Meera’s Songs of Divine Love (Audio CD)

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Sanjeevani Bhelande Time Music (2009)
About the CD

Meera the very name fills us with pure love Meera’s poems are an outpouring of mystical passion. The yearning of her soul was so intense that even after 500 years every word of her song is bewitching her poems have a feminine quality of total surrender and yet Meera is one of the most modern women the world has known.

Meera aur mein attempts to brings Meera closer to the youth of today. Meera bhaav is universal to every girl who strives to make her mark with her talent hard work, intellect, Meera inspires me to find perfection in my art. I hope this album is an inspiration to the girl child to shine smile and fly high.

In the album the music effortlessly blends the sarangi with the strings duff with the drums and sitar with guitars.

I am indebted to Kailash Kher for singing Pug Ghunghroo Baandh. Here’s one of the purest souls I’ve known and his genuine gesture to help my album cannot be expressed enough in words. Thank you Kailash and Sheetal for all your love.

Suresh Wadkar has a unique divine connection it was pure destiny that I walked into his class one day and heard him hum Saavre ke rang raachi. Mesmerised I asked him if I could sing it in my album. He not only gave me his creation but spent 4 hours in the studio conducting my recording till I had perfected every note. He has taken my singing to different heights making it probably my best renderd song till date. I feel god’s love like Meera says amolik deem hare satguru kirpa kar apnaayo than you Surshji and Padma for the apnapan.

My sincere thanks to all the musicians who played their heart out and gave the album the authentic sound it needed. Special thanks to Amar Haldipurji for his smiling support and kandyachi bhaji amey for mixing my voice crystal clear and for his amazing inputs.

Mere Toh Giridhar Gopal (Music Bunckim)
Barse Badariya Sawanki (Music: Bunckim)
Pug Ghungroo Bandh Meera Nachi Re (Feat Kailash Kher, Music: Bunckim)
Thane Kai Kai Bol (Music Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar)
Hori Piya Bin Laga Ri Khari (Music Sanjeevani)
Chalaa Vaahi Des (Music: Bunckim)
Mharo Pranaam (Traditional)
Payoji Maine Raam rattan (Traditional)

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