and followed with deep affection by his devotees, either as the child-god or the fun loving, flute bearing, flirtatious young cowherd, Krishna comes close to being the most universally recognized form of the inner soul, the atman.

One of the greatest written texts of the Hindus, the Srimad Bhagwad Gita, (the beautiful story of God), describes God, our relationship with Him, and the process for realizing that relationship. The name Krishna, which means "the all-attractive one", implies that each of us has an eternal relationship with God and we are always drawn ether to Him directly or to his energies. God and his names are identical, so by speaking them we enter his purifying company. Regularly reciting, singing, or chanting his names awakens our innate love for him and gains us release from bondage to matter. The Bhagwad Gita also presents and explains to us through Krishna, the understanding and application of ethics, principals and morals in our daily lives that ultimately leads to a blissful existence on earth.

In the magic of Krishna the all-powerful Mahamantra- Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama, called the ‘Ashtaakshar or the eight-syllable mantra’ that literally means "Lord Krishna is my refuge", reigns supreme. These eight syllables contain within them a profound truth that allows us to distinguish between the separation of the body and the soul, truth and illusion. The underlying meaning of this mantra is based on the concept that everything in the material as well as spiritual world ultimately belongs to God.

"Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama" if repeated by a devotee filled with pure love, will help achieve self-realisation. Once a devotee continues to remain aware of this state of separation of body and soul, only then is he or she truly surrendered to Lord Krishna.

Combined with the Mahamantra, the Vedic Krishna Stutis and chants along with newly penned compositions, celebrate the myriad facets of the eternal spirit of Lord Krishna. These wondrous meditative Sanskrit chants will deeply immerse and entrance the listener to experience the Divine within.

World-renowned artists Ashit Desai, Hema Desai, Hariharan, Devaki Pandit, Anup Jalota, Sadhana Sargam, Sanjeev Abhyankar and Suresh Wadkar lend their mellifluous voices to help the devotee to truly experience the inner soul.

1.InvocationAshit Desai
2.Krishna MahamantraHariharan
3.Krishna Mahamantra Devaki Pandit
4. Krishna Mahamantra Anup Jalota
5. Krishna Mahamantra Sadhana Sargam
6. Krishna Mahamantra Sanjeev Abhyankar
7. Krishna Mahamantra Ashit & Hema Desai
8.Krishna DhunSuresh Wadkar

Music arranged by Ashit Desai
Conceived & Produced by Hemant Mattani
Associate Producer- Dr. Harshil Dhutia
Special Thanks- Madhvi Khimji

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